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plz comment thoughtfully what u think does matter to me in one way or another
something, anything, and nothing is written here
i cannot believe this.....
ok so we used to have a room mate living with us, it was one of my mom's friends

ok so well my mom is in total love with her first love and didn't get to see him for 22 years, but the guy's married, but we did get to see him and it was my first time meeting him, my mom had always talked about him and i finally got to see this mystical like human my mom had always talked about and he was pretty damn awesome

well my mom's room mate was like telling me that my mom shouldn't be doing everything for the guy she loved and that he should be doing more for her

turns out when i finally told my mom about it after the room mate moved out my mom was PISSED!!! she was all like "you are not her child and she should not have told you that" and my mo was right of course

my mom had talked so much about him that i practically knew the guy before i met him

and it turns out that my mom's roomate was the real ho, that she just used men to get whatever she needed or wanted, and appeartenly she ever got pregnant!! but miscarried... but i'm told that she had ALOT of guys since she been here and she even took them to the house, a house that wasn't even hers!

and then she was telling my mom to keep an eye on me while i was on the computer only cause she was doing bad stuff at my age... EXCUSE ME! i am not her!! i am not a ho!!! and i don't do anything bad!! who the ******** was she to say that either!! once again she is not my mom!!!!!


srry peoples just had to get that one out
ty for reading ^^ love ya!!

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