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katy's journal!!! randomness!!!!

mazura hatake_k
Community Member
The revenge Of Christmas Sue
Come boys and girls, lend me you ear,
I have a story missing holiday cheer.

Once long before the birth of you or I,
there was a woman that got a big surprised.

She loved Christmas time as most of you do,
but her love was one-sided, while hers only grew.

One Christmas Eve while she slept in her bed
A burglar came and cracked open her head.

He stole all the presents that were under the tree,
and ate the cookies left by the chimney.

He ran like the devil was biting his heels,
out from the house with a grin, ear to ear.

When morning came and suspicions grew,
the people began asking "Where's Christmas Sue?"

So down to her house they came, two by two,
walking up the stairs and out of the blue,

Sue's body was found half on the floor,
covered in blood, they quickly shut the door.

The investigation started but no one knew,
who would kill Christmas Sue?

Years came and went, the case never solved,
most people forgetting the tragedy of it all.

Then there was a party, so wonderful and grand,
everyone partied and sang with the band.

Who would be there but old Uncle Lou,
the burglar that killed poor Christmas Sue.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw,
a beautiful woman that made him go "AH!

Her beauty is like the new fallen snow,
her eyes as shiny as christmas gold.

She stand all alone with no one around,
I'll make my move and take her around town."

And so he did, and around they went.
up to his room all alone in his bed.
but she sat there staring at the wall.
and he couldn't help wonder about it all.

He petted her hair and to his surprise.
she started to melt before his eyes.

Skin, hair, muscle and all it went,
until a skeleton was on his bed.

She turned around, bleeding from her eyes.,
and growled and growled and GROWLED.

He jumped from his bed and ran down the stairs,
but Christmas Sue was hot on his trail.

She grabbed him by the collar and dragged him back in,
"You ain't going nowhere, boy, " she sneered,
"You killed me back then and now your mine,
so merry Christmas to you 'cuz tomorrow you die..."

And that is the story of old Christmas Sue
The holiday skeleton that killed Uncle Lou.

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