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Always be nice and comment it means alot to me and thank you if you already do smile

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Labor day
So today is Labor Day so I decided to go to the public pool little did I know that later that day a black woman would steal a ring from me.

I was walking on the deck of the pool and I found a little plastic ring with little purple jewels. Seeing I immediately thought of my sister who likes this sort of thing so hey I decided to give it to her.

I decided to give it to her later before the end of the day so the last day of summer wouldn't suck so much. I entered the pool. Immediately afterword a bunch of Arab kids swam towards me. Being a nice guy I said "hi". One of the kids responded with "hey man give me your ring". I said "no, I'm giving this ring to my sister". The same kid responded with "don't be a honky mother ******** f** give me the ring". Keep in mind the kid was 11 stare So I said "Well now I'm really not going to give you the ring". So another kid said "don't care honky f** we'll take it!" So all the kids proceeded to pounce on me. I was able to get away then I sat on a bench next to my parents. The kids didn't follow me so I decided to go back into the pool.

I went back into the pool and the Arab kids saw me and came towards me but this time they had a slack jawed little fellow with them. The little fellow came up to me and said without seeing the ring "That’s ma mamas ringggg mannnn its very precuis to har". At that point I was holding back Lulz. So I said "ok what does the ring look like? You should be able to tell me if it’s your mama's” The little guy said "I don't know but you’re a ****** cuz you steal stuff that aint yoursins” I’m a ginger in real life stare So I said "well tell your mama to come here and ill give her her ring". Needless to say his mom never came.

So I keep swimming along. The Arab children kept following me telling everyone that I was a thief. So these two girls came up to us and one said “leave the poor guy alone”. So I tell everyone I didn’t steal the ring.

Then I’m about to go swim and talk with the two girls when this black woman after seeing my ring from a distance jumps into the pool saying “Honky that’s my ring”. So then I try to swim away from her. The Arab kids jump on me. So trying to negotiate I say “Well if it’s your ring what does it look like”. So she says”it’s gold and has diamonz on it”. So I show her the ring and she says “Yup thatz mah ring its gold and has amethysts on it”. So she grabs the ring and runs out of the pool and out of the park.

So I ask you where are these people on any other day?

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