the bands i like are fall out boy billy talent daft punk o zone....i hav i playlist ill probably put it on my profile.most of the music in it is from wizet(maplestory ppl)
i like the music on audition and maplestory except they didnt hav all the songs i like. i think i pretty much have musical talent. this year i am going the orff the wall and i am going to perform 3 songs with 21 other kids in my is about the evolution of jazz.we will be having an african drum circle then we will perform hambone(slaves way of mockingbird) and the best song ever dukes place! we were going to do crabs bucket thingy and we still might.i use to take piano lessons but then i quit. i am really good at playing an instrument by ear except favourite type of music is techno then classic/classic remix but other than that i like every type of music except country.*bleh*i get some of my music from its a good music source except u hav to hav good dexsterity to hear the full song.i am a for masters only level and sometimes i can finish for guru only songs.(im pretty much a nerd)my music is kinda weird but weird is cute so yay me!!!!