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Shakra Saga/other adventures!

x blossoming-innocence x
Community Member
((~ Kyoko: Kisa....I'm so proud of U!
Akatsuki: ~genjutsu!!!!~ Kyoko Kunisaki....Ur coming with me....LEAVE HER!!!!
Kisa: MA!!!! Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!Plz!!! I don't want this 2 happen!
Kyoko: Kisa! Get outta here NOW!!!!
Kisa: NO!!!! I WON'T LEAVE U!!!! If ur going....I'M GOING WITH U!!!!
*charges next 2 Kyoko.......BAM!!!!*
Kisa: *GAUGH, gasps.....starts 2 lose coinciousness* mama.......
Voices: Is she ok? Ya she'll B perfect.....Lets grab her N go.... she looks like she's 5 yrs old!
Kisa: *whispers* mama.....I'm...sorry....
*Mist ops take Kisa 2 a remote lab area.....*
Kisa: NOOOO!!!! STOP IT!!!! STOOOOPP!!!!!!!!!!!!~))

Kisa: AAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!! * huff hufff huff* Oh it was only a dream........
~looks down in shame~
Kisa: gonk WAHHHH!!!! I SLEPT IN AGAIN!!!!
Kiba: bout time!!!!! Listen up! U'll like this...its the shakra stones!!!
Kiba: that's not all!!! We found out that the AKATSUKI put a genjutsu on us! They're the 1's B hind this!
Kisa N Tobi: ~eyes widen as in shock~
Kisa: Ur kidding me?
Tsunade: Well well well......look who finally woke up!
*notices a disturbance with Kisa*
as Kiba told U, apparently the AKATSUKI knew of the legend 2!
Kisa: Wat a bout the monks I saw? I swear they were real!!!!
Tsunade: they were real....once.....the Akatsuki got 2 the monks B4 we could do anything.........none of the monks survived.....
Tobi chan: So thats Y U sent us 2 the shrine.....our only source would've been the monks, but they were eliminated B'cause of that fact!
Tsunade: ~nods~ N we found out whom put the genjutsu on U, and who helped kill the monks!!!!
Kiba: well who? Who could've done this?
Tsunade: Itachi Uchiha......and Sasori of the red sand!
Kisa: Sheesh this has turned into an S rank mission!
Tobi chan: *starts 2 mumble hysterically*
Kisa: uh Tobi chan? R U ok?

Kisa: .... U did. Tobi chan, U N I have been friends ever since the academy....N I can trust U with anything....so Y?
Tobi chan: I know we've been friends....but MY SECRET IS MY SECRET! B sides itz not anything U could fix!
Kisa: Tobi-
Tobi chan: I gotta go!
Kisa: *sighs* I guess I can't argue with that, my secret is just the same.......

