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The Fox Tamer's Journal
This is my journal of my adventures, thoughts, and other things on Gaia
The Second part to out 3rd rp
Continued from previous entry

Eva slept, they said she would be fine. However, that night she had nightmares of the worst kind. The kind where you cannot wake up.She tossed and turned and whimpered, trapped in her own dream.Alania woke up in the middle of the night. She heard Eva's groan. She got out of her bed and went over to Eva. She pulled up a chair and took Eva's hand. "Eva, i'm here. Please dont let death serparate us again. We've been apart too long. Don't give in."Eva sighed, and her eyes slowly opened. They didn't focus properly for a little while but when they did she saw Alania. A tear rolled down her cheek."Al- ania..." she said, quietly.
"The people in the dream said you died...""No i didn't die. I don't plan to either. Not for a long time. I think Death is just trying to get to us." Alania smiled. "I won't leave you so you can go back to sleep."Eva shook her head."I'm not going to back to sleep. I don't want to! Don't make me sleep again!" she said her voice panicky and rising.
Alania hugged Eva,"Calm down. It will be ok. It will all be ok." Will and Jasper chose now to enter the room. Jasper went over to Eva and took her in his arms. Will wrapped his arms around Alania and they all just sat there in silence.Eva shivered in Jasper's arms, the terrible dream still in her head."So, what did you tell Mother?" she asked, trying to act like she was alright."Yea What did you guys tell our parents?" Will looked over at Japer,"We told them that Eva was running across the yard and tripped. She ended up rolling into a tree. As for Alaina, they asked why she was shaking and we said that she was still a little shaken up about what happened last week. They seemed to believe it."
"Oh- Ok." said Eva."What about the trip though?""Their coming to see you two tommorrow to see if your still up for it.""Oh..." Eva sighed."Jasper... Will... What would the gods say if I said I didn't want to return to being immortal?"Jasper started and looked at her with concern.Alania looked up at Will and then over to Jasper. She had been wondering the same thing."Why are you asking this Eva?" Jasper asked with worry showing in his eyes. Their simple plan of the sisters coming together then straight back to the gods was falling through."I'm not sure, I just don't want to lose this life I have now..."Jasper looked at her."The gods can't force immortality on you, but they would most likely spite you until you came back. By killing your family and friends..."
"You wouldn't let them do that though would you Jasper, Will?" Eva said, suddenly scared.Jasper looked away."Whatever it takes to get you back. We already did this once."
Eva looked horrified."You mean, you killed someone who got in the way of Alania and I coming back? Who..."Alania gasped, "It was you?" She sounded a little distressed.
Eva vainly tried to push away from Jasper, but his arms held her firmly.
She looked at his face, fear flashing in her eyes. He looked down at her, his eyes holding hers. Much to her surprise and distress a tear welled up in his eye."Eva, please don't be scared of me." his voice was small, and she couldn't help but pull closer to him to comfort him."Alania's father, he- millenia of waiting and one mortal man almost took you away from us. He was a drunk and useless, but he almost killed Alania. Neither of you would have returned to us if he had been left unchecked."Will tightened his hold on Alania. "We were only trying to protect you both. Not only you but other people as well. He could have hurt a lot of people if he was still alive." Alania buried her head into Will's chest. She started sobbing.Eva suddenly pulled away, surprising all in the room. She jumped to her feet, she seemed wobbly."Eva, please sit down. Your concussion-""SHUT UP!" she said loudly.Jasper cut off, looking surprised."I don't want to hear this. I don't want to be this girl you loved a thousand years back! Why do I have to do what some ancient gods want? Why do I have to be that person from all those years ago?! I thought I was, I pretended. But I'm just not whoever you used to love. My name is Eva, Alania is not my sister she is my best friend. Jasper is not my lover, he is my brother! I am not the girl your looking for! I'm just Eva and I don't know anything about the gods or anything! All I know is you two killed someone, and are threatening to kill more unless we come with you. But I don't want to! I want to live, get married and have children. And I want to die when I am old! I don't want an eternity of playing music for some old gods!" her clenched fists were held up near her face."So stop all this nonsense!" she shouted and ran out of the room, ignoring nurses' cries.Alania broke free of Will's grasp and ran out of the room brushing past the nurses. She ran out of the hospital after Eva. "Eva hold on. Wait for me.""No! All this changed when I met you! I want it to go back to normal!" she shouted as she burst out of the hospital.Alania caught her arm. "Listen, i know your not my sister. Just my friend. I dont want to ruin our friendship because of this.""Let- go of me!" she yanked her arm away, falling to the ground in the process.She looked sorry for a second, but then she turned tail and ran."i'll never play music again if that's what it takes to get things back to the way they were!" she shouted as she began running, tears pattering onto the ground.Alania's eyes weld up with tears. One rolled down her face. She wiped it away and started walking home. She passed Eva's house with a lot of different feelings. She went into her house and went into her room. Her mother walked in with suprise on her face. "Are you ok,Honey?" " I don't know. " She thought to herself. ' I don't know. What is going to happen now.'Eva had hidden in the forest that bordered her house. She was curled up, head on knees, crying. She could hear Jasper calling her name, but she forced herself to be silent.Can't let them find me...Alania was lying on top of her bed when she felt her heart jump. She stood up and went outside. She walked into the woods and headed for the lake. She sat on the rock and pulled out the flute Eva had given her. She started playing a very slow song. 'what will happen? will that thing come, what ever that was? Would it try to hurt them again?'Eva heard the music and her heart ached. She sniffled and crept up quietly to listen to it.Alania finished the song and sighed. "Eva, I wish you knew how much of a savior you are. If you hadn't come that night when we first met. I would have taken my own life. But you came. You stopped me from making the most stupid decision of my life. I wish that i knew what was wrong. If you just want to be friends thats fine with me. But..." She sighed and looked out onto the lake.
