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Chained Guardian
Story about Joseph Alexander (Kazari Solomon in beginning chapters) who is cursed and turns into a child when he is weak, and Samuel Alexander/Solomon, who is also under a curse, and when he runs out of strength, he turns into a small white dragon
Chapter 5: Becoming a prince.
Chained Guardian
Chapter 5: Becoming a prince.

“As I spent time with Lord Edward and his family my memories started coming back slowly at first…I’d see things and in the blink of eye they would be gone. However, recently the memories have started to become clearer. Yesterday I had the strangest experience while watching Sebastien and Macarius sparring …kind of like déjà vu. I had a vision of a man with messy black hair fighting on par with a man with long silver hair tied back in a pony tail similar to the way Lord Edward has his hair. I’d never seen those two before in my life yet as I watched them…they started to feel really familiar to me almost like brothers.”

I started making an entry into my journal about the things I started to remember so I could to try piece them together. “It seems like the more I remember the less any of it make sense…” I muttered to myself as I closed the journal and put it back in its hiding spot so my mischievous brothers couldn’t find it. “It’s been 3 months already but I still have no idea who I use to be…Maybe it’s better if I don’t remember…no I have to try.” I muttered to myself as I got dressed for the evening dinner and dance that followed to celebrate the knighting of 7 new soldiers into Lord Edward’s infantry, one of which was his own son Macarius.

“Hey brother get dressed quickly and come down the stairs. Everyone is waiting.” I could hear Sebastien say from the other side of the door. “Alright, I’m coming.” I answered quickly adjusting myself and checking to make sure all my buttons were buttoned and zippers were zipped…”Okay…all ready to go. Try not to embarrass yourself, your father and your brothers…if you can do that you’ll be fine.” I tried to mentally encourage myself to shake off the nerves of my first social event with my new family.

“You look good.” Sebastien said with a smile. “You too.” I replied matching his smile. “Macarius is really nervous. I saw him a little while ago. He said the military uniform suits him since he has a dark personality.” Sebasien said laughing at how the black tunic style shirt with matching trousers really did suit Macarius. The dinner part went by quickly however that part wasn’t the one I was worried about…It was the dance afterwards I dreaded. Macarius and Sebastien joined in the dance quickly after asking a few girls (who I’d never seen before) to join them. I tried my best to avoid the awkward attention, by staying near the refreshment serving table, while holding a plastic cup that had iced tea in my hand. I just stood there and I watched my two brothers enjoying themselves. While I was daydreaming a young girl approached me and said my name. How she knew it I wasn’t sure until she mentioned that her father and mine were long time friends from way back. That explained everything. The girl was either the same age as me or a little younger, but I wasn’t sure since I forgot to ask her. She was dressed in a long white dress with several white rose ornaments going down along the right side of the dress and the neckline was decorated with a white ribbon and several more smaller roses evenly spaced throughout. I couldn’t tell if the roses went all the way around her neck since her long brown hair went down past her waist so without looking behind her I knew I wouldn’t be able to see any more of the dress. She had a few pieces of hair put into braids along the side of her head and they met together in the back with a bow and a bloomed daisy. I only noticed this as she pulled me to the dance floor.

I couldn’t understand why this one girl had so much power over me that she could erase my fears and even everything around us. It felt as if it was just the two of us there dancing for what seemed like eternity. Once the music stopped and the dance was over I came crashing back to reality and before I knew it the girl was gone. Marcarius snuck up behind me and put his arm around me. “Who’s the pretty lady hmm Nii-San?” He said being the first of probably many to ask the same question to me. Unfortunately my answer would disappoint them all. “I don’t know…I didn’t ask. For awhile I thought I was dreaming so I didn’t bother asking her anything…” I replied sheepishly. “Ah that’s the worst answer I ever heard. I can’t believe you didn’t even ask her name… Geez whats wrong with you?” Macarius said as if I should have known better. “Now brother try to be nice okay? He’s still young.” Sebastien said trying to stick up for me, my one supporter in the crowd that looked at me now as if I was an idiot.

“Come boys… Time for bed… Tomorrow … a big day for all of us. Macarius your training being tomorrow so … some rest alright?” Edward said a little drunk off the wine so half of his orders were either slurred or incomprehensible. “Yes father.” The three of us replied before we headed up to our rooms to retire for the night. Sebashien and Macarius both fell asleep quite easily, however it took over an hour for me to finally fall asleep. I wanted to know who that girl was and if I’d ever see her again more than anything now, even more than restoring my memories. ‘Maybe she won’t care who I use to be that I can’t remember…’ was the last thought in my mind before I drifted off to sleep.

{In the next Chapter 6: Who I was… Joseph begins piecing together all of his scattered memories as he tries to locate the girl he met at the social dance. The only clue he had was that her father knew his but that didn’t help him much since his father knew a lot of men with daughters. Joseph would have to search even deeper both in his heart and mind to uncover the secrets of his past and unlock the door to his future. Check it out!}

Samuel Alexander
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Samuel Alexander
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