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Sandaiyo Miyazaki's Journal
It's my Journal. I write weird, crazy, or true stuff
RE 5
You should not read this if you would rather play the game then read it. This is the plot of Resident Evil 5. Warning:SPOILER

After driving into Africa, Chris is met by Sheva Alomar, who agrees to accompany him. The two rendezvous with a butcher who tells them to locate a man named Irving. Along the way, the two see someone get fed a strange object which turns him into a majini. After some time, the two watch the butcher's execution. Fighting through the crowd, they are saved by Kirk's rocket launcher. Later on, a woman is attacked and infected, whom they defeat after seeing a Las Plagas explode from her head. While attempting to locate Irving, the two find Alpha team dead, except one man who is mortally wounded and gives them hard drive data. The monster that took out Alpha team is defeated shortly after, while Irving drives away with a hooded figure.

Even after Alpha Team's demise, the mission stands. As they progress, the two find Kirk's burnt body and are attacked. Delta team arrive just in time to kill the attackers. Among Delta Team is Josh Stone. He gives Chris extracted data from the hard drive, and Chris sees a picture of former partner, Jill Valentine and is reminded of her disappearance. After finding Irving, the hooded figure arrives just in time to aid his escape. Amidst Irving's files, are pictures of a marshlands oil field which is Irving's presumed destination. Chris and Sheva attempt to regroup with Delta Team, only to find out that Josh is the sole survivor.

Chris tells Sheva of Jill and the picture from the data file. Chris talks about how he and Jill were tipped off about where Spencer was and that he would lead them to Wesker. The two find Wesker instead, only to fight a losing battle. Wesker starts choking Chris, but Jill intervenes and pushes Wesker out the window along with herself. Chris and Sheva find Irving on a boat, but Irving escapes and the oil field is blown up while the two escape with Josh on a speedboat. During the escape through mist, they crash into Irving's boat unintentionally. Meanwhile, Irving reminisces on the Las Plagas syringe he was forced to take. Chris and Sheva board the boat, and see Irving inject himself and turn into a giant monster, which the two defeat. As Irving dies, he tells them to go to a cave nearby to obtain answers.

Josh leaves the two to report to HQ. Meanwhile, Excella, Wesker and the hooded figure have a meeting where Excella injects Wesker. Wesker has a flashback of killing Spencer. Chris and Sheva locate a bed of flowers which are surviving underground; along with equipment with Umbrella's and Tricell's logos on them. The two progress through a laboratory and find a massive chamber with thousands of capsules with bodies in them. The capsules are portrayed in Jill's picture, so Chris searches the computer database. The elevator takes them to Jill's capsule, while they defeat another monster. The capsule opens, but it is empty. Excella, who appears on the computer screen, warns them to leave. The two intercept a radio transmission of Excella talking to "Albert", and Chris discovers that Wesker is alive.

Excella unleashes a monster infected by Uroboros. After defeating the monster, the two find Excella and the hooded figure. The hooded figure attacks them with the same agility as Wesker. Wesker reveals himself and he in turn unmasks the hooded figure. The hooded figure turns out to be Jill Valentine. Jill appears hostile and fights alongside Wesker. Wesker escapes and the two are left with Jill. The two see a device on Jill's chest which they pull off. Jill returns to normal and explains to them that she could not control her actions but she was still very much aware of what she was doing. Jill tells the two to proceed without her and stop Wesker.

Chris and Sheva board the ship that Excella and Wesker board. The two find Excella who escapes and drops one of two cases of syringes. Meanwhile, Wesker has a flashback of Spencer telling him that he is the only surviving Wesker child from the Progenitor virus experiment- an attempt to create the perfect human beings. Spencer shares with him his "right to be a god". However, Wesker kills him and says that "the right is now mine".

As the two progress, they find a pile of corpses and Excella apparently dying. Wesker tells them over the intercom that Excella has "one last task" and as he says it, Uroboros erupts from Excella's mouth, destroying her body and absorbing the dead before battling Chris and Sheva. They defeat the Uroboros and see on a monitor, a bomber for the spreading of Uroboros, and Wesker. Jill calls Chris via mobile phone and tells them that Wesker's superhuman strength is caused by an unstable virus, and that he must regularly inject a serum in precise amounts to keep it in check, and if the serum is overdosed, it will act as a poison. Sheva discovers that the serum is in one of the syringes Excella dropped.

The two find Wesker and restrain and inject him with the syringe. However, he boards the bomber and the two follow suit. Wesker tells them his plans that the plane will reach optimum altitude to release Uroboros into the atmosphere to ensure absolute global annihilation. Chris reopens the back door and Sheva shoots Wesker out of the plane. The plane crashes into a volcano, where the two encounter a heavily injured Wesker. In a last move of desperation, Wesker fuses with Uroboros. After a long struggle, the two defeat Wesker and he falls into the lava. Jill and Josh appear in a helicopter and save Chris and Sheva. However, after boarding the helicopter, Wesker appears again, but is finally killed by Sheva and Chris with two rocket launchers. Chris reminisces on whether it was all worth fighting for. He looks at the other three and decides it is worth it as the helicopter flies off into the sunset.

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