heres another weird old dream from the world of toaster lol! my friend tells me and my younger sister about a place in my bacement. so we go down there and there r a ton of garden gnomes holding guns and a lot of gazebos 2. all of a suden 1 of the gnomes comes 2 life and shoots at us but insted of bullets he shoots potato chips rofl we hide behind some bushes or some thing and my friens tells us some thing i forget what and then the gnome shoots other gnomes and they come 2 life! then they keep shooting potato chips at the other gnomes untill they all come 2 life. so we run and all of a suden my mom puls up in her mini van about 50 ft away and tells us 2 come. then we run 4 the car but i trip and cant move! then they leave with out me crying