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Mr. Journal

L o v e T o x i c K i s s
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Far`zana Anabel Susigeit
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ι cαυgнт yσυ ℓσσкιи'
Name Farah
Age 18
Skin Snow white
Height 5' 4"
Weight 117
Eye color Baby blue
Hair Color White and Black
Markings Small mole next to her right eye. A burn scar in the shape of a star on her left collarbone, and a couple scars on both of her hips. Freckels everywhere.
Weapon N/A
Abilities Astral Projection.
Sexuality Bisexual.

ιтs αℓℓ αвσυт мє

My story is far from a fairytail, I have yet to have a happily ever after, or even act as an Indian Princess as my name implies. Well I guess here it goes.

I was born a small town "princess" everyone wanted to know me, my parents treated me very well, but I returned their kindness with all my bullshit. I've always been a self-centered spoiled brat, it was just a part of being me.

As I grew older we moved to a bigger city, I wanted to piss of my parents more and more, they hated bodily deformalities. Such as scars, tattoos, body piercings, etc. I took a metal earring in the shape of a star, took it to a fire and brought it to my neck. They ignored it with all their might and continued to baby me and spoil me. I couldn't really bring myself to do much else. So I went out more, went to more parties, came home less.

At a party I met a nice man, who was looking for a strong fearless girl, his name was Brad. I went along with it, he chuckled and said I was cute. He also said to meet him in the same club at eleven pm the next day. So I did, he came with quite a few burley men, and one small, fragile looking woman, who introduced herself as Minerva. They were a gang, I never did catch the name of it.

Before I knew it, Minerva was shouting something in a foul tounge that made my ears burn, and the men were on top of me with knives to my throat and all vital blood lines. She came at me with a branding iron, I wanted to squirm and scream, but as the iron touched my skin, I passed out from the pain, and I was branded for life as theirs. I was seventeen and scared so I stayed with them as long as I could. Oh the in-city gang wars I watched, they said I was valuable and couldn't fight, they couldn't lose me. One human soul...

Eventually, I just went on with the whole thing, I was one of them after all, so why not act like it. I seemed so different according to the friends I had once had in this city. But I had new friends, and a whole new family, who wanted me as I was, I learned the tricks and ended up being just like them. I was a minipulative, suductive little thing, I was still a baby to them. One day Minerva asked me a question I didn't quite get, she asked me: What would you like the most for your 18th birthday? I answered her saying I didn't know. She smiled and laughed, that was the last I saw of her, or any of the rest of them. I thought they'd abandoned me so I went off to do the same things as I would have before, with them, I suducted, minipulated, robbed, and beat people up.

There was one person I thought would be good for the taking from, he sure looked like it, and it didn't seem like he would put up much of a fight. I don't exactly remember a lot after that, except that something about me had made him spare my life. He offered me power and abilities I could never imagine, I accepted. There was also other gifts, which I accepted. I soon after accepting this found out why I was valuable as a stong, beautiful human being to Minerva, Brad and the others, they wanted me, a human soul, a once innocent pure human soul, but I'd given that up to be with them, mostly I'd done it for the fun and to piss off my parents. I found out that they had not abandoned me, they'd been killed. They had been on the verge of doing this very thing and that couldn't happen, as soon as I'd accepted, they would've probably had me killed. He told me that I could never go back to my old life, and that I was one of them, or as close as I could really get. I was a minion, and I was useful, I was going to help his cause. (Whatever that is..)

yσυ ∂σит киσω мє ℓιкє тнαт
Personal Quotes
Save the drama for yo' mama.
******** this, I'm leaving.
Your freaking SWEET.
Theme Song
Song title and author, linked to either a video of the song, or other.
Tends to walk more than anything. But skateboards or rides the bus on lazy days.Home
Give us the ol' grand tour. What is your house like? And where is this house?
No, unfortunatly, but she's working on getting one.
Painting. Sculpting. Shopping. Skateboarding. Photography.
Drawing/Painting, Photography. Gymnastics. Ballet.
She gets scared really easy around men, and becomes pretty much paralyzed in her mind.
৩ Alcohol.
৩ Smoking.
৩ Diamonds.
৩ Stealing.
৩ Fights.
৩ Physical Activities.
৩ Sleeping.
৩ Hawks.
◊ Spiders.
◊ Relationships. (long-term)
◊ Starers.
◊ Needles.
◊ Illness.
◊ Short Hair.
◊ Bugs.
◊ Pigs.
₪ Death.
₪ Betrayal.
Anything we've missed that you would like to mention?
My God
L o v e T o x i c K i s s

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