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My OC Kaneshiro, Yuki

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Image by: Janish

"The past can never be revealed. It hurts more than you know."

"Behind a smiling face lies a wounded child."

"If I were to call out to you, would you hear my cry?"

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Name: Kaneshiro, Yuki

Race: Half-lunar angel, half-shadow angel

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Sexuality: Straight, but her darker side is bisexual

Blood Type: XX

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 120

Family Status: Her parents are dead, but her grandparents are alive and want her killed.

Appearence: Yuki towers at four-foot-eleven-inches with long silk jet-black hair that reaches down to her ankles. She has rather pale skin in which at times the light of the moon will reflect off it. Yuki has child-like eyes but keeps them hidden beneath a silk pure white blindfold most of the time. Her left eye is a golden color and her right eye is a toxic violet. When angered enough to let out her monstrous side both of her eyes turn blood red and large black feathery wings sprout from her back. She often wears a short black gown that has a lacy white ribbon tied around her thin waist which reaches to her upper thighs and hangs off her shoulders. She also wears a purple leather collar that is embedded with silver crosses, a silver cross on a silver chain, and a golden cross earring in her left ear. Her black combat boots come up to her knees which are laced with thin blue shoe strings.

Biography: Yuki was born in the realm of angels. Because she is a child of dark and light she possess the abilities passed down through the blood of her parents. She was not only born of opposite attraction, but she was also born of royal blood. Her mother was the second daughter to the king and queen of the lunar angels and her father was the eldest prince of the shadow angels. For years they have held a secret relationship after many encounters. Her parents were of strange royalty. They were the only ones from the kingdoms with royal blood to fight in the war between the lunar angels and shadow angels. After a while the fell in love with each other though they knew their love would never be accepted by the families. When Yuki's mother found out she was pregnant she was devastated. Her parents allowed her to bear the child but she was to kill the baby once the child was born, however, Yuki's mother could not bring herself to do that after seeing her precious daughter and refused. Yuki's father, along with a few guards from his kingdom made sure to protect the new born child from being killed. Yuki stayed at the kingdom of lunar angels. She was hardly able to see her mother. Her grandparents found her an abomination. Yuki faced ultimate discrimination. Her grandparents on her mother's side also tried killing her with daily beatings, but failed in doing so as she knew how to protect herself at an early age. They would often lock her in a dark room. That was when the girl's darker side was born. Yuki couldn't stand being picked on anymore and went into a rage, killing a few children her age, more or less, at six. Her grandparents wanted to kill her immediately after that, but Yuki's parents wouldn't allow it. As she grew older she became more violent and hate built up inside her when she was constantly being harassed. She had enough of it and like what happened when she was six she killed all who tormented her when she was eleven. The war was getting more fierce and her parents feared for their daughter. With all the power they had after being severely wounded they made a portal to the human realm. She saw her parents' smiling faces before they died before her eyes. She was sucked into the portal and on the streets of Japan. A woman found her and placed her in an orphanage. She managed to make a friend, however, she still suffered discrimination. It's known to this day as the Crystal Heart Orphanage Massacre. Afterward she was placed in a mental facility. She made progress though she still held rage within her. She was then placed into foster care when the facility released her. She was abused physically, emotionally, and sexually before she killed again. She was placed in the facility once again where she stayed until she was sixteen and made much better progress. The spirits of the dead and voices of her past still haunt her. All she looks for is someone to care for her the way her parents did...or even more. Yuki had made the mistake of trusting someone once before. A man by the name of Styxx appeared before her, telling her about the war and how her grandparents were sending soldiers to kill her. He said he would protect her and love her the way she should be loved, and she fell for it. He has tried to kill her on more than one occasion. When she figured it out she went against him completely, and in turn tried to kill him, but couldn't bring herself to do it because she was actually in love with him. Instead she has been fleeing from him and masks her powers so that he could not find her.

Personality: Yuki is a rather strange character as some would say. Most of the time she is cheerful and friendly. She has her moments of being quite the space cadet and rather klutzy, however, she can also be quite cruel. There is an aggressive side to her where she'll attack someone if they say something or do something that annoys her. She'll also back stab someone with a smile on her face. Deep down she is a lonely tormented soul no matter what face she puts on.

Special Skills: Yuki is able to use to use both the elements of Dark and Light as well as water, fire, and nature. She has also developed a new ability which allows her to control metal and use ribbons as weapons as well as using a invisible wire technique.
-Serenity Kiss: She can heal anyones injuries and give them life energy if they are on the verge of death through a kiss, however, there is an after affect which causes her to have the injuries on heself. This also works if Someone is sick. The most her body can take are physical inuries and fevers.
-Purification Verification: This ability only works if someone pure has been tainted completely. This ability would allow her to purify the tainted soul. Because she thinks everyone starts off pure she tries it on those who try to attack her or others, however, there is a consequence of using this. If one is born tainted and cannot be purified it has no affect whatsoever on the other person, but an electric shock goes throughout her body causing her extreme pain.
-Acid Rain: This is a self-injury type attack. By inflicting wounds upon herself she can through her blood at her enemies. The blood takes form of either arrows or needles, but once it touches the opponent's skin it burns them and through their skin just like acid
-Serene Silence: A deathly kiss to her enemies. She drains their life energy

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