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hey i'm a normal teenage kid...
damn i'm gonna miss everyone....
well here is my blog, my last for a while(like 1 or 2 weeks)
so i'd like to talk less about my day, and more about my friends.cuz i'll miss them to death.so i'm dedicating this to my friends, anyone who doesn't like that, get the hell off.

DEVONN:the love of my teenage life.she's beautiful.i love her.this is going to be the longest we've been apart since our 3 months of dating.and just to all of the people thinking we are inseperable, we are, sometimes we get a little bored with eachother and we need some time alone.but, since we live where we live, we are the only fun thats around.we've been friends for like 2 or 3 years and everyone said for a while that we would go out, and we did.lol we still act like friends though, and nothing can brak our friendship.

MASON:he was one of my first friends since i moved to where i live now.he's been my friend since.and unlike every other first friend he's never pissed me off enough or did something(to my old friends that lied to me and to the ones that now smoke pot, you guys suck).for all of the people like:"holy s**t potheads!!!".waterford,where i live, is that one town that your parents said never to go into.yea because it was like the ghetto.well waterford isn't exactly the ghetto it just has alot of drug use, mainly kids, however i'm not involved with that s**t.i mean what would my parents think?!?well mason is one of my best friends, even though he goes to his dad's house alot to get out of doing chores.

JOSH:even though he touched my girlfriend, i will still miss the b*****d.i mean as long as he knows never to touch her again(i don't mean sex), he will always be my friend.hell he'd be my friend even if.its just cuz he's a man-whore.now don't think i will let him touch devonn, cuz i could kill him for that.but if i do have to kill him, i'll kill him for what i bbelieve in.and i will hide his body with regret and sorrow for losing a good friend.

MAT:damn i havn't seen him in months, but i know we are still good friends.mat's always been by my side in the most retarded ideas.he's like a little more sane copy of me.well he has blonde hair and has a british accent,i think thats what people say cuz i don't hear it anymore...i mean he is the reason i'm in boy scouts.just to see him.so maybe, when i get back, i'll invite him over.

ZACH:missing organ boy!!!lol i will miss our randomness for a while.lol i remember our talk about lawn gnomes taking over the zoo...good times man, good times.

TOM:he's basicaly the like me and mat.a copy of me, but he doesn't hhave the accent and he has brown hair.

so yea i will miss you all for these 2 weeks.but hell i'm going to ******** disney world!!!!!!whoooo!!!!!!!!!don't kill yourselves while i'm gone!!!!

July 6th 2009
today was pretty epic...i got to chill with my girlfriend(DeVonn) we kissed alot....i forced myself to go swimming!
NOTE:for those who don't know, i hate water.except for rain, i love the the rain.rain is just so calming and......wet.....if i could, i would choose the weather to be 75% rain.75% because i'd get bored with the rain.luckily its raining alot here in jersey(New Jersey)
well back on topic.....my day was fun(even with the swimming).its not that i can't swim or anything, its just i'd rather not swim.plus i'm terrified of sharks.water preditors are alot sneakier then land preditors.i'm so afraid of sharks that i won't even go swimming in pools and lakes.like i know that there are no sharks living in lakes and obviously pools, but i don't want to die being the only person dead by a shark attack in a pool or lake.
A LITTLE SIDE NOTE:how funny would it be to know a friend of family member dying by that happening.like i know its sad and tragic, but when they are anouncing it, could you really keep a straight face?(feel free to answer that in the comments below)
so during the day i got a hi-five and kiss from my girlfriend when i told her how i ball-tapped josh....josh,how could i discribe him?maybe a good word would be MAN-WHORE?yes, that sums him up perfectly.for further background info, i gave him that name when i found out how many girlfriends he has had.he's a 14 year-old(just one year older than me)who has had 40-50 girlfriends.WHAT A WHORE!!!!!anyway i tapped him for a good reason, he touch my girlfriend's butt and boobs!!!josh is also clueless he finds that reason stupid.what a retard(no offence to anyone who is mentally chalenged, i just had a lack of words).

so that was basically my day(oh and also i might get my mom to dye my hair tommarrow)
did i spell tommarrow wrong???i fell like an idiot......

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