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Flashback Episode!!
This was me like two years ago. Man I was stressed. Have a read...

Hello readers. It sure has been awhile since my last entry and for that I have no excuse. I'm beginning to become sick of certain things, certain people. I must have a big sign on my forehead that reads "idiot" because lately some pretty obvious things have been going on right in front of me. I mean I am extreamely gullible at times but come the hell on. What is with people. I'm extreamely frustrated as of late for multiple reasons that cannot be solved by me. I feel torn right down the middle and in dire need of a needle and thread. CAN ANYONE ******** HEAR ME!? I can now understand the concept of sleeping through most of my life to wake up and the constant pain and suffering be gone forever, replaced by true happiness. Am I meant for this? Must this happen to give a tougher skin in the future or what? I dont know but I do know life would be so much sweeter and dealable without TWO choice people in my life. One isnt neccessarily "in" my life but a part of it (sabotaging me secretly) and the other one has been there for way to long and is really pushing me to the limit I never thought I'd reach. No one understands me and that kills me inside. Not even my friends which was a shock. I feel like my mind is leaking from my ear. I cant think straight anymore. I'm not myself right now, or maybe I am. I have to ask myself many different questions this week. The answers I give shall determine much. Do I go back to the way I was, it would prevent alot of stress thats for sure. No I'll see it through and find out were this path'll truely lead me. The thought alone of doing that scares me. The past should not be repeated thats why it's called the past damnit! Maybe the lack of a certain thing for so long is finally begining to ******** with my brain. Ho hum.... blah.

The Demon inside

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