As soon as Alania stopped tlaking Eva's sobs could be heard over thelake. She hid her face in her hands.Alania decide to swim a little. She took of her shirt and her pants. She walked into the water and dived under. She swam over to the place where she had not been in a while. She pulled herself onto rock near a clift. She walked over to a pile of rocks with a cross on top."Hey sis, I haven't been here in a while. Sorry. You probley know what has happened. I met a new friend,Father went crazy, and me an Anthony now have a better home.I wish that you were still here. It's so hard. I just want to take my own life and join you but i know that i can't. I wish that you had never drowned." Alania started to shake with sobs.Eva crept to the edge of the lake. Suddenly a water nymph who lived within the lake wrapped Eva in a tight watery hug and spirited her across the river to Alania. The nymph deposoited Eva on the rocky outcrop, a couple of metres away from Alania.Alania looked up tears still streaming down her eyes."How much did you hear?"Eva shrunk back, afraid."Most of it..." she said, screwing her eyes shut.
"Sorry, i didn't mean for you to hear my ranting. I'm just visiting my sister. I havn't been here in a while and i ow it to her." Alania gave a short laugh. "It's almost as if she was still here. " Alania reached out and touched a necklace hanging on the cross.More tears welled in Eva's eyes."I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you..."She gritted her teeth."But I can't be her, whoever she was. I hope you and Will are happy."Alania shook her head. I don't expect you to be like her. I just want to be friends. Thats all." Alania sighed and stood up. "There is a path that leads off these rocks over there."She pointed to a path. "If you want to go feel free to." Alania went to the edge of the rocks and slipped back into the water and started swimming."You said that you wanted to die. Is it easy to die here?"
"Just depends on the currents. That night the currents were strong enough,but tonight the currents are at their weakest.""Hmm, I see. Though I suppose you could still die here, correct?"Inside her mind Eva was screaming. Death puppetered her movements, he had entered her mind while she slept. Ever since she woke up, she had not been in control of herself. Everything she did, Death made her do. 'I DON"T WANT TO DIE!' she screamed in her mind.Somebody help me!Alania looked up at Eva. "Why are you asking things like..."She gasped. "Death! Get out of her!" She pulled herself back onto the rocks. Why won't you just leave us alone. We don't want to play for those gods. We don't want imortality!""Alania what are you doing?! What do you mean Death?" her voice was high with pretended confusion. Then there was a familiar scary cackle of laughter."Oh well, you are too late. I have her, and I only need one!"Eva suddenly threw herself towards Alania, throwing her into the current. Another cackle of laughter issued forth from Eva before she threw herself in.Jasper and Will had heard the shouting and race towards them, in time to see both go in the water.Alania held her breath. She had to get Eva out of the water and fast. She saw Eva struggling. She swam to Eva and took hold. She had to get Eva above the water. She struggled but managed to get Eva above the water. She saw Jasper and Will on the shore. She swam as hard as she could and got close to the shore. She got Eva on to the shore. Jasper ran over and got Eva away from the water. Will was about to grab Alania when her strength gave out and she slipped into the currents. Will shouted,"No! Alania." and dived into the water after her.Eva's eyes were black and they glinted. She lashed out, fists curled, and hit at Jasper. He let go of her, surprised and confused."Die, damn god." she hissed, swinging her entire body with a graceful and deadly kick which Jasper just avoided."Let her die out there!" she hissed laughing.
