` Girls Bravo, young dogs
Dislclaimer: Don't sue us, just in case the producers of the anime or manga happen to see this, we're only doing this out of love for the anime and characters, this will not be published for we own NO rights to it. The only characters that are really our idea are our ocs.
Synopsis: What if Yukinari had some actual pals that stood up for him? And they just happen to be Japan’s youngest anti crisis unit?

Chapter 1: Who're these guys?!
It was a warm night tonight, and Yukinari didn't mind that, though what he did mind was having a whole bunch of girls acting a fool, after the girl from from another world, Miharu came to live with him, he's had more of his share of mishaps, being annoyed by the Fukuyamas, beat up by Kirie, and even accidentally blown sky high when Miharu used her powers. Though all in all it wasn't that bad. As he went into the living room carrying a tray with a load of sodas on it. In the living room, the usual group of girl swere sitting around talking or watching tv, Miharu, Kirie and Koyomi were at the dining room table talking, Fukuyama looked like he was scheming something, Lisa was just plain freaking him out. He sat the sodas on the table, and took one for himself, which was immediately snatched by Fukuyama.
"Thanks Punynari I appreciate your generous offer." He said. Yukinari tried to get it back but Fukuyama held it up high.
"Hah hahahahaaa...can't get it can you?" Fukuyama teased. Miharu smiled and walked over to Yukinari, causing Fukuyama to freeze.
"It's okay, I'll share mine with you Yukinari." She said with a grin, Yukinari blushed.
"Um...thank you." He said as they both plopped down on the couch. Tomoka was watching her favorite show on TV, which meant she was up close to the television blocking the view.
"Today's episode's a rerun, but it's still awesome!" She yelled out. Kirie looked toward the TV.
"Sadly we'll have to endure this for a while huh....Aah?!" She yelled, she felt Fukuyamas hands fondling and groping her breasts. An embarrassing look took her face.
"Ooohhohoho...Kirie, they're both so soft and big, seriously many women should go on whaever diet plan you're on." He said. Kirie growled and pulled away picking Fukuyama up and slamming him down.
"Talk about my diet in hell!!!" She yelled. After tossing him to the side, she noticed Lisa snheaking up on Yukinari, well she coudln't call it sneaking if he saw her and was moving away. The star fish Ebbi in human form accompanied her.
"Yukinari...can I talk to you for a second?!" She asked as she grabbed his hand and suddenly shoved it up her shirt. Yukinari gasped and then broke out in hives and began desperately pulling away.
"Let me go let me go let me go!!!" He yelled. Koyomi sighed as she watched this.
"Poor Yukinari...." She said pitying his situation.
"HEY!" Tomoka yelled out suddenly, everyone looked towarxds the TV and saw Tomoka with a huge frown on her face.
"What's happened Tomoka?" Koyomi asked.
"They've inturrupted my show with some stupid breaking news repo..." She began.
"BRreaking news?!" Almost everyone said. Yukinari just hoped it wasn't connected to them in any way. As they all watched the televison, a crazy scene was unfolding. The anchorwoman spoke on the situation.
"Some very important news has come up, in central Japan, a group of terrorists have holed themselves up in a mlitary munitions compound and are planning a destructive strike agaisnt the city, there are many weapons from grenade launchers to tanks in this huge building, the police as well as the military are trying to respond to thi...oh my god shooting!! Someone has just began to open fire!" The anchorwoman yelled. Everyone watched the tv in shock.
"Those poor people." Koyomi said. Yukinari just watched, there was nothing they could do, but if this were to get out of hand and escolate toward their area, at least Lisa and a few of the others were able to do anything. THey heard gunshots and then soon explosions.
"Oh no!! Now they've began to shoot off missiles in random directions! The damage is phenominal this is...We've been told to move away from the scene ladies and gentlemen, the situation is getting dangerous. What's this?!" The anchorwoman yelled, they watched as the camera turned to a lone helicopter approaching the scene, there was a picture of a shield and a pitbull on it.
"A helicopter has just arrived...I've just heard something from police about an anti crisis unit...could this be...OH MY!!!" The anchorwoman yelled as she saw the copter erupt in flames, an RPG had struck it.
"Does this mean that this will be going on for a while?! The anti crisis unit is out of commission?!" The anchorwoman yelled Yukinari as well as the others had saw what had happened before the helicopter had been blown to bits, three figures escaped from it, though one of them looked like they flew away. Soon, they noticed the sounds of peculiar weapons, and now footage from a military helicopter were coming in.
"I've just been informed that the anti crisis units are in!! Hold on, there are only two men, two men in for the situation! This is absurd!" Yelled the anchorwoman. Yukinari as well as the rest were watching.
"Yukinari, look at that!" Kirie yelled, They watched as the duo pinscered around a tank and managed to get on top of it, open the top and eliminate those inside it, and then began to use it as cover. One wore a golden jacket while the other wore a silver, they made out strange insignias on the back of them, on the gold one was two tikis witha growling pitbull on it with a shield, and on the silver was a Doberman with sunglasses, a silver chain and a purple hat with a feather in it. Only one word came to mind for everyone.
"Who are these guys?! This is all so cool!!!" Tomoka yelled, everyone could just watched as the anti crisis unit did their thing.
They were briefed on the mission before their copter was destroyed, eliminate all contact, either disable or put them down. It didn't matter to the organization if these guys died or not, they were terrorists, and terrorists needed to be eliminated. The two boys in the chopper had loaded their weapons they were told they were entering the point of no return now. The one wearing the golden jacket was a tall and almost masculant, his skin was a little tanned and he had brown spiked back hair, his forehead hidden by goggles, besides the jacket he wore a navy green T-shirt covered by chest armor, along with some military camoflage pants and black combat boots. The other with the silver jacket wore almost the same thing, only his T-shirt was black, and he wore kevlar, and he wore black pants and some brown steel toe combat boots. This one was dark skinned with curly hair, as the golden jacketed one had reddish eyes, the dark one had light lavenderish color to them. The tan one held up a Colt single action army and the dark one had a Red9 in his hand, they both carried a total ot three guns. One being for close range, medium and long range and rapid fire. They had redied themselves.
"Aright Sarj, we're goin in, this'll be your first mission back home won't it?" The golden jacket one asked. The siver jacket one now known as Sarj nodded.
"Yeah, Young dogs found me when they noticed my ability to combine my weapon handling with my martial arts, kinda strage though Robert, that they scouted you out as well...or did you recommend me?" Sarj asked. The golden one we now know as Robert grinned.
"Maybe your name popped up at random as I was talking to the boss. Oh wait till you meet her, she's totally hot." Robert said.
"Hm...well it has been so long since I been back here, maybe after this I'll give Te..." Sarj was interrupted.
"RPG!!" The pilot yelled out suddenly, time began to slow down and Sarj and Robert stared at each other.
"You know the mission parameters?" Robert asked Sarj nodded.
"Eliminate the threat, by disability or by death." Sarj said cocking his Red9. Robert nodded. The pilot jumped out of the plane and took off on a jet pack. The two boys tossed ropes on opposite sides of the helicopter's doors.
