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The Fox Tamer's Journal
This is my journal of my adventures, thoughts, and other things on Gaia
rping with my Gaian sis
Name: Asuka
Animal: tiger
Bio: Little is known about this tiger. Asuka was found only a couple weeks after she was born. No one knows what happened or even why she was abandoned like she was. There was little hope for Asuka to live but Kiki Tsuki(her owner) helped her to gain her strength and grow big.

Bio: Sahara grew up in the wild with her parents for 5 months. Her parents were hunted and she was lucky to get away with only a wound to her leg. She hobbled into a town and went into an alley, wondering if she was going to survive.

-Now to start the rp.-

Sahara was scared and she was in pain. She whimpered, though she thought it was in vain. Who would hear it and who would care?
Asuka was out roaming the streets once again while Kiki was at school. Something was wrong, she thought quietly to herself. Never had the streets felt like a ghost town.
Sahara whimpered again and then she got up. She limped out of the alley. She had to doge a couple of humans. She didn't know what to do or where to go. She was lost and confused.
Down the usual roads, up the same trees, and over the roof tops she hopped until she saw something...or someone. She paused for a minute and then started jumping faster. She was curious as to who this new stranger was.
Sahara smelled something coming. She got scared and limped to a bush as fast as she could. She was shaking.
Slowly approaching the bush, Asuka tried to look in to get a better view. She stepped back a little and sat down just waiting for something to happen
Sahara decided to be brave and see what it was. She popped her little head out of the bush and what she saw surprised her. It was a young tiger. She was curious, 'Who are you?'
Asuka slowly back up and looked at the tiny fox that now showed it self. 'My name is Asuka.' She looked closely. 'Whats your name?'
'My name is Sahara.' She limped out of the bush. 'Do you know where we are?'
'Of course I know where we are. This is the peaceful village in which I live.' She examined Sahara more. 'A...Are you alright? You look hurt'
'I'll be ok. I got hurt by some hunters and wandered into this place.' She inched closer to Asuka, inspecting her.
She quietly sat down 'Well your not that far from your home are you?'
'Home? My den was destroyed and my parents were killed. I don't have a home.'
Asuka looked away. 'Oh...Im so sorry...I wish there was someway...' She quickly jumped up. 'I've got an idea! What if you come back to my house with my owner? Im sure you could live with us'
'You think she'll like me?' Sahara limped over to Asuka.
'Of course she will. Kiki is the nicest human that I know. I was just like you when she took me in as her pet.' She sat back down before looking at the sky. 'She should be getting out of school soon anyways, so if you'd like I could show you the way home'
'Ok, lead the way.' Sahara got on her three good legs and her hurt, she held up so that it didn't hurt when she walked.
'We'll stick to the main route here on the streets. I also have a few short cuts we could take.' Akamaru said as she looked back at her friend.
'Ok' Sahara followed Asuka
Asuka looked back occasionally to make sure Sahara was alright. 'If you need, we can take a break for a bit. We still have a ways to go'
'No, i'm ok i can last a little longer without a break.'
'Alright if you say so. Just let me know alright?' She looked around an alley corner to check for danger. 'We have to be careful around this part of the town...'
'Gotcha,' Sahara continued to follow her.
Asuka looked around at the buildings that they were passing by. 'Looks like we're almost home but Kiki might not be home for a bit.' Suddenly she came to a stop and sniffed the air. 'Someones here. Quick over behind that dumpster.' She quickly helped Sahara without hurting her
Sahara smelled something too. She got behind the dumpster and crouched as low as she could.
Slowly she looked around the corner to see a couple strange looking men. They definitely weren't from this village. Their clothing looked old and worn while they carried a gun over their shoulder. Asuka quickly pulled back. 'As soon as they leave, we'll make our move. I don't want to stay here any longer then we must'
Sahara was shaking. 'Those men have the smell of fox on them. And the scent is familier.' She shrunk down lower. 'I don't like this, let's get out of here.'
'If we can find a way to get up on this roof, we should be able to get around them without any trouble.' Asuka looked up and around before jumping up on a box. 'Are you able to jump and climb any?'
Sahara went over to the box and attempted to jump on it. She made it. 'Yea, I think I can make it, as long as I don't hit my leg on anything.'
'Alright let me show you the way up and then if you need any help I'll come back down for you.' Jumping from box's to box's and garbage cans, she made her way up to the roof top and looked over the side. 'Do you think you'll be alright?'
