One Piece
Search for the black line
(To those who know and love One Piece, this is a fan fiction, a story that cannot and will not be published. I don’t own any of the One Piece characters or anything from the manga and anime. I am however, responsible for the OC’s (Original characters) That will be talked about in this story, so if any of the producers of Shonen Jump or Funimation, or any of the productions that help make One Piece the anime and manga, please don’t sue me.)
Characters: You know the characters from the One Piece cast, I’ll work on the enemies as I go, There will be a bunch of OC’s in this story, as well as an alternate storyline, for Luffy and the Strawhat pirates, He’s still aiming to become king of the pirates, and then there are my original character’s crew, The laid back pirates…(Um guys if you’re reading this, give me suggestions for names if you don’t like this one.) who are searching for an alternate line to the grand line called the Black Line, a place where many naval wars took place. It’s a sea of violence. The story is basically about pirates fighting, having fun, being lazy, searching for treasure, and all the randomness in between!! In the original characters, cast there’s Cooklyns A Nonaz, the owner of the vessel his crew travels on, but because of this, has to assume the role of captain even though he thinks there’s no need for one, his first mate Nathan Cross, a navigator who can tell where he’s going by the stars, and has no need for a compass. He is the one out of three people who’s ever beaten Nonaz in a fair fight. He possesses a strange power which lets him manipulate the power of a person he beat in a fight if they have devil fruit powers, if he kills that person, he is endowed total control, then there’s T.J. only known as T.J., he is the cook on the ship, but don’t let that fool you. He is feared by many, since he is the only one that has ever been seen on the battlefield going against a trillion men armed to the teeth with his bare hands. Bored of a life of constant fighting he travels with the Laid back pirates to cook and be lazy. Then there are the two samurai Ken Kunaki and Ky Mikugami. They both have mastered the art of the sword to such a degree, that they are able to use four swords instead of one, Ken carries a special sword called the soul eater, if used right, could snatch one’s soul from their bodies, and Ky carries the blade Shinku, the vacuum sword, if not taken likely will swallow you up and spit you out. As if that isn’t enough they’re both fearsome alone but if fused together, would be a nightmare more devastating than hawk eye Mihawk. They both shared a fruit called the synth synth fruit, which if eaten by one person is ineffective but if shared can merge those two together at will. Then there is Fox A Karie, often referred to as Akarie, she is the cabin girl of the GT 500, she wears a blue scarf over her pretty shoulder length brown hair and wears a burgundy scarlet dress with a long slit in it exposing one leg. She hides a very nice secret which will be explained as we go. Before she was with the Laid back pirates, she was a slave on her home island, but no man could touch her due to her training with the bo staff. She could kill a person with a broom. Nonaz had saved her from a life of unfairness, and eventually will get attracted to her later. Then last but not least, Luiz Gonzalez, nick named Chad Clinton. He joined the Laid back pirates to do just that, be laid back, in the past he was a marksman for the navy, but was court marshaled for his excessive drinking, which got him into a fight with a marine. After breaking free and making friends with T.J., the Two joined the Laid back pirates together. He is a crack shot who collects knives, guns, and wine, and he’s one hell of a party boy!!!
Plot: I explained that up there, but if you must know, the Laid back pirates are traveling to the Black line which is really another name for an area in the Grand line to find the Cooklyns A’s mansion, and go after Nonaz’s uncle for reasons only known to him, the others think it’s to steal the Cooklyns A fortune which is said to almost amount to One Piece. Almost…We will also be going into the other characters background stories while fighting the captains that Luffy defeated over again, helping Luffy and his crew along the way. Now that I’ve told all this it’s time to get started!!
Chapter 1: Enter Nonaz, the Torrential Exige
The night was a dark mess, patches of sky showing clusters of stars, most of it blotted out by thick black clouds, not even the moon could be seen behind these nightly black warnings of a horrendous storm. Down below in the middle of the sea which had not yet begun to stir with violence, a lone ship sailed across it, sending ripples going in all directions disturbing the once calm water. It was a good sized craft, it’s wood painted red, and a coiled up cobra on the bow part of it, there were at least eight sails on it, and it’s pirate flag, a skull and cross bones wearing a necklace with the piece symbol on it, was blowing in the temporarily calm wind. There was no one on the deck except for the navigator, who was also the first mate. His name was Nathan Cross. No one knew his exact background, only that he was one of three to defeat the owner of the ship once. He was a tall man, he had a mild muscular frame, blue eyes and blonde hair that was half hidden by a red scarf, and a small golden earring in his left ear. He wore a white cloth shirt, some navy green pants, and pirate boots, a sword hung from the belt under his shirt. The craft was called the GT 500. (So shoot me!! I like the GT 500 Cobra dammit!!!) Nathan watched the sea, he didn’t spot land yet but he could tell by a cluster of stars he saw through the thick clouds that they were headed in the right direction. The rest of the crew was down below in the dining room, eating and discussing a plan to break their comrade out of the Rogue town navy base. Nathan already knew what was going to happen. He just sat there and shook his head once.
“We only need to pick him up; those fools at that base are going to be in for a lot. They know not of the dangerous power of the Mizume fruit…” He thought. A month earlier, the Laid back pirates as they are called were caught by the navy who were seeking the custody of three of the men in the crew, their friend automatically assumed the role as captain and fought them off, but didn’t expect the navy officer Chaser, to have the smoke smoke fruit abilities,. He was overpowered and brought down, while this was going on, the rest of the Laid back managed to get away. Chaser had automatically forgotten about them after figuring out who their captain was. The Laid back pirates needed to get their friend back before he was executed, and after a month, was able to find out where he was being kept, they were now headed there to bust him out. It would be a cake walk, since their swordsmen Ken Kunaki and Kai Mikagami knew how to handle Chaser and his subordinate Tashigi, it was smooth sailing from there. Nathan felt raindrops falling, and then the dark clouds overtook the sky, making the sea and everything in front of them pitch black. Nathan needed to tell them to get ready for the storm until he saw the light from the tower of Rogue town lighthouse, it was about two miles away, they needed to hurry before the waters got violent. He rang the crow’s nest bell. Kai and Ken rushed to the deck, followed by two other men, one with a pistol and another who had his fists wrapped in linen. One wore a white bandanna, a sleeveless cotton shirt and blue jeans with sandals, the other wore long cargo shorts with kickboxing leg guards and a black open vest with no inner shirt. The one with the gun had brown hair from what could be seen from the bangs hat stuck out of his bandanna and confident brown eyes as the other without a weapon had jet black hair and fierce hazel colored eyes. Ken and Ky had fastened their sword belts to their pants, the both of them carried four swords each. They were that good with blades. Ken had silver spiky hair and blue eyes and wore a black jacket, white T-shirt, black pants and boots, to where as the white haired and also blue eyed Ky wore a black T-shirt and red pants with white shoes. The two were known as the world’s most dangerous swordsmen, not the greatest swordsmen, but right up there with legendary status after beating hawk eye Mihawk, and even Nonaz, who had intense training with the sword but only used a wooden one.
