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Mysterious End
its a story of 3 teenagers tryin to get off an island out of nowhere. based kinda on Lord of the Flies. and the reason thats its kinda in a play formate (sry forgot the wording for it) is bc ima get it made into kinda a manga
Mysterious End

By Christina M I A

Ch 1 They Meet.

Down on a shore there lays a boy. The boy had been lying there for quite some time. A girl then washed upon the shore, with another boy right after her. She awoke and saw the boy sitting there motionless. The girl was about 16 years old, with brown hair close to dirty blonde, and she wasn’t very tall. One of the boys awoke. This boy saw the girl and jumped a little. The boy was about 15-16 years old, with fair black hair. The girl asked the boy his name, and the boy answered.

"My name is Patrick. What might yours be?"

"My name is Winry. Do you know this other boy here? "

"No, I don't."

As Patrick and Winry spoke a little bit, the other boy had slowly awoken. The boy was 17 years old, with blonde hair, and tall, and tan. When the boy sat up, he started to speak to Patrick and Winry. He said his name was Tylor, and asked them their names, and after they answered him, they were trying to figure out where they were. They knew they were on an island, but they don't know how they got there.

Patrick "Okay, lets retrace what happened before we got here… I was on a boat, looking out to the sea, when all of a sudden, I was hit on the head with something very hard, and I don't remember anything since."

Winry "I was waiting in my room for my mother to come back form talking/ flirting with the captain, when all of a sudden, the lights went out and I was hit in the face, and blanked out suddenly."

Tylor "I was in the dancing hall, waiting to pick up some girls, when I was talking to the bartender, and he gave me a drink, and I fell asleep right after. Then I woke up and saw you two."

They sat there, trying to figure out what was going on. While they were doing that, Tylor was trying to put the moves on Winry, but she would not react in the same way that he had hoped she would. Then, they started to walk down the island to see if they would find anyone else, but they did not. They stopped moving for a while. They were all wet, so they wanted to dry off. Winry went behind a tree so that no one could see her, and Patrick and Tylor stayed on the beach. When Tylor was done, he tried to see Winry, but unfortunately, she was all done drying off and Tylor was pissed. When they went back to Patrick, he wasn't there. So they looked around a bit, and they found him by the ocean. Patrick saw the ship they were on, but it was on fire with lots of dead bodies around it. So, when Tylor and Winry came closer to him, he told them his solution.

"I think someone wanted everyone dead, but for some reason not us."

Winry "But why would someone want that?"

"Well, I think we’ve got a problem."

Ch 2 Strange Land.

Winry is screaming and going crazy while Patrick is sitting around trying to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, Tylor is looking around for something to help calm Winry down and Patrick comes to a solution.

"Hey, I have a plan."

(Both Winry and Tylor)"What"

"We'll stay here ‘till someone comes to search for us."

Tylor "Why the hell will we do that? We're in the middle of the ocean, on an island."

"Yeah, but ships come past here all the time; It’s a very common place."

Winry "That's a great idea."

"We now need to go find something to eat, stuff to make shelters, and see if there are other people on this island."

They go off in search for the required items. As they are walking around, they notice something very strange about the island. It’s not like any other place they’ve seen in movies or books. This island is very dark and mysterious. As they wondered deeper into the strange island’s forest, they also noticed that the trees had no fruit on them or anything. There were no birds, or any animals in that area. Winry started to get at little scared and held onto Patrick, and he held her back. As Tylor watched them, he became more and more mad because he wished that that were he. So, he walked along and came to a tree, and suddenly punched it. Winry and Patrick looked back to see what the noise was.

Tylor "What are you looking at? Go back to your cuddling. I was just making sure this tree was sturdy."

So, they turned around and continued what they were doing. The island kept going deeper and further into the mysterious darkness. When they got to a certain point, they had no choice but to stop.

Ch 3 What The Hell Is Going On???

They had to stop because of an extremely big pit in the middle of the forest. They looked in the pit, and Winry screamed, falling backwards; Patrick caught her before she fell to the ground.

Tylor "What the hell is the pit full of blood for? Oh my god!"

Patrick "I don't know, but its very creepy."

"Oh my god! It also has all the fruit and animals in it too! No wonder why we couldn't find anything…s**t!"

Winry starts to wake up, and they tell her what they saw. She went hysterical and insane, and kept saying she wanted to go home.

"I want to go home! Why the hell did I have to go on that damn boat trip? Oh my god, just let me go! I’ll swim home if I have to! Let me go!"

After a while, she clamed down and they went back to the beach to try and catch some fish or something, and figure things out. Patrick went fishing while Tylor watched Winry so she didn't try and swim away to her death. After about an hour, Patrick caught about 6 fish for them to eat. Tylor started to make a fire to cook the fish; while they were waiting for the fish to cook, they talked about the situation.

Patrick "We have to find a way to get off this island; we might have to build our own boat. We can look through the stuff that washed up to shore from the boat and see if we can use anything to help."

Tylor "Fine, we can do that, but as long as we do it quickly, I'm starting to feel bad for Winry."

Winry "What the hell? You don't have to worry about me. I’ll be fine on the island. It’s just seeing a big huge pool of blood that’s a little creepy. Your just trying to flirt with me, and its not going to work."

"What? Why don't you want to cuddle with me? Why does Patrick get all the attention and feelings for you? It’s not fair!"

"Well, I'm sorry that Patrick is just more my type, and he’s not a damn pervert like you!"

Pat "All right, everyone be quite. Winry, why don't you just stay off me before Tylor and I get into a fight, okay?"

"All right."

The fish was done by then, so they started to eat quickly, sharing a few evil stares while doing so.

Ch 4 What I Thought Was A Silent Walk.

As the day ended, Patrick and Tylor had started to have a feud as Winry went off to have some peace and quite.

Tylor "What the hell? You don't have to make her get off! I can get her to come to me eventually."

Patrick "Oh, just shut the hell up. You wouldn't have been able to do anything. She doesn’t like you because you're a pervert. Your just jealous because you want some booty, and she is the only girl here, and she wont give you any."

They started to punch at each other at that. Winry was walking alongside the beach when she heard strange noises near where the boys were, and she ran back, and screamed.

"Stop it you ******** idiots!"

They stopped and looked at her, and pushed each other off one another. Tylor walked up to her and gave her a kiss. At that, Winry pushed him, slapped him, and kneed him in the balls.

"Leave me the hell alone, okay? I don't want you, so leave me the hell alone!"

Tylor just walked off while Patrick went to Winry and helped calm her down. As the time went on, Patrick and Winry began to make-out as Tylor walked off into the night.

~i have more but not edited yet!~

Christina M I A
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Christina M I A
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