-Answers for Jake-

No voice can replace yours,
My heart bursts by the rings of yours on the phone.
I only avoid thy because to much of a good thing;
Is always a poison.
Push away, I am trying to pull you in.
I couldn't be happier if you cling to me.
For it shows you never want to lose me.
As I thy.
I shine by how much you worry about me,
To the point it may cause you sickness.
You've never stopped loving me,
so how can such a beautiful thing be moody?
Gorgeous is how I would describe you.
You're everything I've ever wanted plus so much more.
Never overreacting, there is no such word in love.
The only thing wrong with you is that you believe there is.
Words can’t describe how much I miss you each second.
It pains me that thy missing me causes you pain.
Please don't become to foolish,
To question my love for you.
You are the only one in my universe,
The only star in my eyes.
& baby your so worth my time."