The year is 2422. Earth has slowly dissolved into a backwashed planet, after several centuries of pollution. Lakes have dried up, fish lie dead in the rivers, and the ocean is now nothing but a vast desert. Forests, now wastelands plotted with shriveled trees, long for rain to revive them. Many cities now crumble beneath dark clouds as ash falls from the sky instead of rain. Animals, who’s numbers dwindle low, have turned into monstrous creatures that would fight to the end just for a bit of meat and humans, well, have become extinct.

Before earth had hit this state, and its people had slowly melted away, humans designed special air-like ships to travel through space to look for a new home. In their time of roaming throughout space the humans stumbled upon a planet much like that of earth. It was big and filled with new plants and animals which scientists were very intrigued of. Never ending water ran through the land, and continents were plotted in several places. After the mass amount of space-travel-time they were very happy to see it; people said that it was very much like a paradise so they gave the planet a name; Utopia.

While they started rebuild their vast cities, filling them with environmental-safe technology so they would never come to the same end again, houses began to spread around the planet along with the growing number of people to fill them. Scientist wanted to know more about Utopia and with growing anticipation began to research it.

Expeditions began spreading like wildfire along Utopia. A man by the name of Light Cirrus was leading one of these expeditions that was poking around in a dried up part of Utopia. On a site near the edge of a mountain called God’s Ridge the archeologists stumbled upon a deep underwater cave in a ravine. As Light’s mind was dying to find out what was inside of this underwater cave, he dove, by himself, into it. What he found was one of the biggest technological advances for the world of Utopia.

Within the cave was something, almost like a giant robot, sitting on a huge throne with an enormous sword in hand. As Cirrus climbed out of the water and towards the giant machine he began to see what it looked like through the darkness. Pearl white armor shined within the darkness, lighting up the room. Light gazed at this perfect machine that was so similar to a human.

In Light Cirrus journal, he wrote that he could here a sound almost like wind chimes emanating from the robot. He said to himself that it sounded almost angelic and that he wanted to touch it, and so he did. When his skin hit the metal surface of the robot’s armor, it started to glow almost like a firefly in spring.

Suddenly, the massive metal being rose from the ground as if the touch brought life to its hollow shell. Cirrus, astonished on how fast the mechanical object moved, stumbled backwards as it rose. Surprisingly the machine caught him and lifted him carefully to its eye level, many stories above the ground. Shocked by what the monstrous machine had done, he immediately fell backwards and sunk into its hand. The giant being, for what seemed like hours, slowly looked into Cirrus’s eyes and somehow connected telepathically with him. The giant machine showed him things of the past, things of the future and what was to become of Utopia. It also showed him that there were more of these machines and that they could be used as weapons for intergalactic warfare.