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The Many Tales of Otherworld
The Truth of Simora's Past Part 1
My name is Simora Yumoto, I live in a place called Otherworld. It's a dangerous and difficult place to live, especially when your someone like me. There are many forbidden ones, children made between two races that are known enemies, such as fire and ice demons. But I'm different. Unlike the other forbidden children, who happen to be born quite rarely, I am a forbidden child that no one ever expected to come into existence. I am the child of a Dark Demon and a Sacred Angel, two races who have been at war since anyone can remember. My mother, Zoe Yumoto, was the sacred angel who gave birth to me. She fell in love with my dark demon father, Lucifer Konuto, and fled with him to the small village of Wutai to get away from the war. However, everything didn’t go as plan.
Lucifer’s father, Ansem Konuto, was filled with rage to learn that one of his own sons betrayed him and fell in love with a sacred angel. The rage increased when he learned that they had me. He sent many of his soldiers to try and kill our family, but my father was strong, and he and the other villagers defended him and my mother. All the villagers were people who wanted to get away from the war, and they wanted none of it coming to the village. And though in the village, dark demons and sacred angels did live together, it didn’t mean that any of the hatred for each other went away. They were still edgy around each other, no trust between any of them.
When I was born, they treated me like I didn’t exist, as though someone like me couldn't possibly exist and therefore I do not. But I did. The other children in the village who were born away from the war and therefore did not know of it’s horrors, they didn’t understand why the two species did not like each other, but like all children they took after their parents and steered clear of anyone who wasn’t of their own kind. Then when they found out what I was, they didn’t know what to make of it. Most stayed away, afraid of the other half of me that wasn’t like them, but some had courage to approach. And not one of them treated me like an equal. They did not come up to me to try and be friends, but to hurt me with words and throw stones at me, all because of what I was.
I went home everyday with new bruises, mother and father worried about this and they tried to stop it whenever they saw it happening, but they couldn't always be there to protect me. After a while, I rarely went outside, and instead stayed in the safety of my home, I even refused to go to the small local school they had established to teach the children. So instead, mother and father taught me all they could. I had six wonderful years with my parents, whom I love with all my heart. Then everything shattered they day Ansem came with his army.
I was out in the forest surrounding the village picking flowers, my father had gone away for a trip to a neighboring village to barter some supplies. It was then that I heard the screams and saw the smoke rising into the sky above the trees. I ran to a cliff which overlooked the village, and saw everything in flames. I could see the people running for their lives, trying to escape, and the demons chasing after them and slaughtering them. I climbed down the cliff, and ran into the village, looking for my mother. I saw her running down the street towards me, then suddenly a dark figure appeared behind her holding a sword high in the air. I still remember the moment, going in slow motion through my head, the blade swinging down and striking my mother in the back, slicing through her. Her body falling to the ground. Then part of a flaming building crashed down between us, blocking my view of what was happening behind those flames.
I was frozen with fear, but when the heat of the flames reached me, I snapped out of it and turned to run. But then right in front of me was the dark figure I’d seen behind my mother. He stepped forward, so that I could see him in the light of the fire. He had long silver hair, and his blood red eyes that seemed to glow with the bloodlust shining within them. This was the man my father warned me about, Ansem Konuto. He came forward, towering over me, grinning down at me evilly. He reached into his pocket, and drew out a bright blue crystal, and I saw a liquid moving inside of it. He bent down and placed the crystal around my neck. Then he placed his hand on my forehead and started saying words in a language I couldn't understand, then everything went black.
When I awoke, the fire was gone, and everyone was dead. There were a few crumbling buildings still standing, but most had fallen. The fire had burned mostly everyone to a crisp, but some bodies still lay in the roads around me covered in blood and ash. I was in a kind of daze, one where you can’t believe what has happened, even though you saw it with your own eyes. I stood up, and calmly left the village without ever looking back.

**More about Simora’s life after this will be written in a different story.**

Simora Yumoto
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  • User Comments: [3]
    Community Member

    Sun Jul 15, 2007 @ 08:10pm

    I luved it!!...wow that was awesome! xp mrgreen

    Community Member

    Sun Jul 15, 2007 @ 08:25pm

    What the hell! THAT WAS EFFEN AWSOPME!!!

    Community Member

    Mon Jul 16, 2007 @ 03:43am

    love it. what did the blue crystal do, i wonder??

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