Alania felt herself getting pulled into the current. She was just to tired to try swimming. Her head hit a rock and the last thing she felt was a pair of arms grab her. Then her world went black. Will got Alania to shore and put her on the ground. She wasn't breathing! He started cpr and it worked. She started coughing up water and opened her eyes. She took in deep breaths. "Will we have to get back to the others. I'm just guessing but i think Death is still possessing her." Will nodded and helped her up. They started walking back to Eva and Jasper.Jasper was being pushed back, unable to hit Eva. Perhaps he would have had the skill to defeat her but he couldn't bring himself to hurt her even though she was being posessed.She turned and leapt across, this time her iron hand coming down an inch from Alania's head."Come play with me sister dear." Eva's face was a terrible grin.Alania just stood there. "No! i won't hurt her. She is my best friend." She braced herself for a hit."If you don't little angel, she will kill you!" the voice was a mockery of Eva's singing voice, a taunting singsong.Jasper jumped up from behind Eva and wrapped his arms round her, pinning her arms to her side."Eva, come-"Suddenly a black flash threw Jasper and Will quite far away."Silly boy, this is between my sister and me."Inside her mind, Eva strained for control. For a brief moment she was winning. "Alania, run! Get away from here!""No, I won't run. If you want me dead so much then go ahead, but I won't hurt Eva.""No, I don't want you dead Alania. Please just run while I have this under control!" Eva pleaded. "Don't worry! We'll meet again! We found each other this time so we can do it again. So just go before I do something terrible!"
Eva wrung her hands together. "Run Alania!""We don't know that." Alania started to back away. She looked over at Will and said,"Will bring my flute please." Will got her flute and gave it to her. She put the flute to her lips and played the song she had been playing when they first met.The cackling voice came back. "Heh, won't work this time lovey. I have her pretty ears to protect mine!" Eva once again took control. Her face contorted in pain. "Please! Alania- SISTER! Just run! Get away from here and live happily with Will! I'll find you again some how!"Alania looked over at Jasper. "You better get her back alive. Eva...I'm sorry." She turned to Will and started running away from the scene.
Jasper approached her warily, Eva still struggled with the Death inside her. A fist lashed out, Jasper caught it and pulled her close."Don't let him win Eva." he whispered.
"I'm trying." she said hopelessly, and suddenly she was fighting him again.
Alania felt herself slowing down. She tried to speed up but her body wouldn't listen. her legs gave out and she fell. "Will..." She passed out of exaustion. Will looked back and ran over to her. "Alania, are you ok?" She didn't answer. 'No duh, Will. She exausted. No wonder she passed out.' He pulled off his coat, wrapped it around her, picked her up, and started running again."She can't keep this up!" Death cackled. "You're gonna lose her! Hehe!"Alania whispered, "Don't give up Eva, Don't you dare give up." She sent what was left of her strength to Eva,praying that it would help.Suddenly Eva spun round, she could have sworn Alania was near her. Suddenly she had a thought. She opened her mouth and a beautiful tune came out. Death screeched and flew from her, a shapless black mist. Eva continued singing, using this against Death.
Will suddenly stopped. He heard the tune and thought, "She did it." He put Alania down next to a tree and sat next to her. He hoped Jasper and Eva would be there soon.
Eva sang as hard as she could, her voice echoing everywhere. Death was angry ands before he fled he wrapped Jasper in dark mist and hurled him away. Jasper landed with a painful thud near William.Will looked over at Jasper. "Are you ok and where is Eva?"
Eva looked around, she was lost. She had only come here last time when Death was possesing her and she didn't remember where to go."Oh dear..." she whispered.
Jasper rubbed his head."I'm fine, but I don't know about Eva. She was fighting Death, so we need to find her."Will put Alania on his back and stood up. "Alright, lets hurry." They started walking in the direction Eva was."Hmm..." Eva thought carefully. She had told the others to run and not come back, so they wouldn't be coming. She had to find her own way out. She began walking.Jasper looked worried."This is where we fought him, but I can't see her."Alania moaned," Eva" Will said,"Come on. We have to find her fast.
Eva felt tired and she just couldn't find her way. She sighed.
"I'll rest here, hopefully tomorrow everything will make more sense."
She lay down and curled up in a ball and promptly fell asleep.
Alania slowly opened her eyes. She felt herself moving. She realized that she was on Will's back. She put her chin on his shoulder and looked around. She saw something in the middle of a clearing. She said, "Will put me down." He said, "But, your exausted." She shook her head and said," I don't care. I see something." Will put her down hesitently. She started walking over to the thing in the clearing. As she got closer she saw that it was a body. It was Eva. She got on her knees next to Eva and took her hand. "Eva,please be ok." She laid down next to Eva and put a protective arm around her. She fell asleep.
Eva stirred slightly, her skin was cold. She nestled trustfully in Alania's arms and smiled in her sleep. Jasper sighed in relief.Will put his coat on both of the girls. "Lets let them rest." Both boys went to a tree, leaned on it and watched their loves.