“Okay, Kai tell them the plan…hopefully Chad hasn’t forgotten.” Ken said, he had a soft voice, it sounded like a super hero’s almost, but was more of the demanding respect type of sound. The guy with the white bandanna scratched his head.
“I…okay I did forget, T.J., you could have reminded me.” Spouted the one now confirmed as Chad he had sort of a joker’s non serious voice, the guy with no weapon frowned.
“If you weren’t stuffing your face you would have heard what he was saying…go ahead and explain it again.” T.J. said softly, his voice was very soft, for he was a very smooth operator adored by the ladies. But then again, all of the men on the ship had their popularity with women. Kai sighed as he didn’t feel like going through this again.
“Okay, Chad is supposed to be the distraction, after T.J. gets the navy base’s gates open, Ken and I will take care of Tashigi and Chaser if they’re around, T.J. will find Nonaz and bust him out of his cell, and Nathan and Akarie will protect the ship until we get back.” Kai said. Akarie stood in the background standing near the stairs leading to the bottom deck, she was tanned skinned girl with shoulder length brown hair, wore a blue bandanna, had teal colored eyes, and wore a long burgundy scarlet colored dress with a slit going down the left side of it. She was a cute girl but couldn’t speak English well, she could understand it though and was learning as she traveled with the crew. Nathan jumped down from the crows nest landing in a crouch and stood up.
“I still say we wait, Nonaz isn’t the helpless type…especially…” Nathan paused as thunder boomed and lightning cracked across the skies, revealing the night horizon within it’s three second flash.
“…on a stormy night.” He finished as heavy rain began to pour down on them all except Akarie who was protected by the hall of the stairway. As they reached port, there was an explosion within the town.
“Hey, that came from the navy base…what the hell?!” T.J. yelled as a torrent of water shot vertically and horizontally in three directions.
“Holy s**t!!! Nathan, Starboard!!!! Hard and sharp!!!” Ken screamed, Nathan ran over to the steering wheel, and began to steer to the left, he had turned it to where he could turn it no more, the ship turned seventy degrees, T.J., Chad, and Kai all went and began to raise the sails so the winds wouldn’t blow them off course. After about fifteen minutes they initiated a full turnaround, going straight once again, leaving, the main sail down and using it to get to the port, lightning began to crack, and the huge blast of water that had nearly hit them was avoided.
“What the hell is going on over there?!!” Kai screamed out.
“Just what I told you…If you guys wanna know what I’m talking about, go see for yourselves.” Nathan crooned.
Within one of the imprisonment buildings in the navy base, a man was held in midair by shackles bound to his arms. The room was white, it had no windows, no vents, just a door with an air vent on it, it was at room temperature so the captive didn’t get too cold or too hot to where he sweated. He was at the brink of death. He hadn’t any water for a month, and they stopped serving him food seven days ago. They were going to leave him here to die, there were frequent interrogations, the same questions every time, where were the other Laid back pirates. Nonaz rolled his head back and forth on his shoulder, his mouth was dry, he had to keep his eyes shut to keep them from drying out, and he was weaker than weak right about now. It was torture. But to him, it was a small price to pay to keep his crew out of the clutches of the navy.
“Damn…pig…bastards…” He said to himself, he had developed a nasty habit of talking to himself while in captivity. He now knew how it felt to be insane.
“Gonna…gonna get em…gonna get em all…when I get outta here….ugh…” Nonaz chattered to himself before fainting. Nonaz was a brown skinned man, he was also the oldest of his crew, about twenty four years old. He had a mild muscular body, and had black hair with a green hue and brown eyes, but in his weakened state, wasn’t looking so good. If he had some food and water, he wouldn’t look like a wreck. He could only hope for a miracle, it was the only thing that could save him at this point.
Around the base, the marines were keeping watch of the other prisoners on the island, they let them fight amongst themselves a lot, but it seemed they were getting along a little too much now. The storm was unexpected and Chaser was drenched, he could no longer take care of interrogations today because of this. Their prisoner Cooklyns A Nonaz was a nasty one indeed. After being captured, he used all the water in his body, to attack the other prisoners who opposed him, and marines alike, he almost escaped during a mild storm a week ago, and Chaser was barely able to subdue him. They put him in the driest, most balanced area in the base to keep him from using his abilities.
“That kid’s already killed a dozen of my men, we’ll interrogate him on where his crew is until he dies, he’ll have to tell us. Even after he does he’s history anyway, that so called devil fruit that some claim he ate gave him those insane powers. But he can swim!! How the hell is that a devil fruit?! All that aside, he needs to be disposed of, he’s a threat to the world.” He thought to himself. Chaser was feeling a little tired as he sat in his chair, then he heard yelling. Saw tooth Arlong was spouting off his big mouth about merman being the superior species again. Chaser turned his arm to smoke, and then launched his fist at him, knocking the long nosed merman out with a smoke strike.
“Shut up down there, no fights right now!!! Don’t make me have you all tied up and executed!!!” Chaser screamed. As he yawned, he noticed Tashigi outside in the corner of his eye, he jumped to his feet running towards a guard she had just talked to.
“Sergeant!!! Where is she going?” He asked. The guard no less then a foot smaller gulped.
“S-Sh-she said she was going to take over interrogations since you couldn’t do it sir!” He squeaked. Chaser raised his eyebrows.
“WHAT?!!!” He screamed. He turned into a cloud of smoke and then headed in the same direction, keeping himself from getting wet.
“She was never told about his powers, she had seen him fight before but that was just a fist fight with those former captains we got for inmates. She’s drenched, if she goes in there to try and interrogate him…and he’s paying attention…he’d tear her to pieces!!!” Chaser thought. He went under the crack in the door and turned back into human form, he began to run down the hall, careful not to step in Tashigi’s trail of watery foot prints. He then saw the door to Nonaz’s cell close, he was too late.
“Dammit…TASHIGI!!!” He screamed.
She had heard that Chaser couldn’t interrogate Nonaz at the time, and she wanted to get back at him for spitting in his face the day they caught him. She assumed Chaser’s duties for him. She opened the door to Nonaz’s cell and closed it behind her, and then cracked her knuckles.
“Okay inmate Cooklyns A Nonaz, you know the drill, Talk…tell us where your friends went, it’ll be easier on you if you just tell us.” The dark blue haired woman asked. Nonaz shook his head lightly at her.
“******** damned…pig.” He winced. Tashigi frowned at him through her red rimmed glasses. She walked over and punched him in the stomach area. She had ran all the way there in the rain, her wet clothes hugged her body, she was itchy, and was going to be off duty after this, and all she could get out of him was ******** you.
“Remember inmate…that your life is in our hands now, and even after you die, we’ll find your pals and arrest them too.” Tashigi said. Nonaz then began to smirk, a lopsided grin exposing the teeth of his upper jaw. He snickered.
“What’s so funny huh? You think this is a game?!” Tashigi asked dangerously, Nonaz began to cackle, a psychotic laughter even worse then Arlong’s, he was stopped short due to dehydration and fatigue.