'Yea, I should be fine. This reminds me of tree hopping in the forest.' She hopped on the boxes and trash cans close behind Asuka. She leaped for the roof and almost made it. She was a little to far away because she was so small. She used her paws to grab onto the roof. She was having a hard time hanging on because her hurt paw was one of her front paws.
Asuka gently grabbed on to the back of Sahara's neck and pulled her up. 'Well I give you props for having a hurt paw. You did pretty good.' She slowly crawled to the side and looked over. 'Looks like we should be fine up here. And there's less traffic to worry about.'
'Thanks for the help. I didn't really take it into account that i'm so small. So, what is the color of the roof of Kiki's house, just so I know for future referance?'
'Well it's more of a blue colored roof. Definitely the only one that stands out from all of these.'
'Good, that should be easy to spot and remember.' She continued to follow Asuka. She would occasionally look down to the street and see all the different people.
'Won't be too far now. Just a couple more blocks to go and we'll be in seeing distance of the house.' Asuka said as she hopped across another rooftop.
Sahara nodded and started a look out for the blue roof. She hopped across the rooftops as best she could with her paw. 'Wait, doesn't Kiki have parents? Do you think they will be ok with this?'
Asuka stopped and slowly shook her head. 'Kiki's parents were...killed when she was little. Around four or five years old to be more exact. She witnessed there death and on that very same night I lost my parents...Thats how we found each other I guess. Bot lonely, scared, and lost.' She slowly looked into the sky and back down at Sahara
Sahara whimpered, 'That's so sad. I guess we've all lost our parents in some way or another. Didn't she have any family to care for her?'
'Her other so called family didn't want to have anything to do with her. They somehow saw her as a burden to them and cast her away, one right after the other until she finally gave up and started a new life here in this village.'
Sahara growled, ' But they were her family. They should have taken care of her.' Sahara looked over. 'Hey, I see a blue roof.'
Asuka looked up and continued walking again. 'Yeah thats the right one we're looking for...'
Sahara and Asuka got to the blue roof and Sahara sat down. She was panting, 'That took a lot out of me.'
Asuka nodded, 'Im sure it did but Im just glad that we made it here in one piece.' She hopped down on the side of the fence, balancing her way across and jumped right into an open window.
Sahara looked at the fence, 'Asuka, I know I won't be able to make that. It's too narrow across the top.'
She peeked her head out of the window. 'Oh yeah, sorry thats my fault.' Asuka jumped back out and pushed the trash can to where Sahara could land on it.
Thanks' Sahara jumped down onto the trash can and then hopped into the window. She looked around the room. She found a comfortable spot on the floor and curled up.
Climbing back through the window she replied, 'no problem' and pulled a blanket off the bed for Sahara. 'Kiki should be home in just a little bit. I'll be right back.'
Sahara curled up on the blanket. She put her tail over her face. The only thing showing was her injured paw.
Asuka's ears flickered as she heard a door shut. 'That must be her right now. I'll bring her in to show you.' She said before walking out of the room.
Sahara said,'Ok' She was nervous.
Moments later a young looking, teenage girl walked in beside Asuka while carrying a small white bag. "Aww poor thing, your paw is all torn up. Here let me help." She began to pull out gauze and some wrapping for the wound.
Sahara moved her tail and sat on her rear. Her ears twitched.
Asuka quietly sat next to her and watched as Kiki began to wrap up her paw. "Well there you go little one." She smiled "You should be feeling a whole lot better in no time at all."
Sahara waited for Kiki to finish. Then she stood up and slowly walked toward Kiki. She sniffed Kiki, getting her scent, and then rubbed her head against Kiki's hand.
Kiki smiled and gently began to pet her head. "Are you hungry at all?" Asuka began to meow loudly as Kiki looked at her. "Of course you are. But I already knew that." She looked back down at Sahara. "Come on, we'll find you two something to eat."
Sahara followed Kiki to the kitchen. She sat in the doorway and watched.
Kiki began to look around the kitchen. "Lets see...What would you like to eat?" She quietly thought to herself
Sahara walked into the kitchen to sniff around. She was trying to get a good smell of the house.
"I know...How about some chicken soup? Im not quite sure what fox's eat but chicken seems reasonable right?" Kiki said as she began pulling out the proper utensils to make their supper.
Sahara's ears twitched when she heard the word chicken. She barked, though it sounded like a yip more than a bark.
