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Dinanda's Inner-most Thoughts and Secrets
Hi guys!..this is my journal and yeah...read it if u want..i dont care...u can leave ur opinions or wutever on my profile..x3
Draumr Kopa(Dream Stare)
Another dream another day. This dream started out taking place during a late night football game. My college band and I didn't play at all for some reason. We simply sat amongst the crowd like normal bystanders. I was sitting next to one of my trumpet friends. He leaned against me because he wanted to take a nap. My friend Diego was nearby as well. We sat near the field, almost on it, we were often mistaken as the water boys/girl. Then all of the sudden me and Diego saw a small tornado nearby. Then it vanished. Diego said," OMG! Did you see that??!!" with his eyes wide with excitement as if he'd been dying to see one. I said, "yeah..but why are they here??" He said," I don't no..." I said,"they usually occur like near the flatlands and stuff, like around Oklahoma or something.." He simply shrugs and we continue to watch the game. But after I looked back and the spot were the little tornado died off. Almost as though I knew what was gonna come. Then, a massive tornado hit. No more than 20 ft. away. Almost like in that movie Twister. The band suddenly started running like hell. Diego had his drum but could somehow still run really fast. And me, I felt like I could travel miles in a matter of minutes. We all scattered and dashed towards the endless hallways covered in darkness throughout the school. Then we made it to the main soccer field. Me and Diego stopped for a breath. Almost 5 seconds passed then we realized it was too quiet. I began to run then the tornado struck again, this time right above Diego, with lightening speed. It was as if mother nature hated him to death. What was strange was as I looked back at Diego, he simply stood there..as the tornado swallowed him up. Like he wanted to die or something. I thought," It's too late..that damn fool." And i began to run as fast as i could, not caring where my destination was.
I ran and ran through the endless hallways covered in darkness throughout the school. I pulled out a flashlight. Then i discovered a crate of Arizona Iced Tea on a little wagon with wheels. Instinctively, I was suddenly in survival mode in my mind. I took the wagon with the iced tea and ran with it. Then, with flashlight in hand, I ran through the hallways to see faces of kids. Kids that looked like there were in junior high school. Probably 13-14 years old. They still wore their uniforms and they simply stood standing there, with blank faces. As if waiting for something. Only God knows what. I shined the light on the back of one of them for a minute then scanned around. I was surprised to see hundreds of kids just standing nearby in the darkness. Then, almost as if the light on their faces had triggered something, the kid closest to me started to run towards me, like a zombie from a RE game. I began to run with my little wagon, passing up hundreds of kids' faces, all hungry to eat me alive and clawing at the air to grab me. i ran like a bat out of hell. Almost as if I knew instinctively where to go, I ran up to a massive steel door. Like one you would see in front of a huge warehouse or something. With the kids almost at my heels, I hurriedly opened the massive door, lifting up the massive piece of steel barring the front of it. I pulled my wagon inside and slammed the massive door shut. I saw their faces through the glass, and they were clawing at the door. Still freaked out and on auto-mode mentally, I walked inside with my wagon. i was surprised to see all the band members here inside the "safe house". As if we all knew instinctively to come here. I saw a huge pile of crates stacked up near a wall. And i got my little crate off my wagon and added it to the collection. As i set my crate down, i heard the massive steel door slam again.
This time I saw the familiar faces of the Drumline. Bass 1 leading in. All of them covered in blood. They all had individual crates set atop their drums. Then one by one, they set them down in the pile. I was shocked to see Diego among them. I thought for sure he met a cruel fate sometime earlier in that tornado. But he survived somehow. And looked different. His hair was cut off. It looked like he did it himself intentionally. he walked past me with his eyes down to the floor. Almost as if sad, at what he chosen to do or rather, he somehow knew i was sorta pissed off at what he had done but then I thought to myself," WTH diego...you stood behind..making me think u died rite then and there..but u somehow survived.. then u chopped your own hair off? Without me seeing? How strange..." All the sudden, I woke up from my dream confused in my bed. Still to this day, my dreams never make any sense.....

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