“Heheh….When I get loose….You…your moronic exhaust fumes for a boss…all of you…pigs…will be slaughtered….” Nonaz sang out. Tashigi recoiled, then wiped the water from her forehead. That’s when Nonaz’s eyes shot open, staring at her in an insane trance, she was starting to wonder if he was staring at her body. The thought of that made her quiver with disgust.
“You’re….wet…” Nonaz winced crazily. Tashigi jumped back flustered.
“Why you perverted little…” She began but that was when Chaser busted into the door.
“Tashigi!!! Get out….oh…s**t!!!!” He screamed looking at the look on Nonaz’s face, they were trained on Tashigi, at first he thought he was staring at her breasts, which her shirt and coat clung to because of the rain, but he was dead wrong, there was a single droplet of water hanging from her chin, and then there was the water that fell from her hair, and her watery footsteps.
“Tashigi…don’t move…” Chaser said slowly, then she turned her head to him.
“What was that?” She asked. The water from her chin dropped, the sound of it hitting the floor, to Chaser it was like the last second of a time bomb, but he knew, to Nonaz it was the sound of his freedom, and maybe their destruction.
“TASHIGI!!!! RUN!!!” Chaser screamed as he began to transform into smoke, but it was too late, the droplet of water turned into a flying whirring watery blade and sliced Nonaz’s chains to dust!! He fell to the floor, he crawled over to Tashigi and stood up, running his hands through her hair, and then threw her to the side. He stared at the water on his hands, and then it bagan to pulsate and grow…and grow and grow until water was spilling out of his hands like a fountain, and then the room was filled with water, but both Tashigi and Chaser heard Nonaz when he said…
“Mizumi...DISCHARGE!!!!!!” The building exploded, blasting Tashigi into the air on a torrent of water, as she flew, Chaser flew up and caught her, turning back into human form. He had a bird’s eye view of what just happened. Nonaz had just blown up the main building with a giant vertical and horizontal geyser!!!!
“The torrential exige…no wonder they called him that. But it’s nothing I can’t handle…” Chaser said. As he landed on top of the gate, he touched down on the ground, and gave Tashigi to a guard.
“Get her out of the base and to a navy frigate, and quick!!” Chaser screamed.
“But sir!!! What about the inmates?!! They’re escaping!!!” The guard said. He saw crocodile give him a smile.
“Bye bye Chaser...It looks like I’ll be taking you out after all...” He said jumping through the hole made by Nonaz’s geyser, followed by shark toothed Arlong.
“You pewmen are always screwing up, I’ll get you all later!!” He screamed, he was immediately followed by Buggy the clown and his crew who wanted to get out more than anything.
“Here I come Luffy….Heeeheeehaahaahaahaa!!!!” He cackled. Captain Kuro dashed out afterwards.
“Wasn’t part of my plan for escape, but this is good enough…Hurry up Don Krieg!!!” Kuro yelled. Don busted out of a nearby wall carrying the former drum Kingdom ruler, King Wapol.
“We couldn’t just leave him!! He wants a piece of strawhat too!!! And I wanna get that cook of his!!!” Don screamed. They had kept Wapol in a cage that drained his powers like they kept Crocodile, after eating a few things he’d be just fine. Many other captains escaped through the holes Nonaz had made. Chaser can only curse him.
“That idiot!!!!” He screamed heading towards one of the buildings.
Nonaz had blew up his cell and then began to suck in the rain water, hydrating his body, drinking the rainwater as well as basking in it. He then ran into a random building and began to munch at some rations like a glutton. It was enough to tide him over. He then felt Chaser’s devil fruit energy coming toward his building. Then the place began to fog up. Nonaz knew this trick.
“This won’t work a second time...” Nonaz said as he turned into a puddle of water and leaked through the floorboards just as Chaser turned back into human form about to take him out. Nonaz’s hand shot from under the floorboards and pulled him under. Chaser felt a million hands strike him, and then he was spat out into the mud outside. When he stood up, the mud around him grabbed him in place, and then Nonaz appeared out of nowhere with his arm cocked back.
“Try to kill me did you?!!!” He screamed slamming his fist into Chaser’s face, the pressure of one hundred pounds of sea pressure sent him flying through the gates, as if sliding, Nonaz went after him.
“Try to imprison my friends will you?!!!” He screamed kicking Chaser this time with the force of the same pressure, sending him sprawling through town, and then another geyser burst of water sent him upwards, and then Nonaz jumped up and kicked him hard. He flew towards the beach. Rain was pounding the sandy area, the sand was all gritty and muddy. Chaser was in too much pain to use his powers. Nonaz walked over to him, and began to stomp his chest in.
“You think you’re tough because you’ve got the devil fruit power?! You ain’t s**t!!!” Nonaz screamed grabbing him up and then sending him back into the ground with a snapmare. Chaser then found his strength, got up, and tried to slash him with his sword. He got Nonaz in the arm, however it just went right through and water splashed the sand!!!
“You’ve lost…I told you guys that when I got free…you were all dead…but I’ll just settle for killing YOU….at least we won’t have to deal with you anymore…” Nonaz said grabbing Chaser’s chin, making his mouth open, and then shot a drop of water down his throat with his free hand. After letting him go, he brought his palm up.
“Mizumi…giant drop!!!” He screamed as a torrent of water shot Chaser up, and then the rain water coming down from the clouds turned into a giant column and dropped him into the muddy sand. Chaser couldn’t move, which meant he couldn’t escape.
“How does it feel to be the hunted huh? HUH?!!!” Nonaz asked, and he dragged Chaser towards the shoreline. Once they were two feet out, he thrusted Chaser’s head underwater, gripping his neck with one hand, and holding his head under with the other. When Chaser forced himself up for air, Nonaz tackled him into the water, he got on top of him, and with both hands on his neck, began to hold his head underwater, Nonaz was going to drown Chaser.
“You son of a b***h!!!! When you mess with a Cooklyns A…you’re already dead!!!” Nonaz screamed in a manic rage. Chaser struggled under his weight, and couldn’t bring himself up for air. He was choking and taking in water, until someone hit Nonaz on the back of the head.
T.J., Chad, Kai, and Ken made their way through Rogue town, they had saw a great few ships leaving the harbor on the other side and people panicking. It seemed that the captains being held there were escaping.
“Maybe it was a water main that busted, and it was so fierce, it ended up blowing a hole in the wall?” Chad asked. Kai shook his head.
“No freakin way, that was too powerful to be a water main, we’ll just have to see…” Kai said, then he saw a guard walking up to them with a girl in his arms, Kai and Ken both exchanged glances.
“Isn’t that…Tashigi?! What happened to her?” Kai asked Ken. The guard walked up to them.
“Please…help us! She’s not breathing!!” He screamed. Ken took her and listened to her heart, it was still beating.
“Kai, I’ll pump her chest, you provide the air when I say.” Ken said. Kai looked at Tashigi’s lips for a second, and then looked at her drenched body, her clothes hugging her tightly, he immediately forced it from his mind, she was in danger, and navy lackey or not, he had to help her, they laid her on the ground. Ken pumped her chest ten times, and then Kai blew a burst of air through her lips, there was no response, Ken pumped her chest again, Kai provided the air, still no response.
