WOW!I didn't think it could be this bad.I have to start writing this down cause this s**t is redundant. Seriously?I get reported by some guy that has trust issues with his girlfriend just cause I was joking with her.Then I get hung out to dry by my friend Faithful Tifa Lockheart.I can't believe I was put as the badguy for this.I come in to be friendly with her and her friends cause I thought "Oh I missed Tifa",but instead I come in while Zack and Aeris are getting all lovey dovey and say "Oh hey room for one more? ;D"
Which of course is a JOKE and they get butt hurt about it and start throwing a fit.So then I explain I'm Tifa's friend and then they STILL bag on me...Whats worse is Tifa joins in on it xD
so i think...okay it must be some sorta game so I start playing along and pick on them.But instead I get in trouble for it...SERIOUSLY!?I didn't ******** know I was SUPPOSE to take part in my own abuse.THANKS TIFA!YOU'RE SUCH A GREAT FRIEND! ;D
Oh but it gets BETTER!Cause then she puts me on ignore cause I pick on Zack the wonderful a*****e that picked on me....
Seriously Tifa....You're awesome...I didn't know betraying one friend for 2 others is how reunions work.I guess I better watch out for this s**t again.

And NO this ISN'T to whine if that were the case I'd put it in a forum.Its my JOURNAL which I doubt ANYONE will read.