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My rp char for obsidions rp
Gaianame: Devil Drive
Rp name: Crimson Regret
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Race: human
Bio:20 years ago an angel was sent the Earth to investigate an unexpected dark growing presence. She stumbled upon a crazed scientist, completely taken over by his research into the dark arts. What she didn't foresee was that he was already possessed by a very powerful demon and was in complete anticipation of her presence. Her surprised her and overcame her, and that day his plans to have a child stronger than him to mold into an assassin were realized. Rin was born 9 months later and his mother sent him off in secrecy to be raised by a normal family. His behavior got him kicked from home to home and before long, on his own. He got became intrigued with the Zeus Corp. And as a means to help him become stronger to find his answers, he joined the reapers and became one with their beliefs. Years passed and he realized he was no closer to his goal so he left the reapers to search for his parents. That is his only goal now. He is constantly on the run now for his betrayal. He now travels to find his parents, his origins, and his destiny.
Personality: Crimson is quite the secluded individual. He is rarely seen engaging in conversation unless started by another party. He's also very shy in general, but something about a battle brings out a ferocious tactical mastermind that cannot be easily overcome.
Human form: click
Reaper form: Click
Ability gained: psychic: Crimson has the power to, based on his mental state affect and manipulate electrical currents found in technological devices, and even the slightest currents found in every human being. The strength of his ability is souly based on his mental state.
Weakness: Sadly water will temporarily weaken Crimson unless he can manage to dry it off.
Weapon(s) Katana
Side: Ex-Reaper

Crimzen Regret
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