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Hello You Info
Meet Tony, he lives in the bad part of town. Working as a Janitor at Marlo's Cuisine along side his cook brother, Roswald. He has a calm, laid-back personality and lounges around the house mostly, but he isn't lazy. Tony also babysits his bosses kid, Annie. He will usually let her do whatever she wants and gets her anything she wants provided that she doesn't destroy the house. Tony is very protective over her, he once beat up a bunch kids picking on her. His brother usually comes over to watch football with him, or just to visit. Roswald usually tries to avoid Annie, since she always clings to him and tries kiss him. Roswald is a Paranoid, Aggressive, Ambitious Worry-Wart. He lives in a nice modern home compared to Tony's small broken home. Once in awhile Roswald might babysit Annie for him, when Tony wants to drink with his friends. Annie at Roswald's place is a complete nightmare for him since she makes messes, big messes and bugs him. Annie has a big crush on Roswald, ever since he saw him visit once at Tony's place. Her personality is a bratty, silly, cute, obnoxious, brave, happy-go-lucky blackmailer.

-Tony has a treasure trail from just above his belly button to his privates.
-He usually has bags under his eyes.
-Wears dull baggy shorts, Baggy Pants, Dull Baggy shirts, plaid red pajama pants and a black parka in the winter.
-Doesn't really care for sex, but will do it with need be... unless drunk (see below)
-He is horny drunk (he'll probably try to ******** anything that moves)

-Roswald also has a treasure trail and a light stubble.
-He wears dull dress shirts, t-shirts, baggy jeans, blue hoodie, black pullover and baggy shorts in the summer
-He is some muscles, light abs(hardly can see them, but they're there) from working out a little here and there.
-Speaks his mind when drunk (Might even tell his secrets)

-Annie is a 7-10 child
-She usually wears light colored dresses, pink, skirts, spaghetti strap shirts and crop tops in the summer.

Refs for Tony = http://s977.photobucket.com/albums/ae251/seedkitten/Tony%20Myers/
Refs for Roswald = http://s977.photobucket.com/albums/ae251/seedkitten/Roswald%20Myers/
Refs for Annie = http://s977.photobucket.com/albums/ae251/seedkitten/Annie%20Sirtha/

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