“C’mon…breathe…please.” He thought, and on their third attempt, as Kai was about to blow in air, she coughed up the water, and he moved his face back to avoid being spat on. Tashigi coughed and coughed, and then she opened her eyes. She looked around, and saw Kai and Ken, who were looking proud of themselves, and then Chad and T.J., who looked about ready to run.
“You…You’re….” She began, she then heard Chaser’s scream, she looked up and saw him flying towards the beach, and then Nonaz jumping on buildings flying after him.
“Chaser!!!” She screamed jumping up and running in the same direction. The others hurried after her.
“Was that Nonaz we just saw taking it to that smoke motha ******** Chaser?!” T.J. asked, Ken nodded as awestruck as he.
“Nonaz was strong, but he was nearly mutilated by Chaser the last time, did you see what he had did though?” Ken asked. Chad couldn’t even say a word, until he gave a hiccup.
“Yeah…I saw him shoot Chaser with a big a** shot of water was what I saw!!” Chad screamed. They hurried towards the beach. They looked towards the sky, and saw Chaser launched into the air, just to get smashed by a column of water that formed out of the rain!!
“Ooooh….” The four of them screamed. Kai was the first to make it onto the scene and saw Tashigi standing there in utter shock. When he turned to see what she was looking at, he too became utterly shocked.
“Oh my god…” He said, as the others made it over, they all watched in disbelief at what they were witnessing. Nonaz was on top of Chaser with both his hands around his neck and was drowning him to death. Tashigi then took her sword in her hands both of them shaking.
“You…you VILLAIN!!!!” She screamed dashing over to him, however when she swung her sword, the side ended up hitting his head instead of slicing it off. Nonaz was sent flying. He hit a rock and it shattered. Tashigi pulled Chaser from the water.
“Chaser…CHASER!!!” She screamed. She held him in her arms as he began to spit out water, coughing.
“You idiot…nobody told you to cover for me…” He said softly. Tashigi hugged him with tears of joy.
“Oh…oh god…I thought that he had…” She began. Then there was a torrent of water that shot upward. And Nonaz was on his feet, walking towards the two.
“You’ll pay for that little girl…I should be thanking you for freeing me…NOT…” He said. Tashigi hugged Chaser close, and then Ken rushed forward without any word of warning unsheathing the Soul eater.
“Soul snatch!!!” He screamed smacking Nonaz in the side with his sword as he rushed by, a white glow enveloped him, and then was absorbed into the blade. Nonaz crumpled and then fell. Ken turned to them.
“My Soul eater has his soul trapped within it, I choose if a soul is absorbed for energy or stored. It was the only way to save you two…be grateful.” Ken said walking past them.
“But you guys are under arrest!!!” Tashigi screamed. T.J. picked up Nonaz’s body and walked past them. Kai cleared out his throat.
“Would you rather we put his soul back and let him take your very lives from you? Your only option is to let us go or…” Kai paused as he turned and nodded to Chad, who had a silenced pistol.
“There’s that other way we can do this. We may be the Laid back pirates, but we will do what we can to be left alone.” Kai finished. He was good at negotiation, his voice convincing and scary when he needed it to be. Tashigi no longer said a word. Chad held them at gunpoint until the others ran away.
“Sorry Commander Chaser…Lieutenant Tashigi…” He said before he bolted. Ken and Kai were disappointed in Nonaz. He had attacked a girl, the one thing he said he didn’t do. Maybe he had a reason, who knows. They headed back to the dock and got onto the GT 500. The mission was a success. It was time to leave.
Chapter 2: day to day in the Laid back pirates crew.
Nonaz woke up in cold sweat, there were only two things that made him wake up this way, and one of them was when he used one of his ‘special skills’
“Oh no…I did do it didn’t I?” He said to himself smacking his head against the wall. He looked around. He remembered being on the Rogue town beach beating the hell out of Chaser and then getting jumped by Tashigi, as he was walking towards the both of them, there was a flash of light, and then nothing. He was feeling better. He no longer felt excessively violent, which was the only way to summon the full force of those ‘special skills’ of his.
“Once again, I nearly killed some people…and if I’m on the ship…” Nonaz said looking around, he was in his quarters, the artwork of mountains and the sea on his walls, his wanted poster, and on his desk a single book. The bed he was laying on was in the corner, to the back right if you were entering, it was Nonaz’s left if he was laying in it. The morning light was shining through the porthole window, giving light to the room. Nonaz sat there for a second, and then heard footsteps, running footsteps. He slapped his hand over his head.
“Aww hell, I forgot…I attacked a lady too!!! Oh no…I told the guys I don’t do that, but whenever I use my...abilities to kill, I have almost no control over what I do! And if I know Ken and Kai, they’re on their way to punish me for what I’ve done…No point in fighting….” <BAM!!> He was cut short by his door being kicked open and two pairs of hands grabbing him.
“Awake are we sleeping beauty?! Now it’s time for your punishment!!!” Ken screamed holding his arms.
“I can’t believe you struck a woman!! What have we told you about that?!” Kai yelled holding his legs so Nonaz couldn’t get away. Ken and Kai hated seeing women being hurt, Nonaz was their friend, but that didn’t stop them from making him get the point that he’s not supposed to hit a lady. The two swordsmen rushed past Akarie, who was sweeping the hall.
“Akarie, Help!!!” Nonaz screamed, she just tilted her head to the side, and then shook her head no. Judging by the look on her face she was thinking,
‘No point in stopping them, you know how they are…’ She continued to sweep. Nonaz groaned in defeat. As he was dragged up to the deck, the others were lounging about, Chad had set up a rope over one of the poles for something, Nonaz then saw that T.J. was blind folded with a hickory stick in his hands and a horrifying conclusion came to his mind.
“They’re gonna use me as a human piñata!!!” He thought. As if reading his mind Kai answered him
“Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking!!! You better hope that stick breaks on your body!!” Ky screamed. They tied Nonaz’s legs too the rope, and Chad began to pull on it hoisting him up, and releasing his grip lowing it.
“Okay, T.J., the piñata is set…swing away!!” He screamed. Nonaz tried to talk to him.
“You wouldn’t really hit me with that would you?!” He asked. T.J. smiled.
“They paid me in advanced man, so…you’re ********.” T.J. admitted. Ken and Kai spun him around and then Nathan began to play a weird Mexican tune from a trumpet. He knew that this was going to be funny, and that Kai and Ken would go through the same thing if they hit a girl without a reason. As T.J. blindly made his swings a few centimeters from Nonaz’s back, Ken and Kai interrogated him.
“So, for what reason did you have to harm Tashigi? She never meant us that much harm, it was always Chaser we had to worry about. Why go after her?” Ken asked. Nonaz screamed as he was quickly hoisted out of the way of a swing that would have hit his buttocks. Kai fought to keep a straight face, but he was grinning so much his cheeks hurt.
“You have a funny scream Nonaz.” He said.
