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Izumi's Journal
This journal will be mostly be used for my ideas and thoughts and such... Like some story ideas or stories I have I'll post and see what you all think of them! ^^
FMA story!!
Hiya everyone! This is my first post for my journal! Yay! mrgreen I wanted to use this to post an FMA story I've been working on... The chapters are pretty short.... But if a couple people like it, I'll keep posting chapters! Thank ya kindly! Here's chapter #1!! (Oh, and by the way... In this story, Hughes isn't dead! ^^)

“Well, that was boring…” Envy sighed. He leaned on a railing.

“Don’t worry,” Lust replied, “You’ll be happy soon enough…”

Envy looked quite unimpressed. “But if I don’t get any excitement soon, I’ll go crazy… The only one excited is Gluttony… Over there feeding his fat face away…” He grumbled.

Lust snickered. “Calm down… We’ll have what we need soon… And on Gluttony’s account…” She looked over at him. “It’ll be quite a banquet…”

Gluttony gave a toothy evil smile as he ate up what used to be someone’s arm. “…Yum…”

“Yuck, what a mess…” Envy crossed his arms as he looked behind him. Dead bodies were everywhere, and most of them were missing arms and legs, thanks to Gluttony. “I’m just glad that I don’t have to clean it up…” He carelessly stepped over the mass of bodies, stepping on a few.

Lust exited with him, followed by Gluttony, leaving the massacre that they had caused behind them.

“So, no sightings of any of them?” Ed asked.

Mustang shook his head. “No, not recently. But don’t lose your cool Fullmetal.”

Ed crossed his arms. “I don’t believe that…” He thought. The ones he was talking about, of course, were Envy, Lust, Gluttony, etc… Ed had gotten really upset about them hanging around; just recently, Envy had been inches away from killing Hughes, and before that even, he wounded Ed fairly greatly… He hadn’t really had any bad experiences with the others yet, but… “Anyone who hangs out with the one who almost killed Hughes is an enemy of mine…” Ed thought angrily. He turned around. “Ready to go, Al?”

“Wait a minute Edward…” Mustang said suddenly.

All of a sudden, Black Hayate (Riza’s puppy ^^) came running up to Ed. It lifted up one of its legs…

“Uh, brother…” Al said nervously.
Unfortunately, his warning came a little too late… Ed suddenly felt his pant leg go damp. His eyes widened and he looked down at the puppy, now innocently sitting in front of him, wagging his tail.

Ed clenched his fists. “Augh!!!” Black Hayate ran away at hearing Ed’s scream. “I’m going to kill that stupid fur ball!!” He yelled.

Mustang snickered to himself. “Great… Now that I’ve got your attention…” Ed turned to Mustang, a really ticked off look on his face. “You can’t take off just yet… I have an assignment for you…”

“An assignment?” Ed asked almost with no emotion. It wasn’t that exiting sounding to him…

“Yes,” Mustang nodded, “I’m too busy to take part in this, so, since you don’t seem to be doing anything of great importance, I’m asking you to go.”

“I suppose that’s an order…” Ed said.

Mustang smirked. “Lucky guess Ed… Anyway, the assignment is for you to go with Hughes and Havoc to a local city named Raekanna. There was recently a massacre there, and you are to look for survivors and investigate.”

“… Fine.” Ed said after a minute or two of silence.

“Smart choice…” Mustang said as Ed walked out the door with Al.

Ed grunted. Al turned his head to his brother in question. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s that Colonel Smart Mouth that’s the matter Al….” Ed grumbled.

“Ed…” Al sighed. “He’s only doing his job…”

“Are you siding with him??” Ed said in disbelief.

“Well, I’m only saying that maybe you should have more respect.”

“Respect my foot…” Ed said, sounding VERY ticked off.

Al didn’t say anything. He knew it was pointless to try and argue with his brother about being nicer to Mustang; it was out of the question. Ed had something else to be doing than worrying about giving snide remarks about Roy anyway.

“So, Roy, I mean… ‘Colonel Mustang’ sent you after all, huh Ed?” Hughes said as Ed and Al walked out of the headquarters.

“Yeah…” Ed said, crossing his arms once more.

Hughes laughed. “You don’t look too happy about it!”

“What do you think?” Havoc said lazily as he temporarily removed his cigarette from his mouth to speak. “You know how much Ed hates the Colonel...”

Ed shot an annoyed look at Havoc and turned his attention back to Hughes. “So, do we leave now, or what?”

“Wait just a second Edward,” Came a voice from behind them. Ed turned around to find Riza Hawkeye walking up to them, a rifle slung over her shoulder. “The Colonel asked me to come with you just in case you run into any trouble.”

“Wow, he really doesn’t trust us, huh?” Hughes said.

“It doesn’t matter to me,” Ed said, “Let’s just go.”

Izumi Lesca
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Izumi Lesca
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    commentCommented on: Sun Jul 22, 2007 @ 01:07am
    Hey cool story is your person going to be in it?

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