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To all my past school friends:
We all have memories that we cherish, that follow us through life. Being only 18 years of age, the only memories I have really involve school alone.

The end of my school life is two days away, and it’s got me feeling extremely ambivalent. I don’t want to sound like one of those cheesy speeches that people give at graduation.

I have so many memories of very many people, coming from Kindergarten at Lynch Wood elementary, to Senior Year at Nampa High School. I have pictures of people, and I am sure they have no idea I have them. I laugh at old times, and how weird most of us used to be.

Graduation is sad, because it is the end of many things. I can’t say that I will be all of your friends forever, or even immediately after high school. Life doesn’t work that way. But I can say that I am very greatful for the times we did have.

I think the hardest part is saying goodbye. I’ve had to say goodbye to so many people I will love and miss. I’ve yet to say goodbye to more people. It’s so hard to give that last hug, and know it really is the last. It’s hard to walk away from the well known. School has been a part of ours lives since before we can remember. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t remember anything before school really.

A lot of you are seniors this year, and that’s who I am dedicating this to. We have made it through 13, give or take a year, years of school. We have many friends that we have made over the years. Several of you are people I used to know from grade school, who I hardly talk to anymore. Several of you are people, I hardly talked to...period, lol.

What I am trying to say, is thank for all the fun times we had. I wish all you other seniors the best of luck going out into the world. Many things are going to change. People will separate. Many of you will move far away from your hometown. But you’ll always carry those memories, just as I will.

I love you all!!


(P.S. You Centennial people...ILL BE AT YOUR GRADUATION, SO SAY HI!! <3 )

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My real name is [b:e3da0f735d]Chyenne[/b:e3da0f735d][/color:e3da0f735d].
I am 20 YEARS OF AGE. ([b:e3da0f735d]21 on March 27th[/b:e3da0f735d])
I can't wait to meet the guy God made for me.
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