“I’m black, we scream loud when we’re beaten….AAAAAGGH!!!!” Nonaz shrieked flailing his arms as he was hoisted into the air again as T.J. swung and nearly hit his head. The stick wasn’t that tough and would only sting, but he had no shirt on, if he was hit in the back or the back of his neck, it was going to sting badly and especially with T.J. the one swinging.
“She hit me too you know, she was trying to get you guy’s whereabouts outta me! I didn’t know where you went and...EEEEEEEYOWWW!!!!!!!” He screamed as a stinging blow hit his bottom.
“Right in the ghetto booty!!!! Wait, T.J.!!! OW!!!” Chad screamed as T.J. began to whack him.
“The piñata’s behind you!!!” He screamed.
“Sorry…” <SWACK!!!> He turned around swinging vertically, right into Nonaz’s crotch area.
“A..A..AWOOOO!!!!” He screamed.
“Whoa T.J., no crotch swings, that’s only during special times that we hit him anywhere….and that’s IF he ever hits a girl again….and we won’t be doing that right?” Ken asked.
“I had NO CHOICE!! She was wet, dripping wet, I had to take my chance and do it when I saw it!!” Nonaz screamed. Nathan stopped playing the music. He knew what Nonaz was talking about, but the way it came out was totally wrong, and Ken and Kai definitely got the wrong idea.
“Scratch that hit him anywhere you want!! Chad don’t raise him anymore!!” Kai screamed. T.J. smiled like a little kid.
“Piñ motha ******** ata!!!!” He screamed happily.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” T.J. beat Nonaz until the hickory stick broke. Everyone on deck were laughing their heads off. They finally cut Nonaz down.
“You guys get the wrong idea too much, I’ll have to tell you what I meant.” Nonaz moaned tiredly as he panted. He picked up a part of the broken stick.
“Just as soon as I’m done with HIM!!” Nonaz screamed as he chased T.J. around. After getting his fair share of whacks. Everyone began to settle down. Nathan steered the ship, Ken was fishing, Kai and T.J. were sparring with one another, Chad was in the crows nest taking potshots at seagulls, and Nonaz was laying on the floor at the stern of the ship thinking of a way to show them what he meant.
“Just showing them my ‘special skills isn’t enough, I have to actually suck the water off of something to show them what I meant by she was wet…those young kids these days, always thinking one word stands for something else.” Nonaz said to himself. He heard footsteps behind him, and saw Akarie walking over with a tray of tea, there was also some rubbing alcohol on it.
“…Uh um…” She began, then sat down next to him, her bangs blew in the wind, exposing her shy face.
“Oh…thank you. I need that alcohol too…gosh darn T.J. worked on my back really good.” Nonaz said pouring himself some Tea. As he began to sip it, Akarie took the rubbing alcohol in her hand, and put some of it on a cloth, she moved behind him, and began to gently dab at the bruises. The stinging wasn’t as bad as the whacks from the stick, so they didn’t bother him. It was either that, or Akarie’s gentle dabbing. He felt himself loosening up.
“You know something, I don’t even know how long you’ve been with us, you’re sixteen now aren’t you?” Nonaz asked.
“Um…uh huh?” She replied doubtfully, she knew the language pretty good, however numbers were a different story, but Nonaz didn’t know that. Nonaz began to calculate.
“I saved you from your family when you were at least twelve…and you’re sixteen now, so you’ve been hanging around with us for four years. You’ve been able to pick up on the English language, but still you can’t speak it yet. Guess it’s different with people who haven’t actually spoke it huh?” He asked with a grin. She smiled back nodding her head.
“Hey Nonaz, what are you doing over there?! You gonna get her too? Is she all wet as well?!” Ken asked with his fishing rod moving back and forth as he was fumbling with a fish. Nonaz stood up, walked into a storage room and came out with a black wooden sword with dragon carvings on it. He began to run at Ken who pulled in his fish line with the fish on it and ran.
“You little gutter head!!! She’s a minor!! I’m not stupid and once again it wasn’t like that with Tashigi!!!!” He screamed. He then stopped chasing Ken and began to run for his life as he accidentally conked Kai on the head. Then both Ken and Kai ran after him with real swords.
“What’s up now huh?!!” Ken screamed. That was until he accidentally cut Nathan’s ponytail off that sparked another chase. Fire emitted from his hands.
“How DARE you!!! It took me six months to grow that out!!!” He screamed throwing fireballs. One flew up and hit Chad’s bottle of wine as he was drinking it, making it explode, and another hit T.J. They both stopped what they were doing to join the chase. Akarie just sighed watching them act a fool, she was unable to stop them. After an hour of roughhousing, breaking things, screams of pain and humorous laughter, they were all laying down on the deck as Akarie took care of their bumps and bruises.
“hah hah hah…I think it’s time to take it easy.” Nonaz crooned. Nathan went back to steering the ship. Chad and T.J. went up to the crows nest to relax, Ken and Kai were meditating, and Nonaz was once again at the stern of the ship laying on his back. Akarie sat with him.
“Why do you always hang out by my side? Don’t you get bored?” He asked. She shook her head.
“F-Fri…Friend.” She suddenly said with a lot of difficulty. Nonaz sat up.
“Akarie, you talked!! Hey guys!!! Akarie just said something!!!!” Nonaz screamed. Everyone looked back from what they were doing, Chad and T.J. looked down at them from the crow’s nest.
“What did she say?!” Ken asked.
“She said…you tell them.” Nonaz said, Akarie flustered shyly.
“Oh come on, you’re not shy around me.” Nonaz pointed out.
“Of course she isn’t, she’s known you longer than us jackass. She was hanging out here even before we became the Laid back pirates. You told us she was your little sister, until she began to understand us and denied it.” Chad said, he liked Akarie, he was one year older, and he had his eye on her, but the guys protected her from his advances. Even if she was the only girl on the ship, the guys respected her like one of the boys. Each of them except for Nonaz for some unknown reason, and Chad who dumped his girl, had reputations with girls from other Islands and towns. He noticed that he was all sweaty. He then thought that he’d use this as a demonstration for his powers, then Akarie began to speak, she touched Nonaz’s shoulder.
“Friend…friends.” She said softly as she pointed out to everyone. Everybody grinned.
“Aww…she’s so cute!” Chad said, but before he could try to walk toward her, the guys frowned at him. After that, everyone returned to their activities, Nonaz interrupted Kai and Ken for a second.
“Ken, Kai, Let me show you what I meant when I said Tashigi was wet.” He explained.
“Not this again, we both know what you…” Kai paused as Nonaz shushed him. Then he and Ken watched as the sweat on Nonaz’s chest and body began to slide towards his arm, down, down, further down until it got to his palm, it gathered there, and then it began to float, turning into a small sphere of water.
“What the ********?!!” Both Ken and Kai yelled. Chad and T.J. jumped from the crow’s nest, Akarie walked over out of pure curiosity of what the guys were doing, and Nathan initiated an all stop and strolled over.