Eva slept for a long time, then she began to stir. She yawned."Wha..." she murmured.
Alania sat up. She smiled at Eva and gave her a hug. "I am so glad your safe."
She leant into Alania, purely happy and warm.
"You found me." she said very quietly.
Alania nodded. "Now lets get out of here." They got up and walked out of the woods.
Deep in hell, Death brooded. His ears were still in terrible pain because of Eva's singing and he plotted revenge. As he thought some memories came to him.
When the sisters had first arrived and were still young in years he had enjoyed being round them. They called him Uncle, and whenever he was around they sang only melancholy songs which pleased him. He cared for them when they were children and showed them the correct and proper ways to live in heaven without getting into trouble. He had for the first time honestly cared about someone. As they grew older they still called him Uncle and he still cared for them, but he secretly cared for one with a different care than an Uncle has to his niece. However he said nothing and they spent much time singing for him, and he was happy. They were happy too. He never said anything about his feelings, not wishing to disrupt the bond they had. However one day the twin gods arrived, sweeping the sisters away from Death. For hundreds of years he watched them from afar, no longer they sang [/]his songs. In fact they seemed to forget about their 'Uncle'. He watched them fall in love and felt his heart burn inside him. How could they betray him in such a way? He was the one who had looked after them, and how did they repay him? He hated the twin gods for stealing the sisters away from him, but he hated the seeming fickleness of the sisters as well. He vowed to punish all of them. Slowly the love for them he had once had soured and turned to hate and their music no longer pleased him. Their songs that were no longer sung for him became painful to him. he waited for his opportunity to punish them. And then, when they died, he had his chance.
He looked coldly at his hands. This would be the last round, after this time he would bring them back to hell and he would give them back their memories of him and take the ones of the twin gods. And they would sing the songs they made for him and he loved, and it would be as it was before they twin gods interfered. He smiled, self-satisfied. He would have them back, and his heart again would be happy.
Eva struggled on, feet dragging. She was so tired. "Thank goodness we are home!" she said as they reached the edge of the woods.Alania supported Eva."Yea we're almost home."Alania got Eva to her house and then went home. She sat down at her piano and started playing a song. It was a solemn sounding song and the memories about Death came back to her. She gasped. She got her drawing pad and scetched the scene she had seen. "I'll show this to Eva later." She went back to playing hoping she would see the rest.
Eva was in her room when a small black bird flew in through the window. Eva looked at it, perplexed. It twittered and moved forward a little, then back a little. She held out her finger slowly. It jumped forward and landed on her finger. She leant forward and began humming a sad song which she had never heard before, yet she knew well. The bird began to whistle along, but for some reason this didn't surprise her. She sat with it on her finger singing quietly.Alania sat on her bed with sketches all around her. "This is so weird. In my visons i see the two sisters playing for Death and he is enjoying them. This is a turn in the story. Death like the sister's music at first...but what made him start to hate it?" She gathered all her sketches and put them on her bedside table. Then she got up and went to her computer. She started looking up the story of the sisters.
The bird fluttered off her finger and hovered in the air near the window for a while till Eva followed it over. It landed on her finger and began whistling again. She smiled and began humming with it. It flitted up her arm and sat on her shoulder, and at times it moved to her head or back to her finger. She would occasionally laugh when it tickled her, but mostly she kept singing with it.Alania hadn't found anything. She was frustrated so she got up and went out on her balcony. She grabbed her new flute on the way out. She looked over at Eva's window. She saw Eva and waved. She sighed and put the flute to her lips. She just played what ever came to her mind at the moment.Eva didn't wave back, her eyes were entranced by the bird. She was following it's small bursts of flight- towards the edge of her balcony. Her humming switched into song and the bird whistled beautifully next to her. The bird sat on her hand for a while, stopping it's flight towards the edge of the balcony.Alania noticed Eva acting a little strange so she climbed down a tree by her balcony,went over to a tree by Eva's balcony, and climbed up. "Hey Eva." Then she saw the bird and it's antics. "Thats a cute bird. Good whistler too." She held out her finger.Eva still didn't seem to be listening. She stared at the bird, as though trying very hard to remember something. The bird led her closer to Alania. "Uncle-" she said haltingly. Jasper and Will burst in. "Death is in here somewhere!" they said, quickly scanning the room. When Eva looked back at her finger the bird had disappeared. She looked perplexed.Alania said, "Will what are you talking about. It was just me, Eva and a little bird?""Bird. That makes sense." Jasper said, sighing. "One of his many disguises." Will explained. Eva looked at her finger where the bird had alighted. If it had been Death then why hadn't she felt scared?"Hey,Eva, I have somethings to show you." Alania jumped out of the tree and ran across to her tree. She climbed up and went into her room. She grabbed the sketches she had made, climbed back down the her tree,ran back to Eva's tree, and climbed up. She handed Eva the sketches. "What do you make of these? I saw them in a vison while i was playing my piano earlier."Eva looked like she was still in a dream-like state. She pointed while reciting, "That is you, and she is me. And that is Uncle." She shook her head. "I don't understand.""Don't understand what?"Eva shrugged hopelessly. "Any of it."Alania looked over at Jasper and Will. "Mabey you guys know." She handed the drawings over to them.Jasper cringed. "That man, he is Death. The one who made you live like this. The bird was him too." Eva was taken-aback. "How can..." she murmured."But... in the pictures, we look happy to be playing for him. Do you know what happened. I mean he used to actually like our music. When did he start to hate it? Why?"