Kiki looked back and smiled. "I take it that works for you?" She looked over at Asuka who now was trying to look out the window. "How about you girl? Are you up for some chicken soup tonight?" Asuka quickly ran over to her side."Alright I'll get started on it right away."
Sahara took this chance to go and explore the house.
Asuka walked around with Sahara while Kiki was at work in the kitchen.
'Hows your paw feel?'
'Much better.' Sahara went around sniffing things.
'Well Im glad to hear that.' Asuka continued to follow Sahra and paused to smell the air. 'Mmm I can smell the chicken already.'
Sahara paused to sniff the air. 'Mmmm, that smell good.' She finished sniffing the house and then headed back to the kitchen. She sat on the floor and watched Kiki.
Asuka walked into the kitchen a little bit after Sahara as Kiki looked down. "Well you two, it's almost done." She went to the cupboard and pulled out three bowls.
Sahara yipped. Then she sniffed the air. 'Man, that chicken smells good.'
Asuka hopped over to Kiki's side. 'Yeah and her cooking is amazing!' Just as Kiki set the two bowls down for Sahara and Asuka, she heard a knock at the door."Hmm I wonder who that could be..." She said before walking out to answer it.
Sahara sniffed the bowl and started eating. When she finished, she went to the corner and started washing up. She licked her chops, getting the remaining soup off of her mouth and whiskers.
Asuka sat in front of the bowl with it between her paws as if she were guarding it. After she was finished licking the bowl out how many times more, she nudged it to the side and yawned as she laid her head down. Closing her eyes she noticed Kiki walk back in.
Sahara perked up when Kiki walked back into the room. She walked over to Kiki's feet and looked up.
Kiki bent down to pet the little fox as she called Asuka over and began petting her as well.
Sahara tilted her head into the pet. She liked Kiki.
Kiki pet the two one last time before she stood up again."Well I better be doing my homework now." She started walking back to her room
Sahara followed Kiki into her room and jumped onto her desk. She sat down and watched.
Asuka casually walked in and headed towards the bed right away as Kiki began pulling out her book to study from.
Sahara curled up and fell asleep with her tail over her face. She was tired from the day's adventures.
Asuka woke up later that night to find Kiki passed out at her desk. She got up and tried pulling a blanket over her lap
Sahara woke up and helped Asuka to pull the blanket over Kiki, then she joined Asuka on the bed and curled up next to the tiger.
Asuka slowly woke up the next morning and streched as Kiki was running around trying to get ready for school.
Sahara popped her eyes open when she heard Kiki rushing around. She stood and stretched. She watched Kiki grab her bag and run out. She went over to Asuka. 'So, what are we gonna do today?'
Asuka looked at Sahara and yawned,'hmm...Im not sure. Is there anything specific you'd like to see around the village?'
Sahara said, 'Well, i need to get used to the village don't i. Maybe you should show me around so that i don't get lost.' Sahara jumped off of the bed, careful to avoid landing on her injured paw. She walked to the door and waited for Auska.
Asuka stretched one last time and jumped down to lead the way. 'alright well I suppose we could start around this part of the village.'
Sahara followed Asuka out the door and around the village. She would stop every once and a while and watch the people go about their day. She watched them walk in and out of buildings. They would go in with nothing and come out with bags. 'Hey, Asuka, what are those humans doing?'
'Im not quite sure.'Asuka walked over to a window and looked in.
Sahara looked into the window. She watched for a while and then turned, 'Humans are strange. Let's go.' Sahara started walking down the street.
Asuka yawned as they continued to walk. 'They are strange but i guess you get used to it after awhile. Well at least i did.'
Sahara and Asuka walked around town, with Asuka showing Sahara different places. She even showed her shortcuts to some of the places. They even went to Kiki's school. Sahara said, "I wonder where in this place Kiki is during the day?"
'Hmm. Im not sure but i bet we could find her. It cant be that hard...'Asuka said as she looked into a window
Sahara jumped up into another window and looked in. No Kiki. She went to another window. Still no Kiki.
'Maybe we could get a closer look.'Asuka looked around then spotted a door.She gently nudged it open and looked in.
Sahara jumped down and went over to Asuka. She looked in and didn't see anyone. 'Let's go in.'
They both slowly walked in and looked around.'Everyone must still be in class.'
Sahara sniffed around, searching for Kiki's scent, "I don't smell her. If she came into the building, her scent should be here."
'But she has got to be here...this is her school afterall.' Asuka looked around frantically and smelled the air for Kiki.'Where else would she have gone...'