“This is what I was trying to tell you guys. Nonaz, the Torrential Exige as he’s called by the navy, has the control over water, not just the seawater, but all water, rain, steam, anything along the lines of fluid or gas made from water.” Nathan said. Nonaz then began to call in the sweat from the whole crew, the only one who hadn’t done anything extreme was Akarie, who wasn’t perspiring at all. The droplets flew in midair, and added to the sphere, making it bigger.
“What is this? The powers of a devil fruit?” Ken asked. Nonaz shrugged his shoulders.
“It came from a fruit but I don’t think it was a devil fruit, I can swim.” Nonaz said, he then began to charge the sphere with a weird blue substance.
“What’s that? Chad asked.
“Water pressure. As such I can pack a lot of pressure into a single droplet, however I can only pack the pressure of a hundred feet right now. This is all I can manage when I have it under control. Whenever I do use my powers to the extreme, such as to kill a person, I have no control of them at all, it takes violence to get my attack powers going, but when it comes to protection or other stuff, I can do it.” Nonaz said flinging the sphere of sweat out into the sea, then there was a huge splash where it landed.
“Whoa…” They all said.
“So what’s your side effect? You still ate some sort of cursed fruit; you should have to pay some kind of price.” Kai asked.
“I did, and one of them is, I can no longer gain more power than what I have, and I can no longer learn any new katas for my kickboxing style or with my sword, nor learn a new kind of fighting style again. I can no longer pass my limits.” Nonaz said, and with that came depression.
“One day, the only way I can beat any of you is to use my powers, you’ll all get stronger than me. I won’t be physically stronger anymore.” Nonaz said. Kai pat him on the shoulder.
“Don’t say that, that’s preposterous, there has to be a way you can surpass your current limits. Even if you have the inability to learn new moves.” He said.
“I hope you’re right Kai, I surly hope so.” He said. Everyone then got back to doing what they were doing, as the day began to slip by.
Chapter 3: The strawhat pirates vs Don Krieg…again!!!
Food food FOOD!!! Meat....meat…MEAT!!!” Yelled a kid’s voice. It was the middle of the afternoon, and the Merry go was going in a random direction. They were going to an island where it was said a guy who had knowledge of where the grand line was lived. The strawhat pirates had been searching for the grand line for a while, but was still having no luck. Not to mention the frequent fights they’ve been getting into with random pirates trying to be bad. Monkey D. Luffy sat at a table pounding his fork and knife on it. The other’s watched on in annoyance. Zolo was the most annoyed because he had to sit next to him.
“Cool it Luffy!! Sanji’ll have it done in a minute…Hurry up Sanji!!! I can’t stand it when he hits me with his elbow!!!” Zolo yelled. Sanji came around the corner with multiple trays of food but passed them.
“Shut up, can’t rush perfection, and besides, my two lovely flowers Nami and Robin get first dibs!!” He said dreamily with hearts in his eyes as he strolled over delivering their plates. Nami took hers quickly and so did Robin, as he looked on passionately.
“Mind if I sit over here you two?” He asked nicely as he began to sit down, Nami kicked him, sending him flying.
“The only place You’ll be sitting is the ground if you don’t sit over there with the others!!!” Nami screamed. Chopper flinched as she screamed.
“Why am I still not used to that?!” He said in a squeaky voice.
“We’re all still not used to it…it still gets on my nerves.” Zolo said softly.
“You say something sword freak?!” She screamed.
“No…” Zolo lied. Robin sighed.
“Everybody settle down, we need our strength when we get to that island, there might be other pirates that know about this guy.” She said. Usopp just sat there and laughed.
“Don’t worry, with the great Usopp on your side they’ll feel the might of all the fifty million of my crew!” He screamed.
“Enough with that already!!!” Zolo, Chopper, and Nami screamed. Sanji served the rest of the crew and then sat down and served himself. Luffy just stared at his plate as if he was thinking about something.
“Hey, what’s wrong Luffy?” Nami asked, but immediately took it back once she saw the food on his plate quickly disappear, without him even touching it!
“Okay, now how is that even possible?! He just stared at it and it was gone!” Nami said.
“Leave it to Luffy to eat at lightning speed…HEY!!!” Zolo screamed as the food on his plate was gone too. Then everyone looked at their plates, they were cleaned off, and Luffy’s mouth was so full both cheeks stuck out unrealistically as he chewed, since he was a rubber man, he could do that. Everyone tripped out except for Robin.
“HEY WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA YOU GARBAGE CHUTE?!!” Zolo, Sanji and Usopp yelled.
“Man, now I have to make dinner again!!!” Sanji screamed.
“Well that’s what you get for making the captain such a short plate! You should have known better.” Robin crooned softly, there was a smirk on her face. Sanji couldn’t take dessert away from her.
“No dessert for you…” He said pointing at Luffy.
“Awww….but I need my after dinner sweets!” Luffy said.
“You’re wired enough as it is, you really think you need sugar?” Nami asked.
“What she said!” Both Zolo and Usopp yelled. Luffy laughed scratching the back of his head.
“Heheheh….I guess not.” He said. After Sanji cooked again, and everyone got to eat. They all relaxed as Nami climbed up to the crows nest to check their position.
“Okay, just keep it steady, we’re going the right way. The Island is…surrounded?” Nami said as she saw a big island surrounded by ships.
“Hey guys stop a moment, look!!” She said pointing. Luffy ran to the bow of the ship with the others and stood on the head of the Merry go’s ornament. The island was indeed surrounded. Sanji was the first to recognize the armada.
“Guys, do you know who that is?” He asked. Everybody nodded except for Luffy who sat there with a thinking expression on his face.
“…Nope, never seen em before!” Luffy said with a big toothy grin. Everyone face faulted.
“What do ya mean you never seen em before?!! That’s Don Krieg you moron!! Remember?! The guy who tried to take over the restaurant where Sanji used to work?!” Zolo screamed with a weird jabber that made his teeth look like a shark’s. Sanji was frowning.
“Oh we all remember him, except for maybe Chopper and Usopp. I thought the navy got him a long time ago, wonder what happened?” Sanji said.
“Don’t know, but what I do know is we gotta get to that guy before they do…and maybe I’ll check some of those ships for some treasure!” Nami said, Berry signs showed in her eyes. Zolo slapped his forehead.
“Do you always have berries on the brain?!” He asked.
“Do you always have surpassing Mihawk on yours?!” Nami shot back.
“Ooh…very tough questions.” Chopper said as he watched them bicker. Sanji stared at the Armada.
“Gin…he couldn’t have joined up with that fool again, maybe when the navy caught them he and the others got away?” He thought. The armada definitely looked small, he had heard that once Don Krieg had led a fleet of fifty ships. This one had about fifteen ships maybe twenty. His crew had to be shorter then his former fleet.
“How’d he muscle in enough guys to join him?” Usopp asked.
“Krieg is a pretty strong guy Usopp, you figure it out.” Zolo replied, he had stopped arguing with Nami, knowing it would go on and on until he got conked in the head. Luffy ust started smiling.
“We’ll beat em like we did before, now on to that Island!” Luffy yelled.
“Captain are you sure? He may not have his former crew but Krieg himself is dangerous, probably even worse. We should find another way in.” Robin said. Zolo thought for a second.
