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Jail councilor: so your saying that all that long ago you met a kid named kiyoshi and saved hime because he was so humble hearted that he couldn’t save himself?
Rayven: yes,that sums it up well.he was always the nicest person in all of the universe…take that back.he was the nicest vampire in the universe, and if he wasn’t murdered then he still would be.
Jail councilor:yes yes,I think he would…except for the fact he killed his mother hmm?
Rayven:hee hee…
Jail councilor:what was that?

Past rayven:well kiyoshi tell me,is what that guy said about you true?
Kiyoshi: which part?
Rayven: the part about your mother?
Rayven:then what really happened?
Kiyoshi:she died of an unhuman sickness that I had originally gotten.every one said that since it was an unidentifiable sickness that it was murder.they blamed me since I was there when she died.
Rayven:your father,what about him?
Kiyoshi:he died of a human sickness on the same day.I gave that to him too.the villagers decided that it was murder as well.after that I became an outcast that was hated and mocked.how about you?
Kiyoshi:howed you survive those shots?
Rayven:he was a bad aim…
Kiyoshi:but the holes?in your shirt?
Rayven:that was a hoax to make him scarred.
Kiyoshi:…?I think I’m a little lost.
Rayven: I tore them in the shape of bullet holes.
Kiyoshi: how bout your speed?explain that.
Rayven: I’m just really fast.
Kiyoshi: I don’t buy it.
Rayven: course ya don’t.you think too much alonge the logical path,and yet you’re a vampire.
Kiyoshi: only half!
Rayven: even stil. When I was younger I trained my self to run a extremely high speeds.
Kiyoshi: …………………okay then.nut why would you want to do something like that?
Rayven:to prove I could.
Kiyoshi surprised kay, I’m hungry.
Rayven:do rabitts and snakes appitize you?
Kiyoshi: absolutely not!!!
Rayven: and why is thay?have ya only eaten luxury food?to prim and proper for it?
Kiyoshi:no! and to prove it go catch a snake or a fish
Rayven:here ya go!two snakes an eel plus an armadilo.hee hee…
Rayven:how ‘bout I add some herbs? It makes it way more appetizing for even unpampered people.
Kiyoshi:…please would you?
Rayven:here take these and lightly sprinkle them onto your food.
Kiyoshi surprised kay!…(sprinkles onto food)…wow!!!! Its really good!!!
Rayven:I know.I’ve had to do this for sometime ya know… as if I hadn’t already told you things like that.
Kiyoshi: I know these things already.
Rayven surprised kay then…eat.

Narrorator: and they did eat.

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