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The Writings of Briar Rosethorn
I enjoy writing. Plain and simple. I plan to make it my career so this journal will hold anything I write, whether good or bad. A scrapbook of both rough and final work, if you will. I will try to keep is as organized as possible.
Fiera's Beginning ~ Chapter 9...
Chapter 9 - A New Beginning

"Fiera? Are you ready?" Duvessa asked quietly a moon after that fateful and yet victorious battle. Fiera closed her eyes, took a deep breath and nodded. This was a very important day. It marked the beginning of the rest of her Astral life. Both women were dressed for the occasion, in glittering sweeping robes encrusted with jewels and elaborate upswept ornate coils kept in place with silk ribbons. Of course, this was not Fiera’s preferred way of dress, but today was a special exception.

"Yes." she replied, but the knots in her stomach told her otherwise. Was she really ready for this? Could she live up to the promise she was about t make to every living thing within the Mystic Forest? Was she really the Chosen Warrior? These questions and more swirled through her head as she bravely turned around and took in another large breath. "I’m ready." she announced, the pixie dust glittering elegantly on her cheekbones and eyelids. Fiera felt rather foolish being dressed up like a children’s favourite doll, but she did look astoundingly beautiful and prepared for the title which was about to be bestowed upon her. Duvessa smiled, nodding.

"Good." she replied. "Follow me." As Fiera passed her, the faerie held out a hand and placed it on her shoulder reassuringly. "Doubt is natural, but you will be fine." she said. Fiera just nodded, although her heart was hammering against her rib cage so rapidly she felt as though it might burst out of her chest and start rapping itself against her head.

The two friends walked solemnly and swiftly into the open battlefield where the entire Mystic Forest had gathered to watch and bear witness to this possibly once-in-a-lifetime event. No sound was made save for the slow trumpeting of the tiny pixies flying overhead on their musical instruments made of sandalwood and adorned with holly sprigs. The six remaining Guardians were lined on a large hill in the middle of the battlefield, looking composed and resolute. Fiera bit back an overwhelming sense of doubt and Fiera strode purposefully behind Duvessa as the large sea of every race parted themselves to let them pass up onto the hill in graceful motions. To Fiera, it seemed as though eternity were passing at the speed of light and would soon run out before she reached her destination but suddenly, she was there standing in front of the six Guardians and Duvessa who had stood and taken the empty space in the middle of their lineup.

Duvessa stepped forward to face Fiera as all eyes reverted to her. Fiera’s face was the picture of calm and confidence, despite the nervous turmoil within her. "Fiera, Chosen Warrior hand-picked by the Lady, you are here in the presence of the Mystic Forest, of the Guardians and of the Lady to make a promise, is that correct?" Duvessa asked solemnly, going through the very same political procedure she had rehearsed with Fiera for weeks beforehand. Fiera gave a curt nod and replied as expected.

"That is correct." she said solidly. Pierce now stood forward as Duvessa stepped back into the line and addressed Fiera.

"What is this promise you are to make before all these witnesses and before the Guardians and the Lady?" he asked. Fiera bowed her head for only a moment in respect before lifting her chin again and looking Pierce straight in his vibrant blue eyes.

"The promise I make is to fight for this Forest and protect all dwellers within it. I vow to fight and lay down my life for every race which dwells within the Mystic Forest and every animal, plant and stone. I vow to do this with my military skill, my leadership, but also with my compassion and love for life and every source of life within the Mystic Forest. I vow this upon my Astral life." she finished, bowing her head once more. All seven Guardians nodded their approval and a third faerie called Jarlath stepped forward as Pierce retook his original standing position.

"On behalf of the Guardians, of the Mystic Forest and of the Lady, we accept your promise and bind you to it. Should you break this vow without the Lady’s blessing, it is your fate to end your Astral life and begin a new one within the Realm of the Dead to learn new lessons and to grow in spirit from your mistake. Do you agree to these terms?" he asked.

"I do." Fiera answered solemnly. Nodding, each Guardian took a position in a circle around Fiera and held up their right hand to touch her. Murmuring a soft chant among themselves, a certain friction ran through Fiera’s body and she knew that this was the binding spell they were attaching to her with her permission. It only took a few moments and they stepped away, reforming in a line in front of her.

"Fiera, Chosen Warrior, you are now bound to your promise." every Guardian stated in unison.

"As a gesture of appreciation and confidence in your unwavering devotion to the Mystic Forest we bestow upon you the deeply honourable title of Commander of the Mystic Forest. Do you accept this title?" Duvessa stated.

"I accept this title." Fiera stated and for a reason she could not explain, tears silently ran down the glittering cheeks of her perfectly composed face though only the Guardians were close enough to her to see this. As if comforting the new Commander and reassuring her, a breeze suddenly picked up, blowing into Fiera’s face and drying her tears. She smiled ever so softly and closed her eyes. The Lady was here with her as She always had been, in every spark of life around her. Fiera realized this now. It had all been for a purpose. Every bad thing that had happened in her life had led to something far greater, and taught Fiera a new lesson which helped her grow. Nothing had been meaningless, and this was a comfort Fiera was able to always take with her from that day forth and remember in her times of despair.

So lost in this profound realization was Fiera that she was unaware of the sudden tumultuous roar of the dwellers of the Mystic Forest. Thousands upon thousands of cheers and applause seemed to shake the balance of the day and send a ripple through the ground. Smiling, Duvessa placed her right hand on Fiera’s forehead and announced the last sealing ritual.

"Let this gift be forever a symbol of your duty to the Mystic Forest and of your new title as Commander, and seal the proceedings of this day." she smiled graciously. A white hot pain seared through Fiera’s forehead but she merely grimaced and bit her lip for a moment until the fleeting second of agony passed. Slowly raising a long slender hand to her forehead, her fingers came into contact with a glimmering, emerald green jewel embedded firmly into the bone of her skull, glittering beautifully in the sunlight reflecting off of it.

"I thank you." Fiera said honestly, bowing her head. Duvessa took Fiera by the arm and turned to address the already jubilant crowd.

"Mystic Forest, the Guardians are proud to present to you... Commander Fiera." she announced. If Fiera thought the roar of cheers had been deafening before, it was now a wave of confidence washing over Fiera as all the fear and anxiety she had felt moments before were lifted off of her and carried away with the wave of noise. She felt a gentle hand on her shoulder and turned to see Duvessa, still smiling radiantly.

"Come." she said quietly and Fiera followed her friend away from the large celebration and to a quiet spot near the Guardian’s Tree. Once there, Duvessa turned around to face Fiera looking very proud.

"Congratulations, Commander." she said simply. Fiera chuckled softly and nodded.

"Thank you." she replied as Duvessa’s face turned serious.

"Enjoy this, for you deserve it, but I want you to remember that this does not mean happily ever after. There will be more hardships, and more sadness along the way as well as great happiness." she warned and Fiera nodded in full understanding. She had not expected anything else. There would be more battles and more death but Fiera would be there to save many more lives.

"I know." she replied. "I do not expect anything else. The Lady does not give us more than we can bear." Fiera said wisely, knowing this to be true from her own experiences in life. Duvessa laughed.

"Indeed." she agreed. "I am glad the Lady led you to us. Go and make yourself known among the citizens. They look up to you now." Duvessa said quietly and with one last smile, she was out of sight.

Before Fiera left to do as Duvessa asked, she took one last moment to kneel before the Guardian’s Tree in prayer. Thank you... for my new beginning... she hushed silently within her mind.

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