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And now for something completely irrelevent...
=/ feeling somewhat poetic. Ignore if you must...
I'm sinking further, further,
wondering how I'm supposed to get up again,
and why do you care so much? I might be happy down here..
The light gets too bright, we all need a little darkness..
You're all I have, all I need,
you're my addiction
and I refuse to let you go..
I need you like the air I breathe
yet you deprive me of your emotion..
I call out into the darkness,
there's no reply but my own voice's echo..
Am I invisible? It's like I'm not here..
We stand so close, skin touching skin,
but you feel so distant..
I move closer, hoping you'll save me,
but I can't quite reach, I'm always falling..
Spinning round and round, looking for an answer,
hoping to find you, to get somewhere
but all I've got is dizzy and confused..
I'm stood at your side screaming in your ear,
Can anyone hear me? Why don't you listen?
You seem not to hear, or don't you care?
Of all the mistakes I seem to make
my biggest was trusting you with my heart..
Fragile like glass, please don't let it break..
When you dropped it it smashed into shards,
those sharp words that cut my heart so badly
but when I lie on the floor will you shed a tear?
Or brush it aside like you did my life?

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