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Rawr? XD
******** vet techs need to keep their mouths shut
NOTE: Names have been taken out to keep privacy.

So, me and my mom took in our merle cocker spaniel, gorgeous girl, to the vet. The vet quickly gave her her rabies vaccine and my mom made some comments on how our labradoodle was treated last time.

How he was treated: he came out with poop all over his butt and also seemed to be in shock and pain. He didn't want to come to me when he was brought out and had to smell my hand to know who I was. This of course, pissed us off. What pissed us off more, was that the "vet tech" whom I think is a receptionist said "Don't let them eat carpet." First of all, there is no carpet for them to eat. All tile. We do however have rope chew toys. Secondly, we don't feed our dogs "carpet". Yeah, we're gonna make a dog food called carpet-o's, its good fiber and cleans their teeth! You should know that! {Complete sarcasm by the way.} Then I said "I know, it clogs their intestines" she then squinted and said "Well, it doesn't really clog just causes foreign bodies." Um, I'd say carpet IS a foreign body itself, and as far as I know carpet is carpet. It is a foreign body that I believe can't magically transform into another foreign body. His father did the same thing, we know how to take care of clogged intestines and we know what happens. We're not stupid lady.

Well, then the vet tech who was with the vet almost immediately acted bitchy. Sorry, its not our fault our dog came out terrified with s**t all over his a**. When we came out she slammed a pen on the paper and said "Here, its good for one year" in a rude voice. We didn't even need the pen, there was nothing to sign. She obviously was pissed that we tattled on her. Boohoo, grow up, be professional, say "Sorry I scared *dogs name* so bad, next time I promise to make him as comfortable as possible and be as gentle as possible." It doesn't take a genius to know that.

Oh, but that's not the BEST part. The second "vet tech" AKA probably receptionist started getting on us about his ears. He had a chronic ear infection. A part of the conversation: "So, *my moms name*, how did they get that bad?" My mom said "I don't know, you tell me?" She pissed us off so much we were both shaking and I was red in the face. I saw the woman looking at me while we were in the examine office, I knew she was gonna pull this s**t. She also wrote down the painkillers we gave him, like she was gonna try and nail us for abuse.

Well, sweetie, lets see, last year we spent 13,000$ on our dogs, is that abuse? To us yes, not our dogs. We always put our dogs first, its why we're so god damn ******** poor. Of course, I don't mind it, I really do want them to be happy and healthy.

We were using nutripet or something ear cleanse for a year, that worked, it then stopped, we added two drops of vinegar to each treatment, that worked, then nothing worked, at all. That's why we went to you dumbass, I don't know, we could have not gone to you, let him get so bad he died. HMMM. Thankfully, we're not that cruel.

My mom called the receptionist as we were on the road and told her that after that talk with the vet tech we won't be going back there. She said "alright, I'll bring that to everyone's attention" or something like that. Which, I highly doubt she did, because the whole team there was in a click, like BFFs. They're not gonna tattle on their BFF are they?

Because of this incident, we're starting to lose all respect for vets. All the receptionists and vet techs act like they know it all, and we've just had too many bad experiences. I don't know if its Idaho, since where we came from was not at ALL like this, but still.

So the people who read this know, I currently live in Ontario, Oregon, the people act like Idahoans, so I call it Idaho. People act like this all the way to vale, I think they start acting nicer past that. Don't EVER move to idaho if you think its dog and people friendly, you'll be sadly, sadly mistaken.

Please, if you care about vets and their reputation, copy and paste this anywhere and everywhere you can, to let vets like these know they're not doing so well.

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