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Black Stealth. The beggining of a new alliance.
Thirteen years later. The child of legend(Art) wonders the streets going where ever there is work to do. He wore a black hood sometimes, or he could look like an innosant boy. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference. He wore different clothes to blend in with the rough crowds. One day he was on his way for bounty. He was outside of the guy he was going to kill's window. There was a flash of sudden light. *AAAAHHHH!!* Art was outside. He didn't do anything. He peered inside. There was a girl with green hair. She didn't see him. Then she turned around and shot. *BLAM,BLAM!* She missed though. "Why the heck are you shooting at me?"Art questioned her. "Well wouldn't you shoot if a guy is outside the window staring at you?!" she replied. Art scratched his head. "I guess so..."
"Well...who are you?"
"You don't need to know that,"Art said in a whisper. Then he disappeared.
The next day was quiet. He was walking along the street. He saw someone familiar. It was the girl from last night! So he walked over there. She looked very different. But he could tell it was her. He wondered in his mind,"I wonder if she is an assasin." So he walked passed her. He said ,"Hello."
Hi there."
Her voice was slightly different. It was softer this time. So he went home and went to sleep. He was dreaming now. An hour later he knew what he had to do.
Later, at night, Art was sure where he would find her. He was walking around the town. Art stopped at an old church-like place. She was down to the ground mumbling something. She looked at him. "What do you want Art?"
"How do you know my name?"
"THEY told me."
"The Gods. Our masters."
He looked at her in amazment. She was like him.
"What do you want Art?" she repeated.
"Do you want to form an alliance?"He said.....

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Black Stealth. An Assasin's Gang.
PROLUGE:The Beginning

It's a dark, stormy night in a village hidden away from humans. A mother has just givin birth. Now lets start this story.

"What will his name be Jaace?" "I don't know," Jaace said with a nervous look. A strange light started to glow. A figure started to appear. Gen(the mother) had her mouth wide open in amazment. A voice was seeping into their ears. "This is the child of Legend," "B-b-but how?" said Gen. "He's been chosen by the Gods to fufill our duties.He will now be the ONE!"the voice shouted. The baby started glowing. And in one second he was gone.

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