Sahara ran outside, 'I don't know. Let's see if we can follow her scent from the house.' They ran back to the house and Sahara started sniffing the air. 'Found her scent.' Sahara started to follow the scent.
Asuka followed close behind Sahara.'Why would she go this way...That last turn would have taken her straight to school.'
'I don't know. Maybe she saw someone she knew." Sahara flinched back suddenly, 'Or maybe someone she didn't. I smell those hunters from yesterday.'
'The...the hunters? Maybe they were just passing through town. Im sure thats all.'Asuka said as she smelled around.
Sahara followed the scent into an alley. 'Why would Kiki leave her bag in an alley?' Sahara followed the scent, 'Her scent is mixed with the hunters. I don't like this.'
Asuka ran over to the bag and looked in it. 'It has all of her school supplies in it...But what would the hunters want with Kiki?'
Sahara shook her head, 'I don't know. Unless they knew that Kiki had you. Hunters all only want one thing, animal pelts.'
'Well if thats the case then I need to find her right away. She's in trouble and its all because of me. What are we going to do' Asuka said as she paced back and forth
Sahara said, 'We just follow the hunter's scent. We find the hunters, we find Kiki.' She continued to follow the scents. 'Won't be hard to follow the hunter's scent. They stink.'
Asuka continued to follow Sahara. 'How are we supposed to get her away from them?'
'I don't know yet. First we need to see were they are keeping her and how. Then I can think of a plan.'
Asuka nodded,'Yeah i guess your right...Im just worried about her.'
Sahara kept on the trail, 'I'm worried too.' Sahara followed the scent to a warehouse. She saw an open door and snuck inside. She saw Kiki tied to a chair. She was gagged and her feet were bound. Sahara snuck behind some boxes.
Asuka quietly snuck in next to Sahara and looked over the boxes then whispered,'I dont see anyone else here. Maybe this would be a good time to get Kiki'
'Yes, let's go. You get the rope that hold her to the chair, and i'll get the ones on her feet.' Sahara bounded over to Kiki and started knawing on the ropes on Kiki's feet.
Asuka did all she could to cut through that rope. She just wanted to make sure Kiki was alright and that nothing else would happen to her.
Sahara finished biting through the rope around Kiki's feet. She then started looking around for the bad guys.
'We need to hurry up and get out of here...Before anything else happens' Asuka quickly said as she nudged Kiki to hurry.
Sahara turned and was about to start walking back over when the door that she had been near was thrown open. It was the hunters. One of them said, "Look, there is the tiger we were looking for. This makes life so much easier." The other looked down at Sahara, "And look, another fox pelt to add to our collection." The second one grabbed Sahara by the scruff of her neck. Sahara struggled and was able to turn and bite the man's hand. The man shouted, "Owww," and he threw Sahara at a pile of boxes. Sahara landed in the boxes and didn't move. The first man went up to Kiki and grabbed her by the shirt, "Well, I guess we end up getting your tiger anyway. We can also have some fun with you while were at it." The man didn't see Sahara running at him. She lept up bit the guy's neck. She bit hard and must have hit a pressure point because the man dropped Kiki and fell to the ground. Sahara stood on shaky legs and walked toward Kiki. The second man backed away, "Man, I can't handle the tiger on my own. I gotta get out of here." The second guy started for the door outside. He ran into a cop who said, "Hey, your not suppose to be in here. Your coming with me." He put handcuffs on the second guy and put him in the car, then the police officer came into the warehouse. He saw the first man and Kiki, "Miss, are you alright?"
Kiki stumbled to her feet as the cop helped her up."Yes sir Im fine...Just a little shaken."
Asuka ran into Kiki's arms as she looked for Sahara."Your safe now. Nothing is going to happen while their locked up in jail."
Sahara was almost to Kiki when she fell. She tried to get back up, but was too weak. She wimpered.
Kiki set Asuka down as walked over to pick Sahara up as the little tiger followed.
"Let me escort you home. Just to make sure you get home alright."the officer said as he opened the door to his car
Sahara felt herself get picked up. She looked up at Kiki and then rubbed her head on Kiki's stomach, as if to say, 'I'm glad your safe.' Sahara was sore from being thrown into the boxes. She snuggled in Kiki's arms, feeling safe.
Kiki climbed in the car, still holding Sahara and Asuka laid on her lap as the officer got in and drove away.
Sahara looked over at Asuka and said, 'We did it. We saved her. And I think these are the hunters that killed my parents. They have justice. ' This just sounded like barks to Kiki and the officer.
