If you are like me and are an obsessed FMA fan then this is for you. Now recently I learned that they might be making a new anime for FMA I am excited! I was okay with the anime but it was a bit annoying with all the differences it got to the point where all I was doing was comparing the two. The only thing I did not do this with was the movie which I turned out loving! But the manga is so good I have gotten to the point where everyday I check to see if the new chapter is done!

Any way some of the differences are.. Winry's character is so anoying in the anime, Like I can some what stand her in the manga but in the anime not in the lest. Ed is a real emo boy in the anime is also a diffrence expculy when worse things happen in the manga but he stays sorta positive. Al is way different as well, sorta I guess not just cause the manga is up to its 88 chapter and he still is not out of his armer. But one of the most big differences are the homuculus, not just who is one but also their background and abilities and such are different. One other thing in the manga their is a little girl with a panda and a guy named Ling with his two subordinets, thwy never appear in the anime its so sad cause Ling is an awesome mucher expecully when Ed is conserned and the little girl is so cute.