As if on cue Death appeared in the room. He pointed a long bony finger at the twin gods. "It was them. Watching you two, whom were the only things in my eternal life that I loved, be taken away from me by them!" he snarled. Eva couldn't move, she just watched him half terrified half sympathetic. "Once they came you didn't come to us anymore." she said quietly."We never knew why you didn't come to us anymore. We missed you and wished that you would come and see us." Death shouted,"SILENCE" He grabbed Alania by the neck and started choking her. She was scared. She grabbed his hand and tried to pull it off, but he was too strong. She gasped out,"...E..Eva"
Eva moved quickly. She placed her musician's hands on Death's cheeks softly and stared at him. "Won't you please let her go... Uncle?" she asked.
Death's grip loosened on Alania and his hands shifted till he had both their hands. "Uncle." Eva said with a small smile.
Alania caught her breath. She looked at Death, no her uncle, and she smiled.
Before another word could be spoken Will and Jasper had jumped forward, grabbed both sisters and whisked them away from Death. Eva had time to shout once, before they were far from Death. "What did you?!" she screamed, at a loss of words.
Alania only had time to shout, "Uncle!" before she was whisked away.
Eva pulled away from Jasper. "What do you think you're doing?!" she shouted. "Let me go!""Will! Let go! Why did you do that?" She pulled away from him.
"No!" Jasper shouted. Eva blinked, Jasper had never once raised his voice against her.
"No! Dammit, I can't stand by and watch him near you again! I can't!" he shouted, suddenly very tall compared to Eva. "Are you stupid Eva?! He was the one that started all this! Don't be an idiot!"Alania looked scared. She hadn't know Jasper long but she had never seen him get mad. She looked over to Will. He looked mad. She had never ever seen Will get that mad."Don't be an idiot!" Jasper said again.
Jasper was fuming, wordless anger. Eva looked taken aback but then she caught herself.
"I'll be whoever I want to be." she said distinctly and angrily.
"It's my life, not your life." she said. "You're wrong Eva, you are my life." he said, never having seen her angry at him. "Shut up! I don't want to hear this crap! That is my Uncle back there, and even if he has done questionable things in the past he is still my Uncle! You have no right whatsoever to take me away from him!" she said with a cruel voice.
She turned on her heel and began walking back. Jasper looked shell-shocked.
Alania followed Eva. "Hey, Eva, where do you think Uncle is. Do you think that he is still back there?Or did he go somewhere else?""Tell your Will to quit following us." she said quietly. "I think I know where he might be but I am definitely not leading them to him."
"Will,please stop following us." Will looked a little suprised that she knew he was there,But he turned and hesitantly left. He thought 'Dang it. They weren't supposed to see me. Now i can't follow them because they'll be expecting it.'
Eva quickened her pace till they were alone. She took a careful look at Alania. She then smiled and clapped her hands together once. Death appeared next to them.
"I brought you Alania, as we agreed." Death nodded once and snatched up Alania.
Alania gasped, "What? Eva,what did you...why?"Eva turned with an angry look.
"I made an agreement with him! I give him you, the one he loves the most, and I get taken back to my family and my memory of this whole fiasco is wiped. I get to go and live normally again! That's what it means." She sighed and a tear brimmed over her eye and fell down her face. "Cause I thought I was this person, this sister. I thought I'd get to go and see beautiful places with someone who loved me. But I'm...
I'm just not that girl! My name is Eva, I am not some plaything for the gods! I have a brother, not a lover, called Jasper and he takes care of me! I don't know ANYONE by the name of Alania. This, all this, was just a freaky dream!" she said, crying all the while.
Tears started to stream down Alania's face. "If that's what you truly want. Anthony, oh, my little brother,please be ok." She hung her head and Death took her away. 'Good bye Eva. You were the best friend i could have asked for.'Eva turned her head away. Suddenly she looked back."No... Wait!" she said weakly.
"This... This turned out wrong... It was meant to be simple... Not this..." she murmured.