"Then let's go!" Robert yelled.
"Yeah, Young dogs!!!" Sarj began, Robert finished.
"Sick em!!!" Robert yelled as they both slid down the ropes. and time sped up to normal again. The plane exploded, and they landed on the ground and then both rolled to the opposite sides to avoid the wreckage. Both began to move in with grace and speed, using their stealth until their spotlight shined on them. After taking out one of the tanks they began their plan of separate and conquer.
"Alright, how should we do this?" Robert asked.
"How I see it, I'm good ad drawing them out and causing major destractions, when you see that their leader rears his head, take him down our take him out!" Sarj yelled. Robert nodded.
"I like that idea." Robert said, and with that, Sarj put his Red9 away and brought out a shotgun.
"Um Sarj, that's a double barrel Remington...only two shots, you crazy?" Robert asked.
"Whenever situations get dangerous yes, but this is a Sarj custom model, with a better capacity, and auto loader along with a hair trigger and shoulder strap. It's just fine." Sarj said, with that he rushed outside blasting, first he shot a random terrorist in the stomach and then ran up to another one and jumped into the air and high kicked him, he then began to yell out maniacally.
"HEY YOU ALAUALAUH ********!!! I'LL TAKE YOU ALL OUT EVEN YOUR LEADER BRING HIS b***h a** OUT TOO!!! COME ON COME ON!!!!" Sarj screamed at the top of his lungs firing off at random soldiers, he dodged one who swung at him with their rifle and hit them so hard with his shotgun their neck snapped. Apparently Sarj wasn't scared of killing pwople.
"Sarj sure has changed...well, time to do my part...hey these backwater ******** are actually calling out to their leader!" Robert thought, he saw that it was the real thing because the guy wore a crazy mask and had on a random insignia signalling he was the head honcho, which was his first mistake. Sarj turned and fled the scene getting behind cover as a maelstrom of bullets. He looked and saw the other tank completely unmanned he took refuge in it, an RPG struck it and it withstood the blow, Sarj looked around at the start controls. This must've been why the loons couldn't get it started, though neither could he, but a sly grin crossed his face.
"I've got my ways of turning you on big girl..." He said. Robert epuipped his revolver with a silencer, a scecial one that went over the whole barrel, he rolled it on tightening it, the attached laser part under it being evident of that. he took out several of the personal guards, each with one shot, disabling two, and accidentally killing one.
"********, they dock my pay a thousand buck for every dead body, gotta be careful." Robert said, he snuck behind a jeep, as the leader of the band looked around, Robert crawled under it. He watched the guy take up a minigun.
"Our demands will not be ignored, and we will spread the great statement of Jihad!!" The leader yelled. Robert sighed.
"...What kinda bullshit..." Robert said in a WTF voice, he crawled under the jeep and snuck toward the guy, whom began to get suspicious, it looked like he was going to turn around, Robert thought quick, he too a random box he saw in a corner and put it over himself crouching, the terrorist leader looked at it with a puzzled expression.
"Aah..what the hell, just an out of place box with no possibility of a person hiding under it..." He said as he turned around, the box shook for Robert was laughing his a** off. He came from under the box and snuck over to the guy, and with a quick motion, kicked the minigun away from him, tripped him up and then slammed his head into the ground knocking him out. He then suddenly yelled out on the intercom for all the terrorists remaining.
"Alright you turbin wearing a** ramming suicide bombing....randomly infiltrating a weapons stash in Japan for no real reason ********! You're all under arrest, whatever you say can and will...be used against you in Guantanamo Bay...where you WILL enjoy a c**k meat sandwitch prepared by big bubba himself!!" Robert yelled. He heard guns being reloaded and aimed at him. His face turned serious.
"Or we can do it this way...we kill all of you here, no one will miss you...and to prove my point...I'll start with your precious leader...I'd make him suck my d**k but I'm not gay." Robert said.
"And besides...you're all at a disadvantage." Robert said, he was bluffing in order for Sarj to deliver some sort of proof of this, in which case he did, with one of the new version G36 Anti land to air and sea tank.
"Yeah, I'll crush you, shoot you and blow you all to bits!! Ya left this one unmanned, was it because you didn't know how to turn it on huh?" Sarj said. Robert grinned.
"Yea and...hold up Sarj how did YOU know how to turn it on?" Robert yelled.
"I hotwired it." Sarj said through the speakers. Robert put his hand with his gun on his forehead.
"You ******** hotwired it, why didn't the sand niggas figure that one out?" Robert asked.
"Cause they're not real niggas...like me!! I'm smart BEEYATCH!!" Sarj yelled honking the horn twice. As he and Robert laughed the terrorist that weren't dead surrendered. After a while they all came out through the entrance making sure to stay away from the cameras, as he expected, Sarj's car was waiting for them.
"Wait, Sarj, that's your car...it's old." Robert said looking at the 1958 Corvette V-8 in front of them, it had the original white wall tires and hub cabs, and was black with the wite sides that those Corvettes had, the only differece was...the green neon glow under it and the tripple triple intake blower half sticking out of the hood, and the two duel mufflers. Sarj grinned.
"My pride and joy." Sarj said. As they got in the car, they noticed two briefcases in the back, and a laptop on the drivers seat. They both took off their jackets and armor, and holsters and put them in the trunk, they opened the doors of the car and got in and closed them, Sarj took up the lap top and opened it, and as they did, a young looking girl's face popped up, she had blonde hair in a ponytail with wild bangs, and she had orange eyes, and it looked like she was wearing a suit.
"I was watching the whole time...you never disappoint Robert, your kill rate this time was reduced by eighty perceint." Said the woman. This was Their boss, her name was Yoshida Ichiru, formerly known as boss.
"I did kill four of em, so I guess my pay is docked four thousand?" Robert asked. Boss nodded.
"From he original 500,000 yes, that's four 496,000 in American, though for Sarj...I've been told that your pays always been low fir high casualties, why is this. Your kill rate hadn't reduced from fifty percent." Boss said. Sarj sighed.
"It's a bad habit, I'm used to not taking prisoners." Sarj said.
"You killed seven terrorists, which deducts seven thousand from your amounts, you should think about fixing that, you won't always get a payload like this. From the 500,000 you were supposed to earn, you are left with 493,000 in American...I hope this is okay, just remember even terrorists deserve to live...I think." Boss said. Sarj giggled at that one.
"Nice one boss. I think I'm gonna like working out here." Sarj said.
"I'm happy to hear that, now I noticed you had purchased a place here somewhere, you do't have to report in today. I've enrolled you into Mizuno high school, you two are still teenagers after all, you'll start in the morning, so get your rest." Boss said.
"Yeah boss." Sarj and Robert said. As the transmission cut off, they closed the laptop and put it in back, and Sarj started the car, the six cylinger carbureted supercharged V-8 came to life.
"The LS-7...gotta love it." Sarj said.
"Your dumb a** put an LS-7 in this antique?!" Robert asked. Sarj grinned as he pressed down on the gas, fire shot out of the mufflers about three feet behind as the car took off, shooting out fire again, Sarj was using a button to control it. He sped down the street showing Robert that his antique could move better than a stock Ferrari. While cruising on the New belt line, taking Wangan to get to their part of Japan, Sarj put on the song Return of the mack, his way of celebrating his return after being gone for at least six years. As the song played, Sarj suveyed the city he thought he knew so well.
