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I n f a t u a t ii o n's Rants
Yup. I like that guy that has an obsession with the number three. >.> Tis full of: random crap, fanfictions, short stories, poetry and ideas. Be sure to read and reply for a plate of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies :3 Luls.
Naruto Fanfict: Part 3
Part 3 - Manami's Placement, Hinata's Jealousy

"So, big bro, where are we going?" Manami asked annoyingly. She promised herself that she would annoy the s**t out of her brother the day she got back to Konoha, and it was actually working! She loved the annoyed expression on Shikamaru's face, the tiny animated vein under his right eye. He gritted his teeth and his eyes appeared to have lines under them, and not from lack of sleep. Manami smiled that wicked, croaked smile as she tried to keep her laughter from spilling. "We, are not going anywhere. I am going to take Choji out to his favorite BBQ place as a reward. God, Manami is so troublesome.. Maybe I can ditch her. Manami stopped walking as she pulled a wrinkled paper out from her pocket, and a pen also. She seemed to be striking something out on the page. "What the-?" Shikamaru asked.

Manami smiled her toothy grin as she flashed the paper at her annoyed brother. "List of things to do once I've return to the Hidden Leaf Village!" Manami read the title to her brother. Shikamaru began to read the paper himself. "One, eat ramen with Naru-kun. Two, gloat to Hinata and beat her in a fight. Three, annoy the hell out of Shika-kun...." Shikamaru read the last line in a stressed, troublesome, attitude. The animated vein under his eye now became bigger. "What is this? Ugh. Manami why don't you just go off and flirt with Naruto some more instead of annoying me." Shikamaru commanded, rather than questioned. A large red vein appeared on Manami's head as as crumpled the paper in her hands. Her two eyes turned into little triangles, both pointed diagonally to her nose with one tiny pupil at the top of her eyes. This was a side of Manmai that Shikamaru hadn't seen for a long while, and he shuttered. What an aggressive women... She's even scarier than my mom. Shikamaru though. "I AM NOT FLIRTING!" Manami yelled, knocking Shikamaru to the ground for a fist fight.

"What's going on?" A voice they both knew said through all the commotion. It was Choji, a 'big boned' ninja with an almost inhuman love for food. Manami and Shikamaru were now down on the floor, fighting. Shikamaru had a tight grip on Manami's spiky ponytail. Manami, on the other hand, had torn Shikamaru's Jonin vest slightly with her nails, some would call them claws they were so deadly in combat. They both looked at Choji and got up, both brushing themselves off. "Nothing really!" Manami said in an oh so innocent voice. Shikamaru sighed and put his arm on top of Manami's head, him being a couple inches taller than his sister. "Stop joking around, Ino hates to wait and who knows what she'll do to us if we keep her waiting." When Manami heard 'Ino' she knew she had to get the hell out of there. "Uh. Shika-kun, I'm not gonna stay for lunch.." Shikamaru smiled a smirking smile. "Afraid of Ino, eh?" Shikamaru guessed bu Manami's scrunched face. "Man, Shikamaru, who isn't in the real question." Choji added. All three shuttered at the thought.

"Well, Shikamaru, let's go I'm starving!" Shikamaru and Manami noticed that Choji was already snacking on a bag of chips when he said that. Both Shikamaru and Manami glared at him. "What?!" He asked, clueless. He opened his eyes when he though he saw Ino prancing towards them. "Hey, guys, here she comes." Choji said as he paniced. "I'm out, later!!" Manami yelled as she used her 'Shadow Speed Jutsu' which turned her into a shadow and let he move at any speed possible; Is a great battle plan for any ninja that needs to run away from a battle, and quick. "Hey, get back here!" Shikamaru yelled. Once again, Manami refused to listen to her older brother. She let up on the jutsu when she was a good distance away from ino-shika-cho trio. "Crazy trio; A fattie, a lazy a**, and a scary woman who is always fighting for Sasuke even though he's gone.. Looks like nothing has changed." Manami said to herself. Then she noticed her surroundings. She was hidden in front of the Hyuga household, behind a large array of bushes and happy little trees.

"So this is where Hinata lives. Nice place." Manami said. Manami was going to give Hinata a greeting, right before she told her about her placement. Manami walked up, looking around for Hinata in her large front yard. She was alone, training by punching a training post with her chakra blasts. "Ha!" She yelled when her hands hit the post. There was blood still lingering on the bandage that Manami had put on Hinata. Hinata's hands were bleeding too, from all the force put into her palms. "Hina-chan.. She's working so hard..." Manami said. "Hinata!" She yelled as she walked across the grasslands and over to Hinata. Hinata gasped as she broke her jutsu. "Manami! What are, what are you doing here?" She asked, stepping away from the pole and over to Manami's side. "I came to help you train; You're never going to get stronger by beating up the pole." She said, smiling.

"Thank you, Manami." Hinata said. "Let's do this!" Manami yelled. "Byakugan!" Hinata yelled. Veins surrounded her eyes and she was suddenly able to see the flow of Manami's chakra. Manami smiled. Hinata ran at Manami, forming many different hand signs. "Gentle Fist!" Hinata yelled out. No, the Gentle Fist is a style of combat is the taijutsu that damages me more than any other attacks I've faced! It is based on palm strikes and generally aims to damage the body's chakra circulatory system, thus creates difficulty of inhibiting my use of chakra! Manami though over Hinata's jutsu, and tried to figure a way around it. Hinata forcefully inserted a small amount of their own chakra into Manami's Chakra Circulatory System, cutting off most of her chakra and sending her flying backwards.

"Ugh!" She yelled loudly when she hit a large, lively, tree. Manami slowly stood up. She pulled her Shadow Blade out of her sack and then threw her bag to the floor. She revealed her thin blade, throwing it's wrappings to the ground. A shadowy aura surrounded the blade, a sure sign that Manami was going to give it her all. "Hinata! Let's go, My blade has been itching for a good fight!" Manami used her 'Shadow Speed Jutsu' to conceal herself as she moved towards Hinata. "Remember, Byakugan can see your chakra so I can see every movement that you make!" Hinata reminded Manami. "Damn..." She whispered to herself. She released her jutsu and flew above Hinata, motioning her blade so it was able to slit Hinata's arm off when Manami set foot on the ground.

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