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4/20....PLEASE read. And feel free to argue with me about it
Okay. Here we go.

My simple opinion. Is that drugs are for RETARDS, and I hate them.

Lets start with my non Christian version. The version for those who don't believe there is a god. Why do you use drugs? Because its a “stress reliever”? Nice excuse You were screwed in your childhood, or your girlfriend broke up with you, SO WHAT!.
Get over it. How can you think its good for you? Don't tell me thats not what you think.
“1. Doctors superscribe it.
2.Its doesn't make you stupid.
3.Its makes me funnier
4.It “”Takes the pain away”””

Number one, Doctors are wrong to subscribe it. Its not right to make someone ADDICTED to something when they are in pain.
Number TWO. It DOES make you stupid. It kills braincells, therefore, makes you disabled...retards. Go look it up.
Number THREE. It does not MAKE you funnier It puts you under the illusion that you are funnier In reality, you look like a doped up, pathetic, immature person.
And Number THREE...my all time favorite.
It takes the pain away.
What kinda CRAP is that? You think you can CHEAT YOU WAY OUT OF LIFE BY TAKING DRUGS! You think its IMPOSSIBLE to be happy when you are NOT taking drugs???? Excuse me,, while I fill you in on something. Ive known MANY people who had SCREWED up life's and pasts, and you know what? THEY NEVER DID ANY DRUGS!
Yet they are the most happiest people I know. Those people....They are the one that other people admire most. The STRONG ones. Thats not just my opinion either.
So don't tell me you cant be happy, if you aren't doing drugs. Thats an excuse Its bullcrap. It makes you WEAK.
And admit it. No matter how much you use drugs...You still have the most unhappest life. You can lie to yourself, but you know what? Others see it. I see it.

Now. To the “Its not an addiction part.
That is also BULLCRAP. That is your way of lying to others, so it makes it ok for you.
“I could quit whenever I want to.” You say to others. But could you?
Then someone says “Then why don't you?”
“Because, I like them” You say back.
You like them. Really? A lot? Why? Its an ADDICTION.
Go look it up. Once you try it once, you want to try it again.
And maybe its not the actual drug your addicted to. Maybe its the adrenalin rush you get. The rush that makes you numb. The feeling that kills your braincells.
Thinking about it now, you crave that feeling.
That my friend...Is an addiction.

Now. For those who do believe in god. Your first excuse is, “Then why did god make it?”
Well, if you truly believe in god, then you should obviously know, that the reason it was made, is for you to make a choice. Are you going to choose to do something you know inst right?
For instance. This is an EASY relation.
A man kills another man, by smashing his head open with a rock. Then he says, “God made the rock, doesn't that make it okay to use it?”
Maybe that inst the best story, but you get the point. Just cause god made it, doesn't mean you should abuse it. You should make the right choice. You cant seriously think god wants you doing something like that.
1.Its illegal. In gods eyes, thats disobeying rules.
2.It's destroying your body. In the bible, for those who care, it says that you shouldn't harm, nor change your body. Breast implants, tattoos. Drugs destroying your cells. Its all destroying your body.

Alright. Thats my opinion Please, feel free to message or comment me about it. Ill be happy to discuss, or argue.



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Community Member

Sat Jul 19, 2008 @ 04:56am

People might not know this but there is a way to be healthy and happy at the same time, read a book do something that CANT harm anyone or anything. That was an impressive piece of.. opinion. You should submit it somewhere thats againest drugs.

meg meg1357
Community Member

Wed Jun 17, 2009 @ 03:28am

I agree with you, drugs are stupid! No one should take them unless you are taking the amount you should at the approperate times. (for head aches and such not for overdosing). Not that I take them, but you miss so much of your life when you take drugs! everyone should stay above the influence and the world would be so much better. I have a friend whom I havnt talked to reciently and her friends do drugs. She says they get high all the time. But she refuses to do a thing about it! So I havn't talked her since then and the horriable thing is that I know her! But I think the last thing I said to her was to be careful, because they might ask her. And I know they will! And she is the type of person who follows rather than leads so she might just do drugs! I'm just a little scaired for her.

User Comments: [2]
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