“Nothing’s really changed around here, the city at night is still beautiful, only this time I’m driving.” Sarj said, one hand on the steering wheel, the other at his right standing by for the shifter.
“Who drove before?” Robert asked.
“My brother in law, mom and dad had sent me to live with him when I turned two.” Sarj replied.
“What happened to your father and mother?” Robert asked. Sarj took a moment, and then told him.
“They were taken hostages while touring the middle east, and when the terrorist’s demands couldn’t be met, they killed them…” Sarj said. Robert couldn’t believe it, no wonder he had never met his parents.
“I’m sorry.” Robert said. Sarj shook his head.
“Ain’t your fault, besides, it’s why I do what I do.” Sarj said.
“So, what about this brother in law? How’s he?” Robert asked.
“He died in a car crash.” Sarj blurted out plainly. Robert didn’t know how he could mask his feelings so well.
“Alright, that’s enough about the family stuff.” Robert said.
“What about your family, what about them?” Sarj asked, he took the exit off the freeway and they were now in town.
“Mom’s dead, hanging with dad.” Robert said. Sarj raised a brow.
“He know about your…quote in quote ‘job’?” Sarj asked with a smirk. Robert shook his head.
“I keep my normal life and work separate.” Robert said.
“Well you can move in with me if you want, we can go get your stuff after school.” Sarj said. Robert grinned.
“That’s awesome man, thanks.” Robert said.
“You’ve still gotta help me with water, gas, and electric bills, and then there’s the cable and internet.” Sarj said. Robert sighed.
“Right, I get it.” He said, Sarj grinned, and then shifted down and turned onto a street.
“Now that we got that outta the way…time to have a good time!” He yelled putting the pedal to the metal, Both of the boys screaming and yelling happily as they sped down the street, they stopped for a minute, and then did some donuts and then proceeded down the street, Sarj then saw someone on the sidewalk, he frowned.
“Hey…that’s that little s**t that talked about me in grade school…” Sarj suddenly said drawing a gun from under his dashboard.
“Oh come on Sarj…don’t shoot without me!” Robert yelled, Sarj gunned the car toward the guy and then shifted to gear two and began a drift, he and Robert opened fire, drifting and shooting as he slid in a circle around the frightened guy, missing their shots on purpose, as the guy ran away Sarj and Robert laughed.
“Now that we got that out of our systems, let’s head to the house.” Sarj said as they drove down the street and headed for a big two story place.
Upon hearing a lot of noises outside, Yukinari and the others went to take a look, and what they saw was an American looking car doing crazy donuts in the middle of the road, and two people yelling, Kirie walked out and saw this and started yelling.
"You know, there are people who aer sleeping ya know?!" She yelled, the two hooligans in the car didn't seem to hear her as they then sped off in another direction.
"Wonder what that was all about?" Yukinari asked. Fukuyama came to the door half ready to fondle Kirie.
"I'd say it means more problems." He said. They all went back inside and continued what they were doing.
Chapter 2: First day of school
After taking care of a few things, such as moving Robert's stuff out of his father's house, which took them three hours, they acted a fool for the rest of the night, at around three o clock, they had finally went to sleep. Sarj's place was roomy but only came with two rooms, all downstairs was the basement, upstairs was the actual house, since Sarj had just moved in, there wasn't much but two couches and his 45 inch plasma which he had delivered to the address, the only room with a bed was Robert's Sarj had to sleep in a futon for the night, he'd go bed shopping tomorrow, that and unpack. As the next day rolled in, both Sarj adn Robert were asleep in their rooms, both passed out on the count of sweet Sake, all because Sarj forgot to heat it up. After a while the laptop from the car, which Sarj set up next to the phone began to beep. After a while, Sarj sat up in his futon, he had slept in his clothes. He heard the beeping and yawned.
"Awaraaar...what the hell....is that infernal beeping?!!" He shrieked. He went out to the living room and looked around, noticing that it was the laptop. He sighed.
"We've got a job already?" He said as he went over to it and pulled the screen up.
"I've been calling since seven o clock!!! Why aren't you two up already?!" Came a very angry voice.
"Uh boss?!!" Sarj yelled jumping back as her face came up on screen.
"Yes it's me, I was going to remind you that school starts at eight, but you never woke up, you've only got thirty minutes, so wake the hell up, get ready and go!" She yelled.
"Y-Yes ma'am!" Sarj screamed running into his room, going to get his clothes and take a shower. Robert managed to wake up out of his sound sleep on the count of hearing the boss's voice and came outside to see what was happening, and saw her on the screen of the laptop with a frrown on her face, however that turned to a shocked WTF look when he stepped outside.
"How dare you show that to me!!" She screamed Robert raised a brow and then looked down.
"Oops....I forgot to tell her I sleep in the nude..." He said out loud. Sarj was laughing in his room at that statement.
"Go put some clothes on!!" Boss yelled. Robert grinned.
"Why, I'm perfectly comfortable like this, you act as if you've never seen a d**k before." Robert said swinging his hips around making his johnson swing. Boss growled.
"If you wanna keep that thing I suggest you cover it up." Boss growled. Robert laughed.
"You're on a laptop screen, I can do all want until you're in person...THEN I'll be scared." Robert said. By then Sarj had clammed up.
"Then the next time we talk, I'll be introducing my foot to your nuts." She said in an as of matter of fact like tone. Robert gulped as Sarj laughed his a** off again.
"And YOU Sarj , you should've been the first one up since it's YOUR place! Show some responsibility, oh my goodness, I'm gonna get wrinkles talking to you two!" She exclaimed as she ended the transmission. As Robert shrugged and headed for the bathroom to take a shower, Sarj boguarded past him in a mad dash and made it to the bathroom before he did, forcing him to use the bathroom in the basement. After both taking five minutes to get clean, brush their teeth, and wash their faces, this all being done in the shower, they got out and got dressed in the school uniform, they put on their shoes and then headed for the car, Sarj looked at his watch.
"Aww s**t!! We've only got fifteen minutes!" Sarj yelled as Robert jumped into the car, but as he started it, he noticed that the car wasn't starting.
"Aww ********, why does the intake have to start acting up now?!" Sarj yelled, he ran over to the tool box and pulled out some tools and what looked like another intake. He popped the hood and then repliaced the old intake with the new one.
"Ten minutes, lets get the ******** outta here!" Robert yelled, Sarj slammed the hood down and hopped over the side of the convertible Corvette and started it. It roared to life and they waited for the garage door to open, but as it was almost up, Sarj burned rubber backwards out of it, he spun around in a slalom and took off towards the freeway. As they drifted and twisted and turned through town, a few cops came onto their tail.
"********, just what we needed, there are three of them, didn't you say this thing had at least 754 Horsepower?!!" Robert yelled. Sarj sighed. He pressed a button on his dashboard, and then four buttons popped up.
"What the hell is this?!" Robert yelled over the sirens.
