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nekoanime's anime haven...(not rly)
Bwuahahahaa! the monkeys have been let loose from the barn and are coming to eat yo brains!!! but first, CAKE. :3
Name: Kaysi
Age: 20 years
Species: Human/Undead
Physical Description:
- 5'6" tall
- Long, dark brown hair that reaches ankles [The style of her bangs look like THIS]
- Often wears hair up in a regular pony tail; still long
- Fair skin
- Bright green eyes
- Missing the skin that goes over the right side of her jaw, ribs/stomach, and part of skull; showing muscle and some bone
- Usually in baggy sweatshirts and shorts; prefers loose, baggy clothes aside from shorts
- Here are some sweaters she wears: [x] [x]
- Likes jackets with furry hoods like [This]
- Wears fingerless gloves often(colors don't matter): [x] [x]
- Dark and neutral colors mostly in clothing
- Has a monarch butterfly tattooed on her left shoulder blade (Ignore that there are two; she only has the bigger one.)
- Always has a mini bowser keychain on her somewhere

Color: Turquoise
Music: Alternative
Activity: Watching zombie flicks (for the irony), snowboarding, doing anything where its warm and cozy, dancing
Animal: Mice
Food: Doritos, licorice, Gatorade, chick peas

Least favorite...
Color: White
Music: Country
Activity: Swimming in open water, hide and seek, cooking
Animal: Wolves, bears
Food: Pop tarts, soda, chicken

She was killed while on a trip with a few other friends into the mountains for some huge ski/boarding trails. They went quite far away from any public trails, and ended up getting lost. Kaysi decided she would try to look for help once they had been lost for a few days. She got caught up with some rather hungry wolves, and was gored to death. She was buried in the snow, amongst the trees, until a shaman found her body. This mysterious Shaman used a ritual to bring her back to life. She came back fully functional, only a little torn up. She became friends with this Shaman (who is around the same age coincidentally), and went back to her old life of friends, work, gaming, and writing. The only difference from before is that she has a piece of skin missing around the right side of her jaw and around her ribs and stomach, and under her hair a piece of her skull, that don't seem to grow back. Also she seems to have extreme short term memory loss. She loves watching zombie movies/shows to see how wrong they portray "zombies" as to how they actually are.

Extra stuff.
~She has an obsession with Bowser
~Owns a TMNT backpack like [This]
~Can't sleep without the sound of rain; actual or generated


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