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My Odd Thoughts

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Been a long time.
scream scream scream Wow life has changed. Since my last post I have had a child, moved through three states, and gotten a divorce. Crazy crazy life. I don't know where to begin because it feels like I'm getting close to the end already. Crazy crazy.

I'm living in the state I hate the most. TEXAS. Hot and nothing to do without a car. I just dunno anymore.

Hey, when promised a place where an old army combat vet has a land of opportunities; you tend to think "Well, isn't that great?". However, this cannot be further from the truth. Seems like just the same as everybody. Well actually, people tend to look disgusted when they hear I'm an Iraqi War vet. Odd thing that. We love our military. Or at least the back bumpers of our cars do.

Hard to complain though. I do have to fabulous little daughters. What else could one ask for. Now only if the mother would get off her power trip and allow me to see them. Either way. I'm responsible for their existence and that's enough for me. I'm happy that they're here and no matter what, even after I'm gone; I will still be here in them. That's one plus to having kids.

I really don't know what to say. I'm angry at the government, but who isn't? I think it'll be a state of Wonderland if people actually did start liking it. Imagine that barbershop banter. "By golly, this country is great and our leaders are the best. I can't think of a government I'd rather have in all this lil ole world." *This is when God hurls a thunderbolt at him*

I can say I hate pop culture, the emo wave of the century, and just about anything to do with the media. Pop culture you say? Why hate it? Well, when your heroes of the day are drug abusers, wife beaters, or molesters of the elderly as well as elderly beater (Most pop singers and the last two would be Charlie Sheen and Christopher Bale), then there is something wrong. Of course I see most kids hopped up on some drug or another, beating the defenseless, or raping others *cough* sorry, not raping, but peer pressuring rather. Not much to really like there.

Emos you say? Why hate emos? Well, I watched a video of a kid crying and boohoo'ing that his family didn't love him because they got him a VW Golf (The new ones, not the old ones) instead of a new Camaro. He claimed that this type of thing was why he was emo........Seriously? I worked for my first car. Busted my butt for two years scraping together money for a 1985 Cutlass Supreme. Used and not gently. I was severely abused as a kid (Rebar to the ribs and a kick in the base of the skull anyone) not to mention emotional abuse as well. I still loved my parents. As well as one could in that type of situation. Yet, I don't cry about the little things. I don't think cutting oneself is trendy. I earned every single one of my body scars through tough trial and two tours in Iraq. We were so broke growing up that hotdogs became a Kobe beef and you went with the oldest sibling to help pick out clothes because you want to look decent as possible when those clothes became yours. Kids. Emo kids more so. Please grow up. Being a crybaby coward is not trendy. Wish this were 15 years ago. School kids back then would've ate you alive and gave you a reason to be an over-emotional little brat.

The media? Simple. One word. LIARS. Simple enough.

Well, buh-bye for now. I'll probably write again in another few years.

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