“Hmm…I got it, Luffy and I could go in on that water scooter thing Nami has!” Zolo suggested.
“For one it’s a waver, for two I’d loan it to Luffy, but for you it’d be twelve hundred berries!” Nami yelled. Zolo growled.
“Oh Come on!! Unless YOU’D rather go with him!” Zolo screamed. Nami frowned.
“Maybe I will!! Let’s Go Luffy!” She screamed pulling the young captain by the back of his collar. All he could do was straighten his straw hat.
“We’ll anchor in that lagoon to the east. Will that waver-whatever take you all the way to the island and back here?” Zolo asked. Nami nodded.
“Yeah, and once again it’s a waver.” She corrected. Out of nowhere Sanji kicked Luffy out of the way and stood in his place.
“Why not take a more charming and serious man my darling Nami?!” He asked with hearts in his eyes. Nami ignored him.
“Keep dreamin, c’mon Luffy.” She said as she lowered the waver into the water with a rope. She jumped from the deck and landed on it. Luffy used his gum gum powers to stretch his hands all the way to Nami’s hips, and then gently pulled himself towards her being careful not to knock them into the water. When he was positioned behind Nami, she started the waver and then they both headed for the guarded island. Zolo found their old smaller ship for when it was just he and Luffy, he motioned for Robin and Chopper to come here.
“Uh..I think I’ll stay and protect the ship with Usopp! This Krieg guy sounds scary!!” Chopper suggested, as he did, Sanji hopped into the boat, which Zolo hadn’t even lowered into the water yet.
“If Robin’s going, then I’m going too!! A radiant blossom such as her shouldn’t go without a protector!” Sanji yelled with hearts in his eyes. Zolo sighed shaking his head and drawing wado, one of his Three swords.
“Yeah yeah we’ve heard it a million times, wait down there while I choke.” Zolo said as he swung his sword at the support rope, letting the mini ship drop into the water with Sanji on it. Zolo jumped into it from the deck, and Robin climbed down via the latter on the side of the ship. She stepped into the boat. Zolo was the one rowing.
“Man, this is harder when there’s two people on it!” He screamed rowing extremely hard. Luffy and Nami were already halfway across towards the island. And about fifty meters behind was the boat with Sanji, Robin and a sweaty panting Zolo. Nami spotted an area where they could get onto the island, it was a tunnel.
“Hey Luffy, we’re gonna duck into that tunnel, hopefully we’ll be able to hide the waver there and there’ll be no one to discover us.” She said.
“Great going Nami…and hopefully that island’s got some trees with fruit, I’m feeling a little hungry again.” Luffy spouted.
“You’re always hungry…hey; don’t press so close up against me!” Nami yelled, Luffy backed off some.
“Sorry…Whooowowowowowwhoa!!!” He screamed as his body was caught by the wind and was blowing through the air as his hands gripped Nami’s hips to keep from blowing away.
“Luffy you idiot! You didn’t need to back off that much!!” She screamed.
Meanwhile a not too far away. The Laid back pirates were headed in that direction. They however were coming from the other way towards the island.
“Remember that place we hung out at for one night? I say we go there again to relax a little, there have been no leads to the Black line yet.” T.J. said, he was sitting on a chair on deck next to Chad, who was drinking himself retarded.
“You really need to cut back on the wine man…” T.J. moaned, Chad took the bottle from his lips.
“why?” He asked.
“Because if you’re drunk, you won’t be able to shoot the RPG turret straight.” T.J. replied. Chad hiccupped.
“I only got one question…” He began. T.J. nodded.
“Shoot.” He said. Chad smiled and hiccupped again.
“Do you wanna ‘hic’ see a donkey show?” He asked with a chuckle. T.J. smacked him in the head.
“I hate that stupid joke.” He said, he then noticed that wine had a mix of Tequila in it.
“No wonder…” he thought. As they were sitting there talking about how he came up with such a joke, Nathan was being a referee in a sparring match between Kai and Ken.
“Ken that was an illegal strike!” Nathan yelled.
“No it wasn’t, all I did was a stationary slash that’s way easy to block.” Ken mentioned.
“I know, I was just giving you a hard time!” Nathan said. He growled as he began to perform another kata. He didn’t expect Kai to use a special ability from his sword the Shinku.
“you’ve been had.” Kai said as he purposely swung and missed Ken with a vertical slice, but a wind pulled Ken forward and he felt the hilt of Kai’s sword hit him in the face. He flew back and onto his butt.
“Alright if you wanna use sword abilities…” Ken said, as he swung his sword vertically, a beam came out of it, and Kai’s soul shot out of his body, making it fall. Kai’s spirit floated in midair.
“Hey, I can’t go inside my body! What did you do?!” He asked in an echoing voice.
“I’ve locked you out of your body for ten seconds, that’s what you get for using a godmod ability, come on, using the wind to pull someone in?!” Ken yelled.
“Hence why it’s called the Shinku?!” Kai shot back.
“And it’s over, Kai’s been out for ten seconds. Ken wins this one.” Nathan said. Kai went back into his body and put his sword away.
“You lousy cheapskate.” He said. Meanwhile at the stern of the ship, Nonaz was working on his sword strikes. He knew only two special sword katas because the Mizumi fruit he ate cut him off from learning any new moves. He practiced with a black wooden sword with a dragon design on it. He swung it with both hands, changing stances, and performed the first of is two katas.
“Tenshousen!!” He yelled as he spun around twice spinning the sword in a horizontal spin, as he did, a wave of ki spun around like a buzzsaw. If it were a real sword it would have sliced a person in two, but since it was a bokken, it would hurt really bad if hitting the body or a vital organ. He switched to a low stance and begun a special version of his second kata which he had fully mastered, the Aoigiri. He had many versions of this move and his other the Tenshousen. Since he couldn’t learn new moves, he found new ways to do the ones he had. Which meant he bypassed the curse a little.
“Aoigiri air slash!!” He screamed as he shot diagonally upwards leaving a blue trail of positively charged energy in his wake. It was a move truly intended to cut through anything. No matter what weapon or object was being used to perform this kata, it was a move to kill. His father taught it to him as a birthday present for his fifth birthday, it was the only time he ever saw him. For his father was a very feared and respected person. He had no time for his family life. Which meant leaving he and his brother in the care of his uncle. Oh the plans he had for Nonaz’s future. He began to come back to focus as he realized that he had flew into the air…and was about to fly into the water!
“Oh s**t!!! Aah!!” He screamed as he grabbed hold of side railing. He looked at the water.
“I haven’t really tried to breathe underwater yet…maybe…” He threw his bokken onto the boat and dropped into the water. T.J. looked and saw him go.
“Hey, man overboard!!!” He screamed, everyone began to scramble to stop the ship, but Nathan ignored them.
“He’s fine.” He said normally.
“How can you say he’s fine?! He may be lost to us if we don’t sto…” T.J. was interrupted by a splash. He looked to the bow, and saw Nonaz in the air in an arched backflip motion.
“It’s just as he says…I’m fine!” He yelled as he dove into the water. He then appeared on the other side of the ship and flew over it like a dolphin.
“YEEHAA!!! Now this is great! It’s the second time I’ve tried this!!!” He yelled enjoyably as he dove into the water. As he stayed there, he noticed that he could see more than what the absorption of light would allow, as he swallowed water, it was as if he was breathing in normal air. He could inhale and exhale, he was one with the water around him.
“Hey, this is cool, it’s actually a first where I’ve done this, I’ve mainly used my powers on reflex, never thought to practice. Hm…Hey!! I’m talking underwater!! Okay, I should kick myself for not trying this sooner!” He screamed out of pure admiration of his abilities. He knew how to attack with them to a point and how to swim away at lightning speed, but when it came down to the simple things like remembering to go up to breath, and holding his breath was routine, which meant he never knew he could do all this. He then heard the voices of his comrades up above, and then an explosion. The twilight sky was alive with gunfire. He swam up and vaulted into the air and back onto the ship, accidentally splashing Akarie and Ken.
“Watch what you’re doing man! You got us all wet!! I know you’re excited by you powers, but we need to be serious! We’re under attack by a weird armada of fifteen maybe twenty ships tops.” Ken yelled. Akarie tilted her head to the side looking at her clothes.
“W-We…” She began to say, a stray bullet nearly hit her, she saw another one coming, she dodged to the side, and to the other, ducking and flipping out of the way of the bullets. The guys who were all ducked under some sort of cover were watching her.
“Damn, when was she that fast?!” Kai asked from behind a turned over table.
“I don’t know! She’s always done some weird kind of superwoman phenomena! Sometimes I question her humanity!” Nonaz said, as if she heard him from all the way across the ship, she ducked for cover and crawled to where he was, in which this case, was under the dinner table.
“Why’d you come here?!! Oh…” Nonaz said, but his eyes began to wander towards her chest, the wet clothing stuck to her, which meant it was like a wet T-shirt. Nonaz immediately looked another way.
“Kid, you surprise me.” He crooned. After a few seconds the gunfire ceased, Everyone came from underneath or from behind their hiding places.
“Okay, that’s it, we’re going in! These ******** wanna play, we’ll play!!! T.J., Chad, main RPG turrets!!” Nonaz yelled. T.J. and Chad did as they were told, the two gun turrets came out of the side of the ship. Nonaz then pointed to Ken and Kai.
“You two man the cannon and spike ball launchers!!” He yelled. As Ken went to the bottom deck, Kai mentioned something to Nonaz.
“You’re inner captain is showing Nonaz.” He said cheerfully.
“We’ve already been through this, I’m NOT the captain…I don’t even know how Cross is the first mate.” Nonaz said. When Kai got to the bottom deck, the bottom bow opened up revealing two cannon type turrets.
“Cross you steer…or course.” Nonaz crooned.
“Aye aye Cap’n…” Nathan responded like a ship cadet.
“Don’t CALL me that!!” Nonaz yelled trying to pull his hair out with a goofy mean look on his face exposing shark like teeth. (His teeth aren’t really shark like, if anyone’s seen the funny faces they make on One Piece they’d know what I mean.) He then pointed toward Akarie, who took up her broom and held it diagonally in a stance, the broom tucked under her breasts making them stick out. Nonaz had to turn his back on her or suffer a nosebleed. “Minors are not supposed to be at that size!” He thought.
“You take cover until we actually make it to the island!” He yelled finally. She nodded and went into the bottom deck, as she stared back at him, yelling out orders. She began to smile. She couldn’t speak English but she sure as hell thought it.
“Yes captain…” She thought to herself, her mind had sort of a tough yet shy girl voice. (Hmm example…Nodoka Miyazaki from Negima mixed with Cagalli from Gundam Seed…) She went to go support Ken and Kai, if they needed help with reloading. Nonaz ran to the ship’s bow, and sat on the ornament, the coiled up and upright cobra, two gun triggers popped from the head.
“…And I’ll man…the cobra nail gun!!” Nonaz yelled. The mouth of the cobra opened revealing a huge belt fed battle gattling about the size of a small gunboat. He saw that the fleet were still reloading their weapons.
“GT500…attack!!!” He screamed as he began to open fire. The RPG turrets began afterwards sending single shots of rocket propelled grenades along with Nonaz’s rapid stream of nail shrapnel blasts. The cobra nail gun was designed to shoot big pellets of nail alloy at high speed, if contacted with something would explode like a ball bearing bomb sending nails all over the place, an anti foot soldier gun. With the rapid ratatatat of the nail gun and the slower one at a time ptoom ptoom from the RPG turrets, bit into the line of ships in the front of the island. There were pirates falling, he could see it. The explosions from the RPG’s began to rock the place even as Nonaz continued to spray nail shrapnel at the fleet.
“I notice that Jolly Roger Cross, it’s Don Krieg! He escaped during my episode yesterday! It looks like I’ll be sending him up the river!! Let’s go!! He ain’t five thousand men strong anymore, at least two thousand…but that’s okay with me!!! Fire cannon ball one and spike ball one!!” Nonaz cried, not taking his finger off of the trigger. Kai and Ken, who each had their own dual launcher, Ken on the cannonballs and Kai on the spike balls fired one shot each. The cannon ball was the first to hit, sending a ship into the water. Everyone knew what a cannonball did. The spike ball was a different story, this was an explosive, once inside a ship or on it’s deck after being fired, the spike ball explodes, sending it’s four feet long, and two feet wide spikes in all directions. The spike ball cannon was slightly bigger because the balls were huge, and were able to carry at least seven spikes on either side. All Kai could do was fire straight, or up and down. Ken could actually move and aim anywhere with his dual cannonball launcher, it’s just reloading was lame. Akarie rolled a cannonball over to Ken, who prepped it in along with the gunpowder and such. Very carefully, avoiding the spikes, she put the spike ball in it’s empty barrel and sighed. The spike ball launcher was something new and was propelled by a hammer that struck the built in gunpowder of the weapon, sending it far. Nonaz’s artillery ran out, he jumped off of his post and ran for the storage.
“T.J., Chad!! Don’t let up!! I’ll get some more RPG’s Ken!! Kai!! Fire cannonball, and spike ball two!!” he yelled as he put on two ammo belts for the nail gun. With the two teaming slow ptoom ptoom sounds from the RPG turrets came the sound of two POOM sounds, the spike ball landed on the deck of a ship, exploding and sending it’s spikes into the other ships, the cannonball had went through the lower decks of two ships, and then there were the RPG blasts that rocked the other boats. Nonaz returned to his post and managed to get the ammo belt in place, and then he resumed firing.
“We’ll see who the ultimate force is after this Krieg…and what’s with this presence I’m feeling, as if…I’m coming upon a relative?” Nonaz thought to himself.
Don Krieg growled at the turn of events. He had heard from a traveler that a man on an island called Isolatsia had info on the grand line, since his first mate Gin had escaped when the navy had found them and took him instead, and now he was nowhere near east blue, he had no idea which way the grand line was, nor did he have an enchanted compasss. Not to mention the new crew he picked up liked a leader with po