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The Many Tales of Otherworld
Below the Surface Part 2
**Sequel to “The Truth of Simora’s Past”**

A few days had gone by since I left the village. I sought for shelter in caves or between the roots of large trees. I ate on berries I found on bushes, or I could be lucky and manage to catch a small animal. But not long after, I was eventually discovered. There were three men, all wearing long white coats. Two were around the same height, but one was a head shorter. They had found me by the smoke that came from a fire I had made to keep warm. They grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and dragged me away, all the while I struggled to free myself, but to no avail.

“Let me go!” I screamed, but they ignored me and I continued to struggle.

Time seemed to take forever to pass, I had eventually tired myself out and stopped struggling, instead letting one of them carry me over their shoulder. Eventually though, they reached their destination. It was a very large meadow, and the only thing occupying it was a small log cabin with smoke coming out of it’s chimney. They walked towards it, and though my instinct said I should get away from these people, my curiosity of what was inside the cabin overcame it. When they came to the door, they knocked on the door three times, paused, then knocked three times again. The door opened, revealing another very tall man in a white coat.

“That’s who you chose to be our subject?” asked the tall man.

“Look closely at her, Hokori. She’s one of a kind.” Said the short man next to me.

The tall man named Hokori peered at me more closely, then gave a small gasp of realization. “You’re right! A mixed breed of dark demon and sacred angel! She must be the first! We’ve never come across something as unique as this before!”

“That’s why we grabbed her. Now, let us go back to the labs.” Said the man who was carrying me.

“Yes, yes, of course. Come this way.” Said Hokori as he stepped out of the cabin.

He led us around to the back of the cabin and then towards an old tree stump. I become confused when the three men who captured me stepped a little ways behind the stump, and why Hokori seemed to be transfixed on that odd stump. Then I saw him take out a key and insert it into a small hold in the tree stump, he turned the key four times, then removed it. Suddenly, a small square area around the keyhole sunk back into the stump and then slide away, revealing what looked like a keypad. Hokori then pressed multiple numbers into the keypad, then waited. Without warning, the ground below me and the three men started to shake. The ground started to spilt apart, and once it opened completely, we were now standing on a large metal platform. In the next moment, the platform started to slowly descend into the ground, like a giant elevator.

“Let me know how it goes.” Said Hokori, watching us lower into the ground.

“Will do Hokori.” Said the short man.

Then the ground above us began to close again, and lights suddenly snapped on all around us and continued to do so as we went lower and lower through the long metal shaft. Time seemed to go on forever as we continued to go lower and lower into the earth. An hour had passed when suddenly the elevator slowed and then stopped. A door had appeared on one side of the shaft, and then they slid open. My eyes opened wide. Before us, was the most magnificent city I’d ever seen.
One of the doctors looked down at me, and smiled a little. “What’s your name?” he asked.
I debated answering him, and figured it couldn't hurt to give them my name. “Simora. Simora Yumoto.”
“Welcome to the Underground City.” He said and I looked back at the city, amazed at the view.
The doctor took my hand, and I followed willingly with him into the city. I tried to take in everything around me, but there was just too much to see. Giant buildings, both tall and long. Thousands of people walking everywhere. One thing that confused me was the empty streets, and why the people were just standing at the walkways. I figured it out when one of the stoplights turned red and suddenly cars appeared, stopped before the red light. Once it turned green again, the cars disappeared.
I was lead to a public garage and to their car. I sat in the back with the doctor who held my hand, and the other two sat up front. They didn’t even need to use the steering wheel. All they had to do was put in their destination and the car did the rest. I tried to look out the window, but the car was so fast everything was a blur. Its was only a few minutes when the car slowed to a halt in front of one of the tall buildings.
Only the doctor holding my hand got out with me, the others went to park the car. We went inside, the doctor having to flash his ID card many times, and went to the front desk. The lady sitting there looked up, annoyed that she was being disturbed from the large piles of paperwork that was on the desk.
“Yes, doctor?” she asked as politely as she could.
“Please inform Dr. Takori that we have our first subject.” He replied.
Her eyes went wide and she looked straight at me. “A child?” she asked.
“Yes, she’s very unique and will be a great test subject.”
“Very well, I’ll let him know.”
Then he smiled down at me again and lead me away through one of the many doors. I was suddenly afraid again, a bad feeling in my gut told me I shouldn’t be here, that I should get out of this place and run away as far as I can. But the doctors hand was firm on mine, and he tightened it when I was reluctant to follow and pulled me with him. No, it was too late now. Whatever was waiting for me in this building, I would have to face it. I had no choice.

**to be continued**

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