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Ronin ninja gemini's Journal If I"m in a good mood or i get creative with anything whether it be my stories or fanfic I'll put it here.This was supposed to be for my rare events and good days on gaia but it seens I"ve found a better use to this

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Dragonball Fanfics
Dragonball Fanfics
Attention Fanfiction Writers!

I am looking to hire writers to create a Dragon Ball fanficion for my entertainment. It should be easy, as long as you follow my directions and ask for help when you feel the need. Note that I need a writer, not an artist.

Basics & Rules
- The Fanfic should not be about Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball only.

- Do not begin a fanfiction without discussing it with me first. It will not be accepted.

- If you know nothing about Dragon Ball, don’t worry. I will provide the details. Not knowing the show is actually a plus because I don’t want things taken from the show or being too typical. I give the details in three steps to help with your writing. Questions will be answered after the steps.

- No drawings required.

- Let me know if you have instant messaging, since that will be quicker than PMing.

About the Fanfic
-Dragon Ball only. No crossovers! Research is not needed.

-Main character will be Chibi Goku.

-The fanfiction must be no less than seven pages and have several alternative endings, no shorter than half a page for each, and it should be a comedy that pokes fun in some way at the main character.

- There should be a balance of dialogue and details in the fic.

- No fighting, please! And no show references.

-Don't bring up names of extra characters. No other characters. If you have one that is interesting, I might consider it for approval but please ask me first.

-Have an animal with the power of speech (tiger, wolf, dinosaur, dragon, or lion). Please have a secondary choice handy in case that animal has been chosen by another writer.

-There is a two week deadline to show me any progress you have made, and from there on, you may take your time. No excuses, sorry!

Chibi Goku
Goku is cocky, naive, and not very worldly, as he has been raised in the woods. His youthfulness and inexperience make him do outlandish things. His favorite activities are eating and running around naked. Goku is a lot of fun.
Pics of Chibi Goku

Name: Ronin ninja gemini
Characters: Animal (See above)
Length: Seven pages or more. No less than 7 pages.
Plot: Pick an animal and I'll tell you the details.

There you go! Have fun writing the story. If you need help let me know.

*Procrastinators: No excuses. If you say a story will be done on a certain day, I expect it done. If you need more time, that's fine, but let me know.

**Paying attention to my details and giving input will help your pay increase. When I say don’t do something, try to heed my warning. Run ideas by me first and keep in touch often and you will be set for success.

-A story that has rushed pacing will be rewritten. Please don't rush a story from point A to point B.

-If you start writing Assuming I'll accept anything Think Again.It will not be accepted. Also,You begin writing After I give the green light

-Lastly The Story is to be Sent via Pm or Email.I do not wish to have the story on a Fanfiction or writing site.Please do not post it there

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