"She looked so sad..." she said softly. Death turned back and clicked his fingers, Eva's eyes rolled up and she fell to the ground. When her eyes opened again she looked vaguely troubled. "Now.. what was I thinking about?"
Alania sat on a stone. Death had brought her to his home and she was scared. She didn't show it but she was scared.'Now what is going to happen?'
Death shrugged. "You will play for me your songs and I will show you what is beautiful about my home. And we will wait for the time when Eva is ready to return to us. It was a pity, she just wasn't ready to hear all that. Unlike you, she had had a good life and she didn't want to leave it." he sighed. "But next time we will get her." he said confidently.
"But... Why can't we just let her live this happy life and then let her die and go into the afterlife. Why can't she always be happy. She might not be happy here. I'll stay if you just let her go and live in peace.""Because she belongs to me!" he said angrily. "Just like you!"
Alania was getting mad. "She doesn't belong to anyone! Especially not You. You put us in the middle of your cruel game. She deserves her freedom! She may have given me up to belong to you but she was still my best friend. Leave her alone, Please, just leave her alone.""Shut up! You have no right to speak of such things! Why do you even care about her?! She betrayed you!" Eva wandered through the forest, looking for someone.
"Hmm, who am I looking for?" she asked herself quietly."She only betrayed me because of you and your game! If you hadn't interfeared, we would be best friends. None of these things would have happened. We would have finally been happy. I'll always care for her no matter what she does. She showed me kindness. Something i am not sure that you have." Alania stood up. She had to give Eva a chance at a fair life. Even if she had to spend the rest of eternity with Death.Death caught her gently in his arms, placing a finger under her chin and moving her face so she was looking at him.
"How can I still be kind, after I have been missing you for a millennia?" Eva wandered around, finally stumbling into Jasper. She smiled happily and hugged him. "Brother! I thought I was lost! Thank goodness!" she said.Alania looked away from Death. She pulled out of his arms and went to where Death could watch anyone. She watched Eva. She was with Jasper. Alania smiled. Then she thought of Will and she saw him. He was in the woods sitting next too a tree. She saw him mouth the words,'I can't believe she's gone. We failed.' Alania finally looked in on Anthony. He was crying. She felt a tear fall down her face. "Anthony."Jasper looked at Eva strangely. He sighed, then nodded to Jasper despondently. Suddenly she saw a little boy. She walked over and bent over to smile at him. She said in a low whisper. "Please don't worry. I'm going to get Alania back. But don't tell the others, do you promise? Because if you do, I won't be able to get her."
She smiled and gave him a hug to mask what she was doing and then walked away.
Alania smiled. Eva had just met Anthony. Hopefully she could protect him. She saw Eva whisper and eyed her. She couldn't read Eva's lips. She wondered what she could have said. She felt Death grab her arm. 'uh oh. What is he going to do?'"What are you looking at, dearest?" he asked. Eva locked her room door, shut all the curtains. Maybe Alania doesn't remember this, but I do. "Shield making!" she said, holding her hands as if she was holding a flute. Suddenly the air around the walls shimmered. Now not even Jasper could get in, and not even Death could see in. She pulled out a pen and some music paper and began writing notes on the page. "This spell is going to take a long time." she murmured."Nothing, Nothing at all." She sighed. Death said"I know that your going to miss them. But i will make your life better here with me." He turned her to him and stole a kiss. "It will all be better. Just you wait."
"First a disguise." she muttered. She held her hands out in front of her and above her head slightly. She began singing in a language no human had ever heard. A shimmery light went over her and she transformed into a black cloaked sorceress with long white hair. She was wearing a long white dress with sleeves that hugged her arms and doubled as gloves. Her face shifted to a long one, with elfin ears. In her hand there was suddenly a long black staff with a white stone at the top of it. "I'm coming Alania." she said in a voice that was not hers, yet beautiful. Outside her room Jasper went to open the door but could not. He frowned and tried an opening spell, only to be repelled. A song echoed for a brief second around him. He looked horrified. "The sisters' Music Magic... What is she doing?" He banged against the door futilely.Alania sat curled up with a blanket wrapped around her. Death had just taken her. Now she was alone. He had left to go collect some dead soal. She was shaking and was just staring at nothing.Suddenly the elfin version of Eva appeared next to Alania.
"You look cold, child." she said in her alien yet beautiful voice. She pulled off her cloak and with a deft movement wrapped it round Alania.Alania flinched at the contact but then she looked up. "Who... You look like Eva, But... Why are you here?"Eva laughed. "My name is Mellissidora, but most you can call my Mellow and I am a here because I go wherever I wish. I wander in search of good people who deserve better lives, and you look as one. So I came to help you.""I would come but... what if Death comes back? What if he come looking for me?"Eva laughed, and then gently helped Alania stand up.