Kiki looked down at the fox, confused. "Is everything alright Sahara? Are you hurt?"
Sahara looked up at Kiki and blinked. She rubbed her head against Kiki and laid across her lap. Sahara thought to herself, 'No, not really hurt, just sore.' Sahara brought her still injured paw and started licking it.
Kiki gently pet the tiger and fox's head. "I owe you two a lot for saving me...Thank you so much."she said as the officer pulled in front of her house.
"Are you parents home?"He asked as he opened the door for her.
She just shook her head sadly and stepped out of the car."They havent been home for about 15 years..."
Sahara gathered all her strength and stood on her hind legs in Kiki's arms. She licked Kiki's cheek.
"Oh...im so sorry miss. Well have you thought about being adopted by one of your other familey members or atleast by someone to help take care of you."he said while walking her to her house.
"My familey basically hates me, for a reason i dont know about. I tried living with my aunt and uncle...but i ran away because it got so crazy around there...To tell you the truth, im fine with living here by myself."Kiki replied as she looked at the tiger and fox, "and of course Asuka and Sahara"
The officer smiled at the animals, "You have a couple of loyal friends with you. They seem to care about you a lot." He walked to Kiki and pet Sahara on her head. Then he bent down and did the same to Asuka.
Kiki smiled and nodded."Im really glad i have them both."
The officer nodded, "Good day maam. Take good care of your friends." He turned and went back to his car.
Kiki watched the officier drive off before she continued walking back inside."Well guys, we're finally back home. Safe and sound"
Sahara winced as Kiki wrapped some bandages around her stomach and rewrapped her paw. Kiki finally let her go and Sahara went over to Asuka. 'If I didn't like Kiki, this pain wouldn't be worth it. I should be better in a few days.' She curled up next to Asuka, 'Asuka, I'm glad you and Kiki are my friends. If not, I would probably have died.'
Asuka smiled,'Well im glad we could help and now you can live here for as long as you want.' she said after sitting down
Sahara smiled, 'I hope to be here a long time.'
-Time Skip-
Sahara opened her eyes and stretched out her long legs. She was no longer a small fox. She was now a full grown fox with sleek red fur and a bushy tail. Sahara looked at Kiki, who was still asleep, and walked up to her face. She started licking Kiki's face.
Kiki yawned and pulled the covers over her head."I dont wanna wake up yet...Just let me sleep a little bit longer."
Sahara barked and said, 'Asuka, come help me please. She may have graduated from school, but she does have a job.' Sahara started crawling under the covers and started licking Kiki's nose.
Asuka looked up tiredly and slowly rose from the floor. She grabbed a corner of the blankets with her mouth and pulled it off the bed then gently grabbed her sleeve and tugged on it.
"Alright, alright, im up you two..."Kiki said as she stumbled out of bed and yawned
Sahara gave Kiki a fox grin and went to get Kiki's bag for work. She grabbed it in her mouth and dragged it into the bedroom. Then she rubbed Kiki's legs, and nudged her. Then she looked over at Asuka, 'Life is good. Isn't it?'
Still sleepy, she went to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed for work.
Asuka stretched out her legs.'Of course life is good.Why wouldnt it be?'
Sahara twitched her nose, 'I was just thinking about when we first met. Life is good now, compared to what it was.' Sahara went over to Asuka and nudged her head. 'It's all thanks to you and Kiki."
'You mean just Kiki. She's the one who let you live here. I just found you and made sure you were safe.'Asuka said as she sat down and the bathroom door opened.
Kiki looked at the time before looking for her shoes."Where are my shoes...alright shoe"she said while still digging for her right shoe. "And where is my bag at? I cant be late again..."
Sahara said, 'One second.' Then went over to where Kiki was looking and found the shoe. She also went and found Kiki's bag and dragged it to Kiki. Then she went back to Asuka, 'As I was saying, you too. If you hadn't found me, and made sure that I got here ok, well, I would probably be a pelt on some hunter's wall.'
'Well i couldnt just leave you there like that. I had to do something...but im glad your alright.'Asuka said as she watched Kiki run around the room
Sahara watched Kiki pick up her bag and say, "Bye guys, see you when I get home. Try not to get into trouble." Then she ran out the door. Sahara twitched her nose, 'Like you can really expect a fox to stay out of trouble.' Sahara and Asuka went outside a little while after Kiki left, to go about their day.

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