December 6
Ah Christmas. One of the best holidays of the year. A day when we get presents and give them away. So, this year, I will be posting until that special day!
P.S I will do a better job than I did for Halloween. emo
December 15
OMG! December MC's are here! Argh! They're so cute! But, my mom will never let me order them. crying
Only 10 days until Christmas!
December 18
Yay! Christmas break! no school for two weeks! *squeal*
anyway, guess what?! Xmas is only six days away! OMG! heart rofl
December 24
OMG! Xmas is tomorrow! I got a blue ipod nano! Yay! Have fun!
mrgreen wahmbulance
lol, Christmas colors.
January 1 2009
sorry i missed Christmas.