"Death is naught to me, he is easily evaded and defeated. So, have no fear."
Alania just smiled. "Please get me out of here. It's just as bad here as it was when my father was alive."Eva nodded, but suddenly stiffened. She pushed Alania behind her and through the door walked Death. His face twisted. "Mellissidora. I haven't seen you for a very long time." he said with a harsh voice. "However I have seen you." Eva said with a smirking expression. "That girl is mine, Mellissidora. Just go now and leave her here."
"I think you are mistaken, Death, this girl has agreed to come with me. Meaning, she is mine to take where I will."Alania just backed away so she would be as far from Death as she could. Death growled. "Die old hag!" he shouted and clapped his hands. A huge shadow dog appeared and pounced on Eva, till she couldn't be seen. She was completely surrounded by the shadow.Alania looked on in horror.Death advanced towards Alania with a sick smile on his face. "Now that she is finished-" A bright light broke out through the shadow dog, destroying it. Eva leapt across the room, wrapped herself around Alania and sung one clear note. Both of them disappeared. Eva had wanted to make sure she could keep Alania and herself safe. And the only way to do that was let no one near them. So she enhanced the barrier around her room and made the space inside a beautiful garden. She had to stay as Mellissadora though, so Alania wouldn't know that Will was just outside the door. When they arrived her room looked like a garden and smelt like flowers. Gentle animals played around and a sun shined.
"Here is where you can be safe." she said with a tired smile.
Alania looked around. "Thank you." A little fox ran up to Alania and Alania picked it up. It allowed her to pet it. She smiled as she stroked the fox's fur. "This place is so...peaceful."
Eva's legs crumpled under her and she hit the ground. She grimaced, all these illusions and spells were hard to keep up after not casting a spell for so long. She bit her lip to stop the spells wavering.Alania ran to her and picked up her head. She put it in her lap. "Are you ok?" But unown to her she was transfering a healing energy to Mellow/Eva.The illusions strengthened and Eva sighed. "Thank you, Alania..." she said softly even though Mellow was not supposed to know Alania's name."How do you know my name?"
Eva stiffened, then smiled too quickly. "I heard Death say your name." She stood up quickly and hurried through the garden.Alania eyed her for a minute and then followed her. "So what is this place?""It is my Garden of Safehaven. Whatever you desire can be found here." she said, not making eye contact."Wow, it must take a lot of magic to keep this place safe. I can hardly remeber but long ago i could also do magic. I doubt that it would work now though.""You could do magic? What type, do you remember?"
"I don't really remember. I think that it had something to do with the music my sister and i played.""Interesting..." she said absent-mindedly. "Would you like anything?"
"Right now I dont need anything. I just need to rest. I'm a little sore. Death isn't very gentle."Eva spun round, looked angry. The sky of the garden darkened and a scary storm blew in in a second. "What did he do to you?" she asked, full of rage.
Alania looked down at the ground. "Any girls worst fear."
Eva shook with rage. Suddenly she calmed herself, and the garden turned all misty white.
"I can turn time back for you, make it as if it had never happened. Do you- want that?"
"I...I don't know. Ho..how far back exactly?"
"My powers aren't at their full right now... I would have to take your entire memory. But don't worry, you don't need memories to live in my garden." Eva said warmly.
Outside Jasper and Will pushed against the door, the spell gave a little but held.
"Will, we have to get in there!" Jasper said desperately trying a spell.
"No...I would rather remeber this if it means remembering the wonderful times I had with Eva." Alania walked over to a tree and sat down
"No!" Eva said angrily, tears spilling over her eyes.
"I was her stupidity that let this happen to her! She doesn't deserve to be in your memories!" she shouted, the garden growing dark.
"Will! It's time to use our most powerful spell! We need to get in there!" Jasper said, asking Will for his help.
"Yes she does. Even though she did that, i still forgive her. I only remember her for all the nice things she did for me. I also don't want to forget my friend Will. He...was there in some of my tough times.""No! I will not allow her to still hold favour in your heart!" Eva screamed. Suddenly the garden shook and the illusion wavered and Will and Jasper appeared. "Get out!" Eva said angrily. the threw a spell around them, wrapping them in bubbles which floated slightly in the air. "You two are not welcome here."
"Will!" Alania stood up fast. "Let him go. Now!" She ran toward Eva/Mellow and tackled her to the ground. "Leave them alone!" The spell on the boys broke. Alania backed up. She flinched and grabbed her lower side. Will ran to her to support her but she waved him off. "Will stay out of this." A small glow formed around Alania. She stood and waited.
Eva sat on the ground, seemingly stunned. "This is the first time anyone has scorned the help of Mellow." she said distincty. "So go! And never come back!" Eva screamed.
