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Harjel's Journal or something like that
it's a weblog
"people skills"
i just looked back and noticed i had like 2 comments all together (from the same person, too)! i guess i'm what you'd call "socially retarded." whee

ya...hi... i don't know...
i have no idea why i'm doing this. i have plenty of thoughts, but of course none of them come to mind when i get ready to..."express"... them. then again, maybe i'm just a little tired. i'm kind of always a little tired. and lately i've been really hungry...FFFFFOOOODDDD... but not that hungry. i could eat, but i'm just too lazy... and tired... nonsense is fun. chicken noodle soup.... why? because i've wanted to say/type/something that all day. so xp wow. emoticons are just so useful. how would i ever express how i feel without them?! (in case you didn't notice, i'm being sarcastic) biggrin smile redface crying stare xd 3nodding blaugh gonk scream stressed sweatdrop heart domokun xp whee wink sad surprised eek confused cool lol mad razz cry evil twisted rolleyes exclaim question idea arrow neutral mrgreen ninja 4laugh rofl pirate talk2hand but really, i like em a lot.
before i go, i should say something at least somewhat thought-provoking... oh! i know! may be just my personal open-onion (opinion), but life is just a part of death.
defie me and die!!! (if i ever get off my lazy as... butt)
wow what a bunch of worthless nonsense. oh well.

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