Here in my magical messed up mind you will find
strange things that are one of a kind.

You may look around in my mind, in it you will find.
A little black kitty looking ever so pretty with a bow in it's
hair, but you better beware this kitty with a bow in it's hair, for
this little kitty has a hypnotic stare.

Happy as can be what next will you see you ponder as you
wonder along. Into a forest you go, you meet a man you
don't know, he says his name is Bores and that he lives
in this forest and he begins humming an odd little tune.

As the sun starts to set you head for a bed that has
appeared in front of you, when you fall off to sleep I happily
weep, for now you will stay for the rest of your days and in
my mind we will play for the rest of your days and your life will be just fine.

So now my dear we have come to the end, welcome to my magical messed
up mined. biggrin