"Get out of here, this is my place and I wished to help you. But you have rejected my help, so leave!" Suddenly a great wind blew up and picked up Eva and the boys and pushed them roughly out of the illusion. However it gently set them down in the hall of Eva's home in front of her door. Inside Eva threw up barrier spells, stronger and stronger.
Jasper pushed against the door.
"Eva!" he called to no avail.Alania had a sad look on her face. She whipered "Eva, Why are you hurting yourself over this? Why do you keep pushing me away even though i forgave you? What's wrong?" Her eyes started to droop and she fell asleep in Will's arms.
Inside Eva stripped away the illusion over herself. She wiped her eyes angrily.
"I'm such an idiot. Idiot, moron, fool- IDIOT! How could you let that happen!" she said to herself.Alania knew that she was asleep. She used her magic to send her spirit to Eva. She walked up to Eva, "Let what happen,Eva? Don't hold it in and don't hold on to this horrid past. Please, just forget about what happened with Death and move on. I don't care about that. Can't we just move on?"
Eva started when Alania appeared. She jumped to her feet, hands aglow with magic.
"I can't let this go! Don't you understand-"
Eva clenched her fists. "I watched you die Alania! I saw it happen! Heard your pain, saw your tears! I vowed if I had just one more chance I wouldn't stuff it up. If I just had one more second with you... If I could just protect you! I would have done anything." she said sadly. "And I got my chance. And I failed again! I screwed up! I let my sister- I let that b*****d- I just- I can't explain." she said through clenched teeth.
"I am the worst of the worst. I don't deserve any of your goodwill.""Oh I wish you wouldn't see it that way. Death was the reason i died the first time,when we were sisters. Not you. Yes, Death took me away but you got me back. You didn't lose me again. I am back as your friend and I plan to stay around until we both have gray hair. Please, just forget about it. The past is the past and that is where it should stay."
"Why won't you hate me? Just go ahead, I deserve it." she whispered.
"Well for one you don't deserve it and second I don't think i could hate you if I tried. My personality is just too forgiving. How do you think i went so long without reporting my father? It's because i believed he would forget what happened. I hope that you can too. So it's kinda the same thing. Well, just about me forgiving you both. I still don't hate my father even after all he did and what he did was worse than what you did. So it would be really hard for me to hate you."
Eva shook her head.
"I don't understand how you can bear to be anywhere near me. But...
Please don't go." she said very quietly.
"I won't. I promise." Alania closed her eyes and concentraited. She summoned her body into the room. Her spirit went inside and Alania got up. She went over and took Eva into her arms. "You may not understand, but i'm staying by you anyway."
Will looked in suprise at first when Alania's body disappeared but he calmed down realizing, 'she is getting to Eva.'Eva curled up in Alania's arms and closed her eyes. The illusions and shields in the room disappeared. Jasper rushed in. He sat next to Alania and Eva. "Thankyou Alania. Ever since you died Eva was never quite right. She was severely traumatized and every time she was reincarnated she ended up with scitzophrenia or the like. She has always been unstable."
"Well i couldn't just sit here and let her be alone. She needed a little company." Alania smiled and stroked Eva's hair. Will sat down behind her and put his arms around her waist. He whispered," You did it."
Suddenly many many gods appeared all around them, forming a wide circle around the four. One, the King of the Gods, stepped forward.
"We have bound Death, his game is ended. You can come home." he said warmly.
Eva moved a little, and she smiled in her sleep.
Alania put a protective arm around Eva out of reflex. "We need to let Eva wake up and then we will decide." She said blankly.Alania found an ally in Jasper who moved so he was on the other side of Eva. "Alania is right. We won't go anywhere until they have decided."
The gods laughed thinking it was a joke. "What, do you think she wouldn't want to go to heaven?" one scoffed."She might want to go,but I doubt she wants to go yet. So we are going to wait." Will just nodded.The gods shrugged. "We'll be back when you're ready." one said simply. Soon they all disappeared.Eva stirred and opened her eyes.
"Alania, you're still here." Eva said with a small smile.
"I told you that i wouldn't leave you." Alania smiled. Her eyes started to droop but she tried to blink it off."Uh yeah, I remember." she said groggily.
Suddenly Jasper jumped to his feet."I think both of you should get some sleep."
Both the girls got into Eva's bed and fell asleep.

Alania and Eva denied the gods offer to go back. They just wanted to love normal lives. Will and Jasper took them to their special place. The boys gave up their positions as gods and the girls married them when they turned eighteen.

One day Eva ran to Alania and whispered something in Alania's ear. They hugged and then the guys came over. Jasper asked, "What are you two so happy about." Eva smiled and said, "Well, Jasper, we're having a baby."


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*claps* Amazing Job!

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