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Am I Desperate?

About average
You're not really clingy, but you aren't not clingy either. You could do a little less desperation, but you are basically even. Just try to scan for a little bit of a better selection.

((My friends could say otherwise sweatdrop ))

What Kind of Leader am I?

Great Leader
You can be very compassionate and emotional at times, and feelings may get in your way. You have perfectionist, analytical, or critical attitudes, but due to these attitudes you may have a smaller group of friends that others. You have a great appreciation for art; it may be poetry or music or painting or something else that you have take great enjoyment in. If you get trapped in your emotions you will very likely end up depressed or ill, but if you can overcome these mental issues you might become a great leader. Examples of leaders with a similar style to you are leaders with emotional or romantic tendancies, such as Winston Churchill or Julius Ceasar.

((I totally Agree 3nodding ))

What Color is my Heart?

Orange hearts are some of the most honest lovers out there. They find it difficult and painful to lie to their mate, preferring the cold, hard truth themselves, and so will tell it as such. They also prefer to avoid the conflicts that they may create.
They can also be fickle and shallow at worst, and can fall in and out of love easily if they don't think their mate is interested enough. But, if they are confronted, the issue can be resolved easily.

((I am honest, but not shallow. stare ))

How Well do I Handle Stress?

You handle stress perfectly
You know that stress will pass, but sometimes it gets a little over whelming and you just need to cry. You care enough to try to fix what ever is creating the stress, but you dont over do it. You can allways relax when you need to. You dont need to care any more than you do and you dont need to relax any more than you do, either. Keep up the good job!

((I am pretty good at chillaxing when I want, but I like to freak out sometimes. lol xd Like on the bus. ))

What kind of Friend am I?

Your the caring friend.
You totally love who you are and everyone around you. When someone else is down you will try everything to make them feel better no matter what mood you are in. When you have time to you love to kickback and relax and think about your day. Although you still know how to have an awesome time when its the worst of all moments.

((I agree, even when I'm pissed off and I notice someone else is pissed off, I try to smile and make them feel better, since I know if I'm mad, I don't want another mad person asking me what's wrong. whee ))

F O R - M Y - F R I E N D S !!!!!

Am I Obsessed with my Crush?

You're stuck in the middle!
Sure, its obvious that you like this guy! And you know that its ok to pay attention to the details...once in a while! You know its okay for you to not know every tiny detail about him, and that keeping certain stuff a mystery is always good! You like him to notice you, and even if he isn't funny, laughing at his jokes would be nice of you! And you know it would totally make him feel better! You know the difference between liking a guy, and stalking him! You go girl! x]

3nodding That's it for today. 3nodding
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