Kiba: Alright team! Lets move it out!
Kisa: Tobi chan! Nice 2 C U this morning!
Tobi chan: surprised O! Ur actually up!
Kisa: 3nodding Beleive-
Kiba N Tobi chan: scream DON'T SAY IT!
Kisa: whoops sweatdrop * whispers* Dattebayo. Hey Kiba?
Kiba: Ya?
Kisa: Did ANBU find out where we should start?
Kiba: Mmmmmhmmm! It turns out, that their hideout is no less than a few miles away from the shrine. So no wonder they got there early, that power is practically next door 2 them! It'll B peice of cake getting there, right Akamaru!
Akamaru:ARF ARF ARF ARF!!!
Kisa N Tobi chan: *in a low depressed tone* Ya, peice of cake.........
~ 1 mile from the shrine ~
Akatsuki1: Well well well, It looks like this is going 2 B an interesting encounter.....don't U think so?
Akatsuki2: ! ( NO WAY! Her? hmmmmmmm)
Akatsuki1: hah hah hah, lets get this show on the road, we certainly don't want our travelers 2 B lonely......
Akatsuki2: I agree….its 2 bad Deidara couldn’t come….he would’ve entertained them wth his explosive personality…..
Kiba: *sniff sniff sniff* heh heh, Akamaru?
Akamaru: ARF ARF! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kisa: !!!! cool *whispers* company already?
Tobi chan: ( No WAY! It can’t B!)
Itachi: well, Kisa? Long time no C! U've grown soo much since I last saw U.....
~takes off hat~
Kisa: Itachi…Uchiha…..what do U want? N how do U know my name?
Itachi: C’mon, U seriously don’t remember? Or R U choosing not 2?
Kisa: ((Akatsuki: ~genjutsu!!!!~ Kyoko Kunisaki....Ur coming with me....LEAVE HER!!!!
Kisa: MA!!!! Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!Plz!!! I don't want this 2 happen!
Kyoko: Kisa! Get outta here NOW!!!!))
Kisa: TH- that was U? Ur the reason she died? scream UR THE REASON, I WAS IN THAT TORTURE CHAMBER CALLED A LAB!!!!!!! THAT WAS U!!!!!!!!
Itachi: And all B 4 U were 6, not bad huh? Heh........ur father looked just like U......arrogant, foolish, and 2 innocent.
Kisa: *enraged and starts 2 growl…anger turns 2 sadness* crying mom…..dad….
Sasori: Tobi chan? Is that U?
Tobi chan: Sasori? OMG! surprised
~ Tobi chan starts 2 walk 2 Sasori~
Sasori: I thought U were dead.
Tobi chan: I thought U were?
Sasori: after all this time? I am so glad Ur ok......
Tobi chan: ~blushes~ 0//////0 ^_^ U haven’t aged a day. blaugh
Sasori: No……it’s kinda hard 2 age* takes off hat* when Ur turned into a marionette… But U on the other hand have……a little too much……
Tobi chan: Wat’s that supposed 2 mean Sasori? I thought U cared about me?
Sasori: I can’t just let U keep getting stronger.
Tobi chan: stare Woah! Wat happened to,” I am so glad Ur ok.”
Sasori: Now don't start, I am a puppet….I thought I taught U a shinobi never feels.....
Kisa: W8 a minute! Tobi chan…..U were in league with the AKATSUKI?! W-was this Ur big secret?
Tobi chan: *looks down* I thought it’d B better……if I never told U or Konoha…….
Sasori: So this is the infamous Kisa Kunisaki, so U were the 1 who was preyed upon by Itachi in the hidden mist Village......
Kisa: stressed YEAH THAT’S RIGHT!!! N U COULD THANK UR PAL HERE 4 SUCCEDING IN ELIMINATING MY FAMILY! N I thought WEASLE over here, never killed and told! Another circumstance proven wrong!
Kiba: Kisa? Tobi chan? Have these guys really created this much damage?
Kisa N tobi chan: *look @ each other* that N more!
Kisa: U'll pay 4 wiping out my clan U WEASLE!
Itachi: ~pfft~ Lets C U live up 2 ur word, once ur wiped out.... this would've been my second clan!
Sasori: No Itachi……we only came here 2 evaluate…….but If U guys do want a challenge……2 morrow.
Itachi: Until 2morrow!
Akamaru: ARF ARFARF!
Kiba: I agree, Akamaru N I say there’s some Xplaining that needs 2 B done!
Kisa: Heh U got that right!
Kiba: That includes U!
Kisa: *YIPE!*
~later that night~
Kiba: I think Tobi should go 1st….her past may B an asset 2 our mission.
Kisa: Tobi chan……I never wanted U 2 feel like U needed 2 hide anything from me! But this is 4 the 5 gr8 nation’s survival! Wat happened?
Tobi chan: *sighs heavily* I hoped I’d never have 2 tell any1 this……U C…. as a child in the sand village I knew some of the ppl, considering my parents were friends with most of the villagers. But I didn't talk to many of the other kids. My parents liked to talk to Chiyo, an elder of the village who put shukaku in gaara and was the grandmother of sasori, they enjoyed the conversations with the elders, and had some good conversations over a cup of tea with some of the other kids parents at school to see if their child would like to have a play date with me. Very few were made at first because I was new to the village, but then i made a few friends and every1 knew me. But the conversations that my parents had were very interesting. They would tell me to go to bed, but I’d sneak out of my room an listen in on every word of their conversations. Then one day, a little tea and lunch was much different then wat I expected. We had Chiyo over every other weekend but this time she came on an off day, which very much confused me. This time my parents demanded I stay in my room. I went to my room as they wanted, but I kept ever so silent, so I could hear what they were talking about. Their discussion was far
from what I expected. Chiyo, instead of having another interesting story about what sasori
did had an horrible tale about what happened in her family that week. I closed my eyes and
tried harder to hear every word clearly. She said that, that week Sasori's parents died.
I suddenly went into a shock of some sort, because my parents said that they moved to
this village to leave behind the suffering that happened in our old village. But this village
seemed to have the same problem. Then I heard the door shut and my parents started
walking to my room. I quickly got to my bed and started reading a book. They asked if I
was scared, and I looked at them confused, and they said they knew I was listening. So I replied
that I’m fine but it shocked me, they comforted me as I said,” I don't want to lose U.”

After that day, my parent’s sent me to the Konoha ninja Academy ( my parents wanted me to go there)
After school I’d come home, drop off my stuff and take some white roses that I would buy from Ino’s
flower shop, and put them on top off sasori's parents grave(they knew me cuz of my parents).
And every day I’d leave the grave, sasori would see me, as he would walk to his parent’s graves.
The first day I did that, sasori was confused when he found that someone had already been 2 the grave before him.
A few days after, he figured out it was me and asked me why I did that. I simply replied that
death is a natural part of life, and will happen to everyone, so why not respect the ones who die
before u? He was confused by my answer, but soon understand where I was getting at.
Then I left and he watched me leave, still slightly confused.
Soon after I first talked to sasori at the graveyard, he started learning puppetry from his grandmother,
and he started hanging out with me! And each day we’d work on his puppets together. I asked him why he wanted to be my friend. He said that my answer to his question about me being at his parents grave, made him think about changing that.
He said that life should be like art. I asked him how and he simply replied in a monotone, “Art is beautiful right? And beauty is in everything, even life. So true beauty lies in things that last forever, never rotting or fading.” And with that he had his motto. It was something that would be stuck in my head forever.