"Read them!" Sarj yelled. Robert looked at the buttons, one said bumper turrets fifty cal, a second one said hover jump, a third said insant drift button, and the fourth said, Supercharger on/off.
"Wait, you can turn your Supercharger on and off?!!" Robert yelled. Sarj nodded.
"Yeah, originally this thing has at least 240HP, once I turn this on, it'll skyrocket to it's maximum. We can't do excessive speeding here, we'll run into a building or a car... look, the freeway!" Sarj yelled, once they turned onto the straight away, Sarj pressed the Supercharger button and they heard as well as felt the power surge through the car as the G-force launched their heads into their seats, they left cops behind, Sarj then pressed another button near the speedometer, and his license plates flipped back outside of the rear bumper. It was a precaution in case anyone was on his tail.
"Now we've gotta gun it towards the school, which is the next to exits from here!" Sarj screamed. After a terrifying 320 KPH run, dodging cars and nearly hitting a big a** truck, they got of at the next exit and fishtailed around that part of town until they saw the school coming up, both boys jaw dropped when they saw that the student parking lot wzs closing! There was one spot inside it left, Sarj turned to the left.
"Sarj what the ******** are you..." Robert began, but then Sarj pressed the instant drift button, the car slid into the gate and spun around and then dashed for the last spot, as they got up to the parking pedestal, Sarj braked and turned the car off. He and Robert got out, and the mechanism parked the car. They both sighed, seeing as they had five minutes to spare. They both slapped fives.
"Now let's get off to first period." Sarj said, Robert nodded as they slid their backpacks over their shoulders
Yukinari woke up and got ready as usual, he walked downstairs and accidentally caught a glimpse at Miharu changing, before he could go upstairs she greeted him, and as usual Kirie walked in and saw them, which resulted in Yukinari getting beat up. After dodging Lisa and her guardians they headed for school. They had made it on time. Yukinari looked back to Miharu and Kirie.
"Well, we made it, guess we could take it easy until class starts..." He was inturrupted by skidding, Kirie turned to the school gate for the parking area, and saw the same car from last night sliding sideways into the gate before it cloesed, they managed to get the last spot.
"It's those reckless guys from last night, they go to school here?!" Kirie said with an irritated tone.
"I guess so, now I've got more bullies to deal with. Yukinari said.
"Wow, newcomers? I hope they're in our class, maybe they'll introduce themselves." Miharu said in a delighted voice.
"Miharu, don't jinx us." Kirie pleaded. As they headed off to class, they noticed that there weren't any new students until second period. Now they were dealing with Fukuyama, after Kirie was groped an unknown number of times and he was slammed the same amount of unknown number of times. Their teacher announced something.
"Attention, we've recieved two new students, one's a transfer student from a high school in Osaka, adn the other is a foreign exchange sudent from Califonia in America, you two may let yourselves in." She said, as Kirie, Yukinari, Miharu, and even Fukuyama looked up, they saw the two figures from thsi morning walk into the class room. Kirie instantly frowned, Fukuyama just shook his head, Miharu grinned, Yukinari didn't know what to think.
"Great more men, I'd thought we'd have a nice looking girl from out of town and a hot blonde American girl at least." Fukuyama said.
"Do you ever think with your head and not with what's downstaris? Besides, they've both got delinquent written all over them." Kirie said.
"They certainly seem like it, but you didn't hear that from me." Yukinari said.
"So they're the new students." Miharu said staring at the both of them. The two boys walked to the front of the classroom, one was at least six foot five, and the other was about five foot ten. The taller one had his uniform top unbuttoned and the smaller one had his buttoned up except for the first three at the top, he also had leather fingerless driving gloves on. The taller one had tan colored skin, and the other's skin was a medium brown. The tall one had black hair spiked back with goggles on his forehead with reddish eyes, the small one had black curly hair and had eerie looking light violet eyes. Both looked around the class, the taller one bowed.
"....Hey everybody, my is Robert Martinez, just call me Rob age 18, senior. How ya'll doin?" Robert said with a grin. After a while the darker one came forward with a bow.
"Hello, I'm Shannon Rokkuson, age 19 senior, just call me Sarj." Sarj said. He could hear laughing in the back of the class, it was either about his age, or his first name, Sarj hated being addressed by his first name. Sarj blushed in embarrassment.
"Well....why don't you go take your seats, Sarj, you're seated by the window, and Rob, you're over there by those two ladies." The teacher said. Robert grinned and walked over to his seat as the girls stared at him, Sarj sighed as he walked over to his seat, men snickering and girls giggling around him. Sarj ignored them. He sat in his seat and waited for work to be done. After a while the class got into session, Sarj had fallen into a snooze, and Robert was talking with the girls in front and behind him. The teacher called on Sarj to answer a question.
"Since you seem so eager Mr. Rokkuson, please tell us who came up with this quote, an eye for an eye..." The teacher began. Sarj yawned as if taking a huge breath.
"...And a tooth for a tooth, that's Hammurabi, who came up with one of the first law systems called Hammurabi's code, I forget how many were there but I can tell you that in that law if a man is struck by his son, his son would have his hands cut off and another example of one of his laws would be that if an architect builds a house that is flimsy and it falls on the buyer's son, that architect's son would be put to death....awwaaaarrr....ZZZZ...." Sarj answered with one breath as he drifted back off into his snooze. The teacher didn't expect that one, now she turned her attention to Robert whom was talking non stop with the girls around him.
"Mr Martinez, please answer this historic question, where did the Muhgal empire evolve from?" She asked. Robert grinned.
"Oh, they became the Muhgal empire after settling down there, they were originally called the Mongols, who were very skilled at fighting on horseback." Roberrt said. The teacher couldn't believe it, at least they were smart, she decided to get off their cases.
After lunch and everyone was sitting in homeroom, Yukinari sat down reading a book, he was reading up on the things that the teacher had asked those two boys, they had just busted out the answers like nothing. Miharu was talking to Kirie and Fukuyama was with a group of girls doing his usual thing. Kirie and Miharu finally sat down next to him.
"Are those two guys rattling your chain or something? You've been looking up the stuff on their questions since we got in here." Kirie said.
"Hm...Muhgals...does that taste good?" Miharu asked. Both Yukinari and Kirie sweatdropped and grinned. As he was going to answer her, the two new students came into class, and both sat by the window, by now the whole room had gotten silent. Kirie grinned.
"Hey it's the guy with the girly name and that big dude from class, I'll bet they're having a hard time...uh oh and it's about to get worse, Fukuyama looks like he's targeted them for verbal abuse...Aah!" Kirie yelled. She felt hands squeezing around her breasts, Fukuyama laughed his trademark laugh.
"Not yet, I've still got plenty more for Punynari...at least those guys are tall...heeheeheehahahaha!!" He yammered, that was until Kirie slugged him one. Fukuyama then stood up with a bleeding nose, he heard snickering, it was coming from the girly named one he pointed at him.
"If you've got something to say Mrs Shannon, go on ahead and say it. Why sit there and keep your laughs to yourself?" Fukuyama asked. Kirie tried to stop him.
