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`Solar's Thoughts and Ramblings
Description?! It's a journal for cryin' in the night! My life, complaints, and anything else that happens to pop into my head. What'd you think it was, a hamster?
That is the question . . .
Heh, need to update my Journal more often. ^^;

Well, saw an interesting thread today. I see things that make me stop and think every once in a while, but for some reason I rarely ever record them.
Guess it's since I'm not usually bored and in front of my keyboard.
Bored and in the mood to think too anyway.

Anyway the thread title was this: Why do you draw?

That simple.

But I just sorta froze, and slowly though 'Why . . . ?'
And I can't for the life of me come up with an answer.
It's weird, I've been drawing on everything I can get my hands on since I was able to get my paws on something to make doodles with.
As long as I can remember.
Since before I can remember.
And in all that time I've never just stopped to wonder 'Why am I doing this?'

Guess it kinda just struck me as odd.

Art is just something I do, like a default setting for your computer. Also with that you don't wonder why it just does something, like go into screensaver mode, it just does it. But you know there must be some reason. Otherwise it wouldn't do it.
So you ignore it and go quietly along your business.
That is, until someone asks. And then you stop. And you wonder why indeed, and why you never thought to ask yourself.

I've never stopped to think, but you'd think that now that I have I would've come up with some answer.
Any answer.

But I'm still just sitting here staring at the question, wondering.
In the thread the girl asked if it was perhaps inspiration, or boredom; things like that. But although those are reasons, I could be doing any number of things for those same ones: writing, playing music, reading, talking, anything.

So why draw? Why create art?


Guess that's one of the major questions in life, like why are we here, what's our purpose, that junk. Sure you can find reasonable reasons and excuses to explain it away, but the real reason, the one you'd just know if you heard it, just . . . isn't there.
You know that there is one, somewhere, but . . . . . but . . . . . .

but still you just stare at the question and wonder


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