Then years pass (I was 7 @ this point) and I didn’t see him for a while because I moved to konoha with my friend Kisa for 2 years. Both she N I just started 2 live in Konoha, she was from the Hidden mist…I was from Suna. In that period I didn't hear anything from sasori. But being in konoha made my life a little bit better, so stayed with Kisa several more years and completely forgot about the sand village. Then one day a receive a letter, (I am 11 now) this time it wasn't from my parents but from sasori. It said to come back to the village, because he needed to ask me something. I packed up what I needed, N left ……I didn’t C Kisa again til last year!

As I was on my way back to suna, I go through the leaf village forest, to soak in my last moments in konoha. 2 hours into my trip I sense something behind me, I turn around and nothing is there. So I continue walking. Several minutes later someone grabs my hand, and I quickly turn around with a kunai at hand and demand the person to let me go. But when I look at my captor, I notice that it’s not a real person but a puppet of the third kazekage, and a start asking sasori to come out of hiding and that he scared me half to death. He jumps out of a tree behind me and I turn around to see the same 19 year old boy that I saw before I left! Then I ask him what he wanted to ask me, and why his puppet looks like the kazekage. He said that he killed the kazekage and turned him into a puppet.
I looked at him shocked and ask him why he did that. He didn't tell me, but asked if I would
join the akatsuki with him. I said that there should be a good reason why I would join
and betray the village like he did. He said he would not kill me and would teach me the art of puppetry, and that I didn't have to leave if I didn't want 2. I replied but why do u want me to go with u? He said that i cared for him when his grandmother and his puppet parents weren't enough, and that I was his only true friend. And ( as U now know) with that statement , He said when u join the akatsuki u leave everything behind, even friends and loved ones, that includes me. He said that the leader wanted me to join too. Then I just said if everyone thinks that I secluded myself to a remote area for training then I’ll join. And with that sasori and I joined the akatsuki.

While in the akatsuki , I learned that sasori changed himself into a puppet. And in the akatsuki
I didn't talk when in group meetings, so everyone thought that I was one of sasori's puppets,
except for sasori and leader. And in my time at the akatsuki I learned puppetry from sasori and a few jutsu from leader.

I created a puppet that was just as powerful as sasori's kazekage puppet, but not as great as his
because i was still a learning student. But one day sasori decided to test how well I’ve been training.
So we battle our puppets and right as his puppet was about to destroy mine, my puppet tricks him and I sneak up behind him, and hold a katana to his throat and tell him to give up or die, but I let my guard down for a moment. And he used his chakra strings and pull me in front of him and made me hold the katana to my own throat and he snickered.
Then my puppet attacked sasori and he lost hold of me, and I won the fight. Then he got up from the ground and said the student has surpassed the teacher. And I said that he let me win, he said that he's a criminal, he wouldn't do that. So I just agreed with him. I was having the more fun in the akatsuki then I was before, but I missed my parents, friends, and everyone I knew. I knew that I told sasori that I would join, but I wasn't sure I wanted to stay anymore. And I didn't want to leave sasori because I thought of him more than Sasori no Danna. But I needed to leave, and I knew that if I wanted to leave the leader would have to kill me, because he didn't want anyone to know what they were planning. So on my last solo mission for the akatsuki,( I am 13) I go where I’m suppose to go, but I turn my cloak inside
out and I sewed black fabric over the red fabric that was already there. So now no one knows I was part of the akatsuki…….til now. After my escape, I went back 2 Konoha N moved in with Kisa! I lived the rest of my life (it was a year, but a lot can happen in a year), I lived as if I had nothing 2 do with the Akatsuki!
Now U know about my connection with Sasori…….
Kisa: that Xplains Y I didn’t C U 4 all those years! But U left a note saying I’m back in Sunagakure! Tobi chan…..ur my friend N I’d never do anything 2 get U in trouble! I’m just glad U came 2 ur senses and stayed here!
Kiba: Hmmmmmmmm………ok Kisa, wat connection do U have with Itachi?
Kisa: ……………………………………………………………………………………………..

Woohoo!!!! Alright! The time comes 2 reveal my past! I just want 2 tribute this story 2 my friend xleader-samax, she's actually Tobi chan in these stories! And she helped me come up with her past! ^^ Go tobi!!!! Ok now it's on 2 my past! U'll find out on the next, story! blaugh

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~When you only live for so long, what do you live for? ~

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comment Commented on: Mon Aug 04, 2008 @ 06:26am
yay! that was awesome! blaugh

comment Commented on: Tue Aug 05, 2008 @ 07:28pm
hmmm...i know this is off subject, but for some reason i want to contemplate the meaning of string...is that weird? confused


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