i'm going to leave las vegas tommorrow,i had a great time.most of the time,i had to stay in the hotel and watch endless commercials for the freakin' jonas brothers.i now memorized every commercial for disney chanel now!!!! gonk but i got to go to circus circus,adventure dome.it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!i went on the canyon coaster at least 7 times!but my sister cried"mommy"!!!!!!!! gonk crying but that ride is too short for me though,it does 2 loopetyloops,and 2 upside-down spiral,and that was it.and the 4-d spongebob ride is cool,but basically,what they do is shake you and sprinkle some bubbles and water on you.but some parts were scary.like when you're on a bike made of a bubble,and spongebob is'nt even watching the road("hey,that looks the back of the rock bottom sign.ROCK BOTTOM!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!" wink and the evil robot patrick 3000 holds a razor up close(hey,it was 4-D).oh,and my mom is officialy a cool mom.today,she bought me 70.00$knee-high black converse.seriously,they were hard to put on.