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This is an RP me and 2-minutes-behindxx are doing. (This is on Deviant Art) P.S. The title is a working progress.
- burning_eyes

Plot: Magacolf Magics School is a school in the magic realm of Swansea where young children go to learn magic. The school has been open for hundreds of years. Now something evil is lurking in the hallways of the school. twisted It hasn't harmed anyone...yet. evil That's why the headmaster of the school has called in some help. Watashi(2-minutes-behindxx), Nimae(me), and Hiah(2-minutes-behindxx) Suuicchi are part of a family that investigates and takes care matters like this. They're attending the school as students for their undercover. That and even they need to go to school so hey free admission. xd Watashi is older by two years and Nimae is about a couple months older than Hiah. The explantion on how that is possible will show up later.

Background info: The school is like a traditional english boarding school. There are four houses: Lunar Howl (the wolves), Manticora (the manticores), Sphinxus (the sphinxs), and Knuckerdor (the knuckers). At the opening ceremony you pick a small orb out. They all look alike but when you finally pick one it changes so that it's completely original and for the first minute it displays the crest of the house your in. The orbs are then kept for later use. Watashi is sometimes called Boo by his sisters just because is annoys him. Oh and HM means headmaster.

In the headmaster's office.
HM:I can't thank you enough for doing this.
Hiah:*attempts to pull off serious, shady, look* wink No. Thank you.
HM: eek Okay?
Nimae: We will try our best-
Hiah:*Cuts off Nimae* razz LIKE HELL WE WILL-
Watashi:*frowns* Quit being so goddamn loud. *pissed* stressed
Nimae:*ignores sqabbling siblings* We will try our best to resolve the matter quickly and PROFESSIONALLY. mad *looks over at squabling sibilings again.*
HM:Yes well it's time we got to the dining hall for the opening ceremony. *Leads them to the dining hall."
Hiah:*gets bored with jabbing Watashi in the side and moves on to bother Nimae* confused
Watashi:*ignores this and glances over his shoulder, staring at a boy with black spiked hair with a shockingly colored green eyes and red and black checkered bandana* *he gives a short sigh*

In the dining hall.
HM:Watashi Suuicchi. *calls him up to pick an orb that will determine his house.
Watashi:*Walks up and pulls out an orb*
Hiah:*walks up and looks over his shoulder...literally*
HM:Um Hiah-
Hiah:*stares over at him* Yes sir? 3nodding
HM:I didn't call your name.
Hiah: Oh! I know sir. My mom gave me specific orders to record every last moment of the school year for her. She's sort of a memory loving mom.
Nimae:*walks up* No she didn't. No she's not. *Drags Hiah back to her seat by her ear.* stare
Hiah: But...BUT NIMAE!!! *teary eyed* crying
Nimae:Shut up. *shoves in her seat and sits down*
HM: eek ?
Watashi: *looks at orb and sees...

To Be Continued twisted blaugh

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