OMG! its nearly a month from halloween! it just came sooooo fast! so, i think we ALL kno the best part of halloween! if u dont kno, 3, 2, 1, ok times up!

CANDY! i luv candy.... *blissful sigh* heart
anyway, other than candy, we get to dress up in crazy, scary costumes and we can get away with it! because, well, everyone else is dressing up lik freaks, so y not u? oh, that reminds me, I need to find a costume! ill be back....
(this wuz posted on Sept. 19, 08 )

September 27, 2008
*eyes angry mobs* haha. sweatdrop i c that i havent posted in a while.... dont blame me! there was nothing to post!

October 12, 08
..... sweatdrop
October 16, 08
Ok, ok! I'll post something! I still have to find a halloween costume. no time to go though...
October 27, 08
um hi..... *angry mobs are tearing down the door* haha. i gotta go!
I have found a costume! Also, I will post more later! Bye!
November 1
.... I hope you like your candy!