"Um, I don't like that look in the guy's eyes, maybe you shouldn't...I don't even care about you and I'm telling you this, you should take my advice." Kirie said. She then felt the groping sensation again.
"I didn't know you didn't care for me so much Kirie..." He said, She slammed him to the ground once agian.
'Like I was saying or what I was about to say was, the newbies should keep their mouths shut. I am still taller than he is and more of a man than he is, what kind of man walks around with the name Shannon and holding his head high?" Fukuyama said.
"Now Kazuharu is more a manly name, I Kazuharu Fukuyama am one of the manliest in the class not to mention I'm super rich, he's more in Punynari's..." <BAM!!> Something collided with his face at high speed sending him hitting the back of the class room wall. Sarj sat there massaging his knuckles.
"Anyone else wanna make fun of my name? Go ahead...I dare ya, any one of ya. And you...rich boy." Sarj said pointing over to Fukuyama.
"Don't give me that bullshit about being more of a man than me, seeing that you're the only guy wearing white around here, and with white fingered gloves like some sort of germaphobe, I suggest you keep you mouth shut or I'll shut if for you. I come from Oakland Cali, do you know what they'd do to you there?! THey'd...Mmph?!!" Sarj yelled as his mouth was covered by his fried Robert who held him back.
"Um Excuse him everyone, he just hates being picked on, and as do I. Don't ******** with us, that go for you too rich boy." Robert said. They went back over to their seats and began to talk to each other. Kirie stared at Yukinari, who just blinked.
"Sometimes I wish you had backbone like that." Kirie said. She knew that was asking for too much, by this time a great deal of the class was talking about the two boys, even a few girls flocked around the one called Sarj to apologize adn talk to him, Robert had his own little groupie as well, and the difference was, they were more respectful to girls than Fukuyama.
Sarj had to punch out the jock of the class for making fun of him, he had told Robert not to back him up on this one but it ended up being Rob who held him back. After a while they began to get to know a few of the girls in the class, everything was going good, until they noticed out the corner of their eye, one of the short kids in their class was getting picked on, by a couple of girls.
"What's a shrimp like you gonna do if we don’t leave you alone?” The first girl asked, a tall one with brown hair, and the second one was a little bit taller with black hair.
“Yeah, just hand over the rest of your money, we saw that you had some left over from lunch, give it up pipsqueak.” Said the other one. Sarj and Robert just stared, there was something wrong with this picture.
“Should we give him a hand?” Sarj asked. Robert nodded.
“Nobody else is going to is seems and that brown haired chick isn’t around.” He replied. Both boys rushed over to the short blue haired kid’s aid, they weren’t gonna let a bunch of girls harass the underdog of the class.
Yukinari was in a bind, two of his classmates, both girls were trying to shake him down for money, he needed to put it in his bank at home, now what was he gonna do.
“Give it!” Said one of the girls, shaking a fist at him, Yukinari cringed.
“You have your own money don’t you?” Yukinari squeaked.
“Yeah, but it’s a lot more fun taking it from you.” Said the girl with short brown hair. Yukinari stood firm, ready for anything they’d dish out, but as they began to walk up on him, two people came from behind him and stood in front of him.
“Hey lay off blue eyes will ya?” Said the first voice.
“Yeah, is the fact that you can’t get guys to like you so you bully ones shorter than you a well known pastime around here or what?” Said the other. Yukinari took a moment and registered the two as Robert and Sarj. For some reason this seemed very familiar to him. The darker one turned back to face him.
“You alright dawg?” He asked. Then the taller one spoke.
“Does Robert have ta choke a b***h? I’m guessing so, two such disrespectful and flat chested girls. What is it? Do you pick on him because of your paipan?” Robert asked, both the girls jumped back.
"P-Paipan?!" They both yelled.
"That's what he said, underdeveloped ladies you both are, and because of it you pick on the only person who won't say a thing about it don't cha?" Sarj asked. Both the girls backed up blushing in embarrassment.
"If you so much as lay a hand on this guy again, and expect to get hurt, we won't hit women, but we will protects our classmen." Robert said, all of a sudden both girls ran away crying, as both Sarj and Robert laughed, they stared back at the kid.
"Don't ever let anyone push you around." Robert said, Sarj finished that statement.
"Yea, it's unbecoming of a guy, I won't say man because you still cringed when they yelled at you. Though guy is just as good." Sarj finished. They both grinned at Yukinari, and then all of a sudden, the teacher came in along with the two girls.
"Are these the ones who insulted you with that word?" She asked.
"Yes Sensei, and Yukinari too!" The brown haired one yelled, Yukinari was going to protest but Sarj held his hand up.
"Unless you're really stupid, they were picking on him, we just came to help. They were shaking Yukinari down for money. And yeah we did use the word paipan, it was to avoid a physical confrontation, if you wanna punish us punish us, Yukinari was the victim and didn't say a word." Sarj explained calmly and rationallly. The teacher stared at him and nodded.
"Sorry girls, he's telling the truth, detention to both of you, but as for you two, insulting a girl so much will result in punishment." She said. Sarj and Robert sighed.
"Aww man..." They both said. After a while, the both of them were outside the class holding heavy buckets of water in both hands. Yukinari stared outside the class at them, Robert nodded at him, and Sarj gave him a respectful toothy grin. Kirie and Miharu noticed and were asking him.
"Yukinari, are those two boys friends of yours?" Miharu asked.
"Yeah, are you in love with them because they saved you from...Yukinari, hey Earth to Yukinari are you even listening?" Kirie asked. Yukinari was deep in thought, those faces that they made, their actions, he had seen it before back in the second grade. He began to remember something almost forgotten.
Yukinari was bulding a castle out of blocks, it was something he liked to do since not many of the other kids paid attention to him. As he was finishing it up it was suddenly knocked down, he looked to see two of the girls staring at him with evil smirks.
"Hey, why did you..." Yukinari asked.
"What're you gonna do about it shrimp?" Said the first.
"Yeah, if you're a man then..." The other girl paused as a yellow block hit her in the head.
"Then act like one? He doesn't have to if he doesn't want to." One of the taller boys with tan skin, straght red hair and reddish eyes said,
"Yeah, and especially when he's got two friends that are men already, we can be men for him." Said another voice as he walked up next to Yukinari, this kid was darker than the others and had bright violet eyes, he wore a hat over his wavy smo, he picked up a blue cylinder block and chucks it at the other girl, they both stood in front of Yukinari.
"You...bullies!" Said one of the girls. The darker guy grinned.
"You're one to talk, we're just helping out a fellow guy." He said, as both the boys chucked blocks at the two girls Yukinari couldn't help but smile. They turned around and faced him.
"You alright?" Said the darker one.
"Yeah, I see they messed up your building, I'll go get my blocks so we can hep you build a bigger better one!" The taller one said. The darker one grinned.
"Yeah me too!" He yelled excitedly, both boys helped Yukinari gather up his scattered blocks and they carried their blocks over to where he was, and both of them helped Yukinari build the most awesome castle of blocks he'd ever seen.
"What're your names? I'm Yukinari Sasaki." Yukinari said. The tall one nodded.
