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The Writings of Briar Rosethorn
I enjoy writing. Plain and simple. I plan to make it my career so this journal will hold anything I write, whether good or bad. A scrapbook of both rough and final work, if you will. I will try to keep is as organized as possible.
Hamlet Modernized Script
This was an English assignment. We were put into groups and told to act out a scene in Hamlet by changing the original somehow. I just literally translated the original script and blcked it from my own imagination with my group members. It turned out quite nicely.

Hamlet - William Shakespeare
Act IV, Scene III

[Enter King and two or three Lords]

King: I’ve been looking and looking for his body. The murderer is still alive and that’s a dangerous situation! However, we can’t crack the whip just yet, because there are a lot of foolish people who are on his side. They only see the surface without trusting their judgement. They’re quick to criticize the punishment without thinking about the crime. Sending him away needs to seem like it was a tough decision. After all, drastic times call for drastic measures. [Enter Rosencrantz and others] Welcome, men. What news do you have?

Rosencrantz: He still won’t tell us where the body is.

King: But where is he?

Rosencrantz: You’ll be pleased to know that he is guarded.

King: Bring him in here.

Rosencrantz: You heard the King! Bring in the Prince Hamlet!

[Enter Hamlet with Guards]

King: Hamlet, where is Polonius?

Hamlet: He’s at dinner.

King: At dinner? Where?

Hamlet: Actually, he’s not the one doing the eating. You see, he’s being gnawed at by your own scheming worms. After all, even emperors and rulers such as yourself become a meal for worms at some point. In that respect, there’s no difference between the fate of yourself and a common beggar. You both just end up different meals on the same table in the end.

King: I knew all along you were crazy from the start! All along!

Hamlet: A man can fish with the same worm that has eaten at a king and eat the fish that ate that very same worm.

King: What do you mean by that?

Hamlet: Nothing. I just wanted to show you how a king can end up in the guts of a beggar.

King: Where is Polonius?

Hamlet: In Heaven. Send someone to go see. If your messenger can’t find him there, look for him in Hell yourself. Anyway, if you don’t find him by the end of the month, you’ll be able to smell him on your way up the stairs to the lobby.

King: [to some attendants] Go look for him there.

Hamlet: Go ahead. I’ll stay right here.

King: Hamlet, this crime, for your own safety- which we still care for, despite what you’ve done- must send you away as quickly as possible. You should prepare yourself. The ship is ready and the wind is blowing in the right direction. Your companions are waiting for you, and everything is all set and ready for England.

Hamlet: For England?

King: Yes, Hamlet.

Hamlet: Good.

King: It is indeed, if you knew our reasoning behind it.

Hamlet: I see a cherub that sees your reasoning, but I’ll go to England. Goodbye, mom.

King: Your loving father, Hamlet.

Hamlet: My mother. Father and mother are man and wife, and man and wife are one being; so is my mom. I’ll go to England.


King: Follow him closely. Please him by moving quickly, and don’t stall. I’ll have him later tonight. Everything connected with this business has been taken care of. Go quickly. [exeunt all but the king] And King of England, if my love holds any value- as our power should have taught you to value us, since you’re still recovering from the wounds we gave you, and you’re still paying us - you shouldn’t take our royal command lightly, which gives clear directions through the letters sent to you, the immediate execution of Hamlet. Do it, King of England; he rages like the fever in my blood, and you must cure me. Whatever else happens, I won’t be at peace until I know Hamlet is dead.


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