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I n f a t u a t ii o n's Rants
Yup. I like that guy that has an obsession with the number three. >.> Tis full of: random crap, fanfictions, short stories, poetry and ideas. Be sure to read and reply for a plate of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies :3 Luls.
On The Path of Darkness: Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfiction
[[ All it took was one event ... To completely ruin this girls' life ]]

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[[ Just a warning.. I don't recommend that anyone under the age of thirteen should read this. It's got blood, gore, killing and not the normal stuff you see on Sonic X! If you have nightmares don't blame me. Muhahaha. By the way, this is just the story of the fanfiction. This fanfiction will probably have less than ten chapters, but it really depends. I'm going for about five to seven lengthy chapters. :3 I shall try to post one chapter a week, but if I want it to be good then I might take longer. ]]

So we all know that sweet yet strong pink hedgehog, Amy Rose. But what happens when Eggman creates a new foe that is a homocidal manic? Amy is possessed by this evil humanoid, a real mysterious and lethal foe, and it seems that hell truly on Earth now for Sonic and friends. Amy's love has been deceased... By her own hands. Tails believed that Tails killed Sonic herself, still not having any knowledge of this thing inside Amy. Until that one night. The foe was gained complete control of Amy and murdered both Cream the rabbit AND Big the cat, two of Amy's closest friends.

Amy's new form was shown to her friends, and the only way they survived was thanks to Tails showing up with his plane in time. They found out information about this foe from Eggman, who was forced to talk. They found that the only two ways to get ride of this demon was to either kill it's host or destroy the amulet that rests around the host's neck. However.. It is certain that all the lives that were lost will be restored but.. There's a fifty - fifty percent chance that Amy will live.. Or die. Meanwhile Amy was forced back to their own world, away from the humans, by the demon, only to have nearly everyone killed. Amy is in her shadow form all the time now, because the thing had killed enough people. Amy is doing her best to fight against the shady foe, hoping there was a way to bring Sonic back.

[[ The picture at the bottom [to the left] is if Amy does die, even if every one else is revived. To the right of that picture is if Amy survives and is reunited with Sonic. To the right is a picture of Amy in her new form, I will call her Shadow Amy in the story, after she had just killed Sonic. Notice his left eye is gone, and Amy's blade nearly cut off his arm, if you look closely at his arms. The icons above are just random ones of Amy and one of her hugging the crap out of Sonic. One more thing.. You steel that drawing to the right and I will pucking keel you!!!!!!!! ]]

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