"I'm Robert Martinez, though you can call me Rob." Rob said The darker kid sighed.
"My names gonna sound embarrassing, I can't come up with a cool nick name like Rob did...I'm...I'm Shannon Rokkuson. It's nice to meet you." Shannon said blushing with embarrassment. Yukinari grinned.
"I think it's cool." Yukinari said. Shannon grinned a bit.
"Thanks." He sid. Suddenly the teacher came, as the two girls from earlier were standing next to her. After the two girls ratted them out, Shannon was standing in the corner, and Rob was sitting on a stool in the front of the class with a cone on his said that said dunce. He turned to Yukinari and grinned with a nod, Shannon turned from the corner and looked over his shoulder grinning a toothy grin that pretty much said, don't worry this is nothing. After their punishments were over they hung out some more.
<Flashback end>
Yukinari looked up to realize he was in a headlock, Kirie squeezed his neck.
"Why aren't you paying attention?!" She yelled letting him go. He rubbed his neck.
"I'm sorry, but I finally realized something." Yukinari said.
"Those boys are your friends?" Miharu asked. Yukinari nodded.
"Yes, from a very long time ago, from kindergarden to sixth grade, Shannon transferred to a school in America, and I don't know what happened to Rob, he just simply changed schools. And now they're here at my high school...I can't believe I actually remember them." Yukinari said. Kirie squinted.
"You'd remember a lot of things if you sit there spaced out for ten minutes." Kirie said.
"I took that long?" Yukinari said.
"It would seem that Punynari has a male fettish, if it takes him THAT long to remember two men." Fukuyama said, but as he did, was fondling Kirie once again.
"I on the other hand have great taste in women and not to mention...Oof!" Fukuyama yelled as Kirie slammed him down on the table and then picked him up again to pile drive him.
"Mention whatever you gotta say IN HELL!!!" Kirie yelled slamming him down. After a while Sarj and Robert came walking into the class room massaging their arms. It wasn't really all that bad holding two gallons of water. They saw the kid they helped and walked over to him and sat down in the desks nar him.
"Hey man that blonde fruitcake ain't messin with you is he?" Sarj asked. Yukinari grinned.
"No, and that nickname of yours fits you well, I remember when you couldn't find one." Yukinari said. Robert raised a brow.
"Hold on, what do you mean?" Robert asked.
"Don't tell me you've forgotten, we hung out all the time until the sixth grade, but the only thing we all considered awesome was..." Yukinari paused, suddenly Sarj and Robert remembered something that was locked away in their minds.
"The three feet high castle we made outta blocks in kindergarden!" The three of them said in unison, before they knew it they were all hugging each other.
"Wow, I can't ******** believe it!! I knew I recognized your name!" Robert yelled.
"Yeah, it's been too long, we've got a lot of catching up to do!" Sarj added, they let each other go. They all laughed. Kirie was rasing a brow.
'Am I missing something?" She said. Yukinari told her everything. She began to understand.
"So...they're those two boys who always picked on the girls in class, but that was becasue they were helping you? So then it wasn't just me helping." Kirie said. Robert nodded.
"Yea, but we're more respectful now, even more so than...huh?" He said as he gawked at Fukuyama with a hand up a girl's skirt fondling her butt. Robert found himself walking over and talking to him.
"How do you do it, just go up and touch them like that?" Rob asked. Fukuyama grinned.
"I'm not telling you faggy boy...Owah...doof ugh!!!' Fukuyama groaned in pain as Robert slammed his face down onto the desk a few times.
"Just because we're happy to see an old friend doesn't mean we're gay...I came over to make small talk because I thought you were alright, now stop being rude or I'll remodel your face...like so you glove wearing b***h!" Rob yelled as he slammed Fukuyama's face down over and over and then eventually stopped. After he apologized Fukuyama began to demonstrate the ways of the lecher to Robert. Sarj was talking with Yukinari.
"Well...when I was in America I..." He hesitated.
"I was schooled good, and my martial arts I was learning while I was here in Japan all those years paid off. I grew up and became what you see, a guy who takes s**t from no one, no matter who they are...even if they're cops. Though I can say you've changed, you're still short, but at least you've got girls following you." Sarj said. Kirie blushed as Yukinari grinned.
"Yes, Yukinari is a very special person." Miharu said hugging him. Sarj raised a brow, when the pink haired girl with the three triangular dots on her head touched Yukinari, he didn't break out into his fabled girl rash he remembered seeing in the fourth grade. Yukinari noticed and explained it to him.
"It's weird but Miharu's the only person my rash doesn't respond to." He said. Sarj nodded.
"That's cool, I suggest you take good care of her, it's good to have someone that special so close to you." Sarj said, he was saying that with a sort of envy, sad envy. He looked to Robert and saw that they were really hitting it off, he really didn't like that blonde guy.
"Who is that idiotic rich boy anyway?" Sarj asked. Kirie growled.
"That's Fukuyama, the biggest pervert you'd ever meet, and worse just because he's rich he thinks he's god's gift to women." Kirie said, Sarj nodded.
"I get it, I'll be back in a second." Sarj said. He walked over to where Robert and Fukuyama were and suddenly shoulder tossed Fukuyama.
"Outta my way Michael Jackson." Sarj said as Fukuyama flew into a desk. He sat down next to Robert.
"What’re you hanging out with that dickweed for? You’re a lot better a person than he is.” Sarj said.
“Well, you wouldn’t get it, it’s a perv to even bigger perv confidentiality.” Robert replied, Sarj raised a brow.
“What kinda bullshit…” Sarj began, but was interrupted by Fukuyama. He was angered by Sarj’s words about Robert being better than he, one of the most handsome men in the school, he was really starting to detest this Sarj character.
"How dare you speak of me like that! I make you look like an ugly gay guy hands down!" Fukuyama yelled, and then suddenly the class was silent, as a desk was kicked through the window, Sarj stood on one foot, his other high in the air. He turned his head towards Fukuyama, his pupils slightly small, black lines aligned in a circle around it, and then they suddenly disappeared from his eyes. Even Rob went silent.
"...You an me, outside after school, I'll put that temper of yours to the test rich boy. I'll show you just how INFERIOR you are me and my pals, and that includes Yukinari." Sarj growled lovwering his leg and walking to his desk and sitting down staring at Fukuyama with threatening eyes. Robert walked over to Yukinari, Kirie and Miharu.
"You guys should stay out of it, whenever Sarj is angry and uses big words like inferior and other s**t I can't really understand, it means someone's gonna get their a** kicked." Rob said, Kirie looked at Yukinari whom had a worried expression.
"This is bad, maybe we should talk them out of it..." He advised. Kirie shook her head.
"I don't mind Sarj beating the stuffing out of that pervert, but as long as he doesn't kill him." She said.
"I wouldn't be surprised if he did..." Robert said to himself as he passed Kirie and Yukinari, though his words were inaudible to them. He walked over to Fukuyama and patted him on the back.
"I hope you're good with some kinda weapon, you're gonna need one. In your case going hand to hand with him is totally one sided. I can't change Sarj's mind. And I'm kinda on his side, you should've kept your words to yourself." Rob said walking away. Fukuyama wasn't a bit worried.
