This is a poem I wrote for one of my very good friends; she's on the other side of the world until August, and I miss her terribly. We've been friends ever since we were babies, and I made this just to tell her that through everything, she'll always have my shoulder to lean on.

How many years has it been
Since we've been here
How many times have there been tradgedies
Where we would shed a tear
For each other?

I think I lost count after I stopped caring
About how long we would be close,
When you started wearing on me
I couldn't shake you off
And I never wanted to

From being small
To getting smarter
From being shy
To thoughts of "If she leaves, I go with her"
No, not the love of a friend
Nor the love a man and woman share
This is a love I know I won't find anywhere else out there

You always were hard on yourself
And that led to some silly arguments
"How can she think that of herself?"
Those thoughts often crossed my mind
But I never cared what you thought
What you did
That was all null and void

I always thought you were just fine
Just the way you were
If you would ever be sad
I would make sure you didn't cry
If you did, you would always have me
A friendly shoulder to cry on

Now, you're so far away
I can't tell you how excited I am for the day
When you come home
I'll be waiting for you right here
And I'll welcome you home without any tears
Just smiles
And laughter

If you're tired on the way home,
I guess I'll be your temporary pillow
If you're so
Exhausted that you don't want to talk
That's fine too
I'll be where I always have been
Right beside you
My family

My Nakama