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Home For My Thoughts
This is my outlet for everything, so if there's any emo-ness, please try to understand!
Living In Memories v2

Ok, so I attempted to redo Living in Memories, and I think it turned out better this time than before...but i've spent more time with band, AMV's, and drawing avie art than working on this...so what's here is currently all there is. I'll post more as it gets written, so...just wait and check every now and then. Enjoy, and tell me what you think!



I stood on the shore, staring at the crashing waves that couldn’t begin to drown the memories in my head. Somewhere, the people who would save me from my self-imposed torture were possibly thinking of ending my sentence here, and I longed to be with them. I still can’t believe how quickly my entire world had come crashing down.
“Mia! Mommy said you have to play with me!”
I was startled out of my revere by a young girl tugging at the bottom of my long skirt. One could possibly say that she was my little sister, but I have no family left that I know of. They all died years ago…
“When did she say this? Or are you trying to fool me again? You know that doesn’t work,” I said.
“I’m telling the truth! Promise!” the girl, known to most as Meg, insisted, but she also attempted her cute eyes. Again. Most people would melt at the sight of a little girl with brown curls and green eyes pouting in hopes of getting her way. Who couldn’t resist an adorable five year old? Oh, wait—I could!
“Fine, let’s go, then. The park is on our way home, so I guess we can...” I faded into silence as Meg cheered and ran along the shore to the park. I slowly followed behind, reliving the memories that I had attempted to bury many years ago. They had plagued me all day. It all started with mention of a bonfire, and then the memories of how my life was destroyed by a single flame washed me away to the point where I didn’t know if I was as sane as I had once thought.

~ The room was filled with many grand people in their finest clothes. I saw my mother and father speaking with a man from the Yankee government, and I grimaced. Tension had been brewing for a while and we all felt that the conflict would soon escalate. As I walked into the room to join my brother and my best friend, I smoothed the pale fabric of my gown one last time. Demitri was already making his way toward the girl that he swore was the love of his life, and Sayre and I always teased him about it. Sayre was standing by one of the tall arched windows holding a drink with another on the windowsill, so I went to join him.
“You look absolutely radiant in that, you know,” he said once I finally fought my way through the crowd. I grimaced, and mumbled about hating the poufy, lacy, and purple straitjacket I was forced into. Sayre laughed a little at my expression. Even though I was seventeen and supposedly a “lady-in-training,” I still hated to wear skirts. My mother had always let me wear pants since I was a child, so I saw no need to start with skirts then.
Sayre led me to the dance floor just so we could have something to do while my brother Demi attempted to charm his precious Cecelia. The night went on, and both my father and Sayre introduced me to a great many people. Eventually, I escaped the crowd to get a breath of fresh air outside. I was followed by Sayre, and, surprisingly, Demi.
“So, how did you manage to part yourself from Cecelia without severe mental trauma?” I asked my brother sardonically. He made to slap the back of my head, but stopped a few centimeters from it.
“She asked me to let her have a few minutes with her friends,” he replied. Sayre chuckled and muttered something about smothering the girl. I smiled, and our conversation moved to other things.
“Well, he began asking Father if I enjoyed “social gatherings,” you know, tea parties, balls, and such…,” I trailed off as I sniffed the air. Something wasn’t right.
“Does anyone else smell smoke?” I asked. The next thing I knew, a large tongue of flames blew out the back of our house. A gasp escaped my lips, and I immediately ran for the front door with Demi on my heels. Sayre tried to hold us back, but my twin and I easily fought him off and continued on our way.
“If mom and dad left Sophie in her room…” Demi didn’t finish that sentence, and of that, I was glad. People had noticed the flames by now and were pouring out the door as we dashed up the staircase. We raced through the corridors until we reached Sophie’s room. The fire had already begun to eat holes in the floor, but Demi promptly ignored them and ran into Sophie’s room. I spent about ten seconds waiting for him to come back out with our little sister, but I heard a loud scream, shattering glass, and then a gush of flames poured out of Sophie’s room. I ran as fast as I could down the slowly burning halls and staircase, only to find that one of our guests hadn’t gone outside yet. I realized that it was the Yank my father had been talking with earlier.
“Ah, so sad, don’t you think? Your father went crazy in the middle of the party. He killed his wife, his youngest daughter, his son, your best friend, and now you,” he said and then smiled at me. I was thoroughly confused by his words. My father would never do something so horrendous—would he? I didn’t have time to think of much else, because the man’s smile grew wider and then pain and darkness took over. ~


School. That particular part of my day was one of the best, yet one of the worst times. It was a time when I could escape Meg and my “adoptive mom”, but it put me in the path of many other people, giving them their shot at annoying me. Humans seemed to have annoyance down to a science.
I, contrary to popular belief, am not human. It is a secret that can never be revealed if I wish to stay in one spot. Most people don’t like weirdoes who think that they’re aliens or something like that, so no one knows that I am a vampire. I don’t find it necessary to give out that particular bit of information, since the only difference between humans and myself if the fangs and love of blood. My eyes were blue, and the shade varied with my emotions. My hair was a little past my shoulders, and was a dark black. My skin was extremely fair, like I had never seen the light of day, with large dark circles attesting to the years of sleep I had been denied.
Apparently, I was also extremely beautiful. That was the catalyst of my annoyance. Guys were always bugging me, and I always shot them down. I had no interest in any of them, but I did try to make friends with them. It worked with one of them, but the rest just ignored me.
My human friends didn’t annoy me much, but then again, I only had two. Vivian and Erik. They were the only ones who could stand being around me due to my “anti-social” attitude.

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