"All I have to do is stop by the fencing club and it'll be just fine. I'm quite good with a rapier." Fukuyama gloated. Robert just laughed.
"Hee hee heheh...only rich people ******** fence. Don't get your arm broken rich boy." Robert said from the far end of the class. Sarj was banging his fist on his desk silently until it became a full on bang as he grinned a blade of a grin towards the pervert, his purple eyes seemed to glow, as if there were some malevolent force ready to tear the guy apart.
"Don't piss yourself on the way out of class Mr. b***h of a man." Sarj said. Fukuyama was going to retort with something a lot worse, but the look and smile on Sarj's face told him to shut it and turn around. But at this time the lines appeared back in Sarj's eyes and now Robert was a bit worried.
I've never seen him get this angry...where is this coming from?" Rob thought to himself. He thought that he, Kirie, Yukinari, and Miharu better keep an eye on things.
"I can't let him kill a civillian." Robert thought once again. If things get worse he may need to bust out the mouselen-nigata. The day went by, but during PE class, Sarj suddenly beat up all the kids he was playing baseball with because someone called him out when he thought he was safe, and he wasn't and wasn't going to let anyone say otherwise. He was sent to the office and suspended on his first day. Sarj just waited outside school grounds sitting on the hood of his car on the left side of the blower, his left leg on the bumper the other hanging off the side. He was waiting for Robert, when a message came up on the open laptop in the car automatically.
"Sarj? SARJ!! I know you can hear me, this is your boss. speak up!" She yelled, and she was angry. Sarj turned to look behind him, but his eyes were in that freaky state again.
"What?!" He yelled, his voice sounded cold and coarse. On the screen behind him, which folded up out of the car on a mechanical arm and turned to face him reached over the windshield and smacked him upside the head.
"How could you get suspended on your first day?! What is the problem soldier?!" She yelled.
"I've got no problem, just needed to get away, school life isn't exactly my thing, which was why I dropped out of the American high school before I graduated. People just don't know how to keep their mouths shut." He said coldly as he sat up. Boss sighed.
"Are you telling me you've got a grudge against someone? Oh here we go, I've seen it a million times, what's this one some guy who tried to brow beat you?" She asked. Sarj turned away from her.
"In a way yeah, and no. He's a rich boy who thinks he's supposed to be god, he's arrogant and a huge pervert, disrespectful to all of the lovely ladies around him. I hate people like him and worst of all I loathe rich kids, I ain't inferior to anyone, except one person, and it wasn't a man." Sarj said. Boss grinned.
"So you're inferior to a girl then?" She asked.
"Just one in this whole wide world. Other than that I think I'll blow the guy's brains all over the curb, make an example out of him to any other rich kids who wanna mouth off saying they're better when they're not." Sarj said. Boss sighed.
"Then expect a low payment for tonight’s mission, and it'll be docked by a thousand for number of persons you kill." Boss said. Sarj sighed shrugging his shoulders.
"Huh...whatever..That's doesn't matter to me, just as long as I'm satasfied with the results." Sarj said coldly. Boss frowned.
"Then I'll have to get the Japanese law enforcement involved." She said suddenly. Sarj cringed.
"You know I hate cops!" Sarj yelled in a sort of panic that didn't seem like panic for he wasn't scared of cops.
"Then get a grip on yourself. Don't go around killing people you don't like. That's not how things work." Boss said.
"Alright, I won't kill him. But I'll still shoot him, he's bringing weapons too. I'll use rubber bullets then, the soft kind." Sarj said with a creepy grin. Boss shuddered a little.
"So the reports were true, it is difficult to consort with you when you're....like that." She said. Sarj frowned.
"Like what?! Brazen, bold, reckless, don't take s**t from anyone when I don't feel like it? Is that it?" Sarj asked. Boss just shook her head.
"You're gonna give me wrinkles kid. As long as you don't kill him I guess...geez." She said, and then the screen suddenly whacked him across the head three times, rolled into a fist, and socked him, making him fall off his car.
"And make sure you lower your tone and grab some respect along the way when you see me in person today, your mouth might cost you all of those lovely teeth." She said with an evil grin of her own as the screen went black and returned to the laptop in the car and closed. Sarj sighed. She was a little scary but not as scary and as strong as the girl he had faced long ago.
The last class was English, which Rob had no problem in since he was bilingual in a few other languages. He was finishing up his work and getting Sarj's homework when he noticed Yukinari's worred look, he stopped by to get his opinion for he knew what this was all about.
"That guy doesn't deserve it...it's what you're thinking right? I can agree with you but I don't personally care. But since you're a friend, do you think we should stop this?" Robert asked. Yukinari nodded.
"Fukuyama is a mean guy, but he did help Miharu get into school recently and a bunch of other stuff. I can't just watch him get beat on." Yukinari said.
"After he watched you get beat on so many times.?" Kirie said coming from the front of the class room.
"I know you're a nice guy but sometimes you need to draw a line at how nice you'll be. Maybe tihis'll teach him a lesson. We should only jump in if the situation turns to attempted murder." Kirie said. Rob cleared his thoat.
"That's just it, Sarj might try to murder the guy. He HATES, three lines under hates high and mighty rich folks, no matter if they're directing their bullshit toward him, me, you guys or other people, if they're too high on their pedestal, he'll knock em off it regardless. So I'm asking you guys, not because I care but because you guys do and you're my new friends, what are we gonna do about this?" Robert asked. It was simple, either they let Sarj put Fukuyama into a coma that he might not wake up out of or stop it before it even starts, Rob would figure out a way to stop Sarj when he came to it.
"Yeah, he's changed a lot, he's so damn hard headed now. Oh...don't think about it yet, wait for the moment." Robert thought to himself. Yukinari looked at Miharu and asked her what she thinks. She was assessing the situation in her own way.
"I think they should come over and I'll cook for them so they'll make up. I don't want them to fight, I want them to be friends." She said. Yukinari took a moment, and then grinned.
"Yes, that would work just fine. Rob, you think if this is settled peacefullly, that you and Sarj could come to my house, Miharu is a great cook." Yukinari suggested. Robert grinned and nodded.
"Yeah...IF we can stop Fukuyama from going....who's leaving already rapier in hand to the front of the school." Robert said with a yawn, Fukuyama was a big idiot, and it would be downright fun to watch him get his a** beat all over the school, but if his friends didn't want this to happen he didn't either. They went to go stop Mr. pervert.
He had his strategy planned out, he'd jab at his foot, and then his other foot, taking away his mobility, then he'd make an F on his flesh, making sure he remembered his defeat.
"This will be so easy it's not even funny...heeheehee I haven't fought against an opponent who's actually wanted to fight me back." He said. He was full of himself, confident he was going to win this, though now that look that fool had gave him was getting to him a little.
"Hm...maybe I'll pluck an eye out or two, make him blind so he won't be able to see a woman again..." Fukuyama said with an evil grin. There were footsteps behind him, and then he heard Yukinari's voice.
"Fukuyama!!! Wait, hold on a second!" He yelled as he stopped toward Fukuyama, the others and Rob in tow, though Fukuyama didn't stop wallking.
"What do you want Punynari, I'm going to go settle this man to man, well man to stupid simplistic oaf to be exact." He said.
"He's trying to help you you moron, or didn't you notice, what if you get seriously injured?" Kirie yelled.
"She's right, and I already know a rapier won't do you any good, I'd say you'd have les a chance of stabbing him the he does sho...I mean kicking you in the nuts and taking it from you." Rob said catching himself on shooting you in the head after he parried.
"I appreciate your concern, but this man really needs to know his place." Fukuyama said with resolve full in his voice, they were all outside now, very close to the gates, and Miharu gave him one of the most adorable puppy dog pouts he'd ever seen.
"Are you sure? Why don't you just talk to him instead? I don't want you hurt each other." She said. And with that, and Fukuyama's love for pretty women, his mind was changed.
"For, you and Kirie, of course I won't unsheath my sword." He said lowering the rapier from his shoulder, the look he gave was actually sincere, and made even Kirie blush, Yukinari and Rob grinned at a job well done...that was until they saw Sarj across the street jumping off his car and running towards them!
"So you actually showed up rich boy?! I'm sooo HAPPY!!! EEEHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!" Sarj yelled in a creepy high tone of a voice running from one side to the other and then swinging his fist, time slowed down, Kirie moved Miharu out of the way as Rob yanked Yukinari. Fukuyama drew the rapier from the sheath and held it vertically to shield himself, but suddenly something hard hit it and broke off the point, he looked and saw that Sarj had swung what looked like a Red9 pistol at the blade and broke it, time sped up and Sarj put the gun back into his coat and then kicked Fukuyama with a round house into his chest, he then jumped into the air and took it out again and fired five times, Fukuyama rolled to the side avoiding four of the shots but the fifth hit him in the shoulder.
"Grh!!" He screamed, it was painful, but not lethal, it didn't even pierce his skin. Sarj put the gun away a again and landed, he took his stance.
"You actually dodged my sucker punch, yeah I'll admit it was a sucker punch because I keeps it real. Now that you're ready put em up! Since you're weapon's damaged I'll throw mine to the ground." Sarj said and as he did threw the pistol to the floor. Kirie stared at Rob, who was running at very high speed towards the back of the school.
"SHIIIT!!!" He screamed. Kirie jaw dropped.
"What the hell happened to if my friends don't want it to happen I don't either?!!" She yelled.
"I'm going to get 'help'!" He yelled behind him as he turned the corner. Sarj approached Fukuyama and caught him in the chest with his elbow. Yukinari ran forward to try to get in front of them.
"No Sarj, don't!" He yelled. He hopped over Yukinari using his shoulder as leverage.
"Excuse me man, I've gotta perverted rich dummy to bust up!" Sarj yelled, he ducked under Fukuyama's kick and allowed him to punch him, which only made him worse.
"Now you've bruised my face, that's one tooth, preferably your insisor, the next'll cost you a molar, better think twice about touching the face of a real *****!" Sarj yelled suddenly.
Rob ran for the stairs that accessed the roof, but as he did, he heard a helicoptor above him, as he reached the top after a while, he saw that it was a Young dogs chopper. He then saw a rifle drop out of it, and sure enough it was the mouselen-nigata. He then saw something come out of the copter at high speed and felt a swift kick to the nuts, whatever it was returned to the helicopter.
"That was for this morning, and to make it up to me, make sure you incapacitate him if you have to." Called Boss's voice, Robert heard it in an echo because of the pain he was feeling in his manhood.
"Y-Yes ma'am...damn did you have to nearly sterilize a brotha?" He yelled up after her. He then went to the edge of the roof near the fence and stuck the barrel through a suitable link in the fence and waited for a shot, he watched the fight, he noticed Fukuyama was at least landing shots, well ones that Sarj let him have. Then he saw something that came completely out of Sarj's book of stupid evasive actions, Sarj leaned to the side as he evaded Fukuyama's thrust kick, leaning to the left, his left sholder high and his right one low looking to the floor as he dodged. Robert had to laugh.
"What the ******** was that a ******** gangsta lean?!! What the hell?!" Robert said. He then saw Sarj deliver a knuckle to the nose, and by the way Fukuyama reeled back, there was a lot of damage done.
"One more like that and he might send some of that bone up into the brain....that could cause death. s**t...don't do it man...okay this is it, gotta get him as I see him ready to strike again..." Rob thought, but then as he was about to take his shot, he saw the pink haired girl, Miharu run in between them them and then the three dots on her forehead lit up and then suddenly there was an explosion, flinging Fukuyama lord knows where and sending Sarj flipping straight up into the air.
This was getting boring, and now he was bored. Sarj thought he'd end it by giving Fukuyama a bit of brain trauma. He had already hit him with a good fist to the nose, the second hook should be the last.
"No don't do it Sarj!!!" Yukinari yelled running in front of Sarj as he was about to swing.
"s**t, too late, he's in the way!!!" Sarj yelled, he didn't want to hit his own friend at all.
"Yukinari!" Miharu yelled, Kirie saw what this meant, and ducked for cover already, the dots on her forehead glowed, and then there was a mighty explosion, sending Fukuyama into the school gates and making Sarj fly like a bird into the sky.
"What the Fuuuu....." And the last part of his profanity was lost as he went far out into the air. He landed in a tree and fell to the ground with a splat. Upon waking up, he saw a crater in the middle of the school, and Miharu was hugging Yukinari making sure he was alright. In a way he was happy whatever she did stopped him.
"Dammit...I've done it again...oh well I guess they got their point across. I'll leave rich boy alone..Daah!!" He yelled as he saw what looked like a dart hit the tree next to his shoulder, he then began to jump and dance around a a barrage of them made him dance into the middle of the campus.
"What the ******** what the ******** what the oof..." Sarj yelled as one of the darts that he now realized were trank darts hit him in the neck, knocking him out instantly.
Robert sighed, whatever had just happened stopped the fight, and seemed to bring Sarj back to his senses. Though he wasn't going to give the Mouselen-Nigata back without getting fired. He decided to fire off seven rounds at Sarj, the last one hitting him in the neck.
"He'll be out for at least ten minutes." Robert said, he threw the gun back up to the helocopter and Boss caught it.
"I'll be seeing you guys in an hour. Hopefully you've no plans." She said as the copter sped away.
"There's something she knows about Sarj I don't...which would explain why she was so quick to offer assistance...wonder what's up?" He thought. As he walked back down to the others and told them that he had fallen asleep on the roof, they noticed that Sarj was KO for some reason, after waking him up, they all got togethr near Sarj's Corvette.
"Hey Yuki, wanna ride? You can hang with us and then I'll take you home later." Sarj suggested with a grin.
"Well, I was going to ask if you wanted to come over and have dinner, Rob was willing. I've asked Fukuyama, this'll be a good time for you to apologize." Yukinari said. Sarj nodded. He couldn't believe he was the one having to say sorry, but he thought it was for the best.
"Guess it was my fault. Why not?" Sarj said. He looked